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Organisation Improving Employment Opportunities for Indian Youth

Accommodation Provided

6- 8 Weeks

Our partner works to better prepare India’s youth for life after school. They provide help with employability training, leadership development and career services.

Currently, many students from low- income and rural backgrounds struggle to find quality employment opportunities after graduation, our partner works to address this employability gap.

You will be the fourth AfID volunteer to support this partner. Over the past few years they have grown rapidly and now have 2000 students enrolled in their programme.

The first AfID volunteer spent just over 5 weeks with them in July 2014. They assessed their accounting processes and financial controls; trained the accountant on creating and monitoring budgets and helped them make the most of their accounting system, Tally. The second checked that recommendations had been implemented and supported them in budget creation and monitoring on Tally. The third volunteer spent 3 months with them in June – September 2016. They developed a finance management system, created excel templates to create automated management and donor reports from Tally and created a management reporting dashboard. They also set up a new Chart of Accounts and cost centre structure and reviewed restricted/tracked donor income expenditure.

After some time using the new management reporting system, our partner have requested support reviewing their progress with implementations and help with addressing some errors that have arisen with using the excel spreadsheets. You will be continuing to develop the reporting system and dashboard. You will also be providing tailored staff training on reporting as needed.

The partner will be able to provide accommodation.

Please note that overseas assignments, in this case India, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme. Click for more information on AfID's fee structure.

Sustainable Community of Agroforestry Farmers Preserving Ecosystems


4 - 8 Weeks

Our partner’s mission is to grow a financially sustainable community of cacao agroforestry farmers while preserving natural ecosystems of Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve (MMNFR) concession entrusted to the group.

The organisation is a registered cooperative in the Toledo district: the Association being made up of 30 male and female farmers, who have planted almost 140 acres of cacao and harvested over 400 lbs of honey. These farmers are demonstrating incredible dedication to sustainable farming and conservation however, given the early stages of development they are in dire need of assistance in improving their capacity as it relates to financial management.
This partner came referred to us by a larger NGO in Belize who have been working with them since 2012. The larger organisation has lobbied and achieved on our partner’s behalf signed rights to access land in MMNFR and also helped built their project management capacity and provided some basic financial training.
You will be the first AfID on assignment with this partner, and your role will start with an initial assessment (akin to an internal audit) of systems, processes and controls and make and implement recommendations for best practice. The organisation would also like your support with budget preparation in particular for project proposals, basic guidance in internal and external reporting, and training on how to prepare a cash flow forecast and cash management. You will be working with the treasurer and project staff. Please note that they are also full time farmers as such the placement will require flexibility.
Accommodation will be provided on a field station, about 40 minutes from town. The organisation will also arrange transportation.
Please note that overseas assignments, in this case Belize, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme. Click for more information on AfID's fee structure.

Community Organisation Advocating for Peace and Reconciliation

Homestay options

2 Months

Our partner is an NGO that focuses on improving livelihoods, peace and reconciliation, has a prison ministry, and supports a special school for former street kids.

Their core work focuses on 4 areas:
  • Peace and Reconciliation
  • Prison ministry
  • Community development
  • Educational support to destitute children.
The organisation was referred to us by another AfID partner in Rwanda who thought that this organisation would benefit from the support of a volunteer accountant. As this organisation is growing they feel they need to improve their financial systems.
You will be the first AfID on assignment with this partner and your role will include firstly an assessment of their systems, process and controls to make and implement recommendations for improvement and for best practice. Based on your findings they will like you to support them establish an effective and efficient accounting system, internal financial control, and budgets. The administrator will also require training to be able to have more responsibilities.
The partner has requested the support of a volunteer for 2 months from May onwards. Accommodation or a homestay may be offered with a family of five, free of charge or in private apartments for 300 dollars a month.
Please note that overseas assignments, in this case Rwanda, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme fee scale.

Child Rights Organisation with Medical Centre [534]

Flights, Accommodation & Stipend

3 - 6 Months

Our partner takes a holistic and integrated approach to development: they believe that in order to make real and lasting change to the child rights environment of northern Ghana, they need to work with all levels of society, across a range of sectors and issues.

The organisation currently run 22 programmes and 2 social enterprises across the thematic areas of health, education and child protection.
Under health they are ensuring access to quality free health care, educating communities (in particular children and mothers) on their health rights as well as direct delivery of health care through their hospital.
The organisation’s hospital has become a key medical facility treating 60, 000 cases each year but is currently facing several financial and accounting challenges.
You will be the first volunteer on assignment specifically supporting the medical centre and your role will include helping the team implement the recommendations of a previous audit and helping them improve finance process including:
  • Review and upgrade data capture procedures (forms & filing, cashbook, etc.)
  • Implement the Transaction Pro Importer software
  • Introduce a month end close checklist routine
  • Produce management accounts for the centre
Your role with also include updating the Finance Manual; introduce best practice procurement process and a payroll software and review the current system for managing withholding tax to ensure it is correctly recorded in Quickbooks and correctly processed.
The placement will also focus on building the capacity of the bookkeeper to get him to a more senior level to be able to continue the use of the process implemented.
For this assignment, the partner are looking a volunteer for a minimum commitment of 3 months starting between now (February) and July.
The organisation will cover the cost of flights, accommodation and offer a £100 allowance for your living costs.
As flights and accommodation are covered, please note that this assignment will incur a surcharge fee. Click for more information on AfID's fee structure.

Organisation Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

Accommodation Provided

6 - 12 Weeks

Our partner is the leading NGO providing sexual and reproductive health services in Panama. They provide high- quality, integrated care at clinics nationwide and maintain a countrywide presence through advocacy, outreach and communications campaigns.

Their services include gynaecological care, contraceptives and HIV and STO prevention, testing and treatment.

You will be the first AfID volunteer to support this partner. On this assignment you will undertake an internal review of their accounting systems, processes and controls and make and implement recommendations for best practise.

You will also help them develop financial and business procedures; financial planning and help them prepare and train for future external audits. You will also provide training on internal reporting and reporting to the board of directors.

Our partner will be able to provide accommodation.

Please note Spanish is required for this placement. 

Please note that overseas assignments, in this case Panama, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme fee scale.

Social Enterprise Developing Information-Platforms Using Mobile Phones

Accommodation & Airport Pick-Up

3 Weeks

Our partner were founded in response to the scarcity of information, insight and data available from the field in developing countries. The founders were working for a microfinance organisation, and at the time the organisation needed more information on their loan recipients.

They realised it would be very difficult/expensive to mobilise the loan officers to collect this information, and with 80% of Kenyans using a mobile phone, they decided to develop a platform to collect information using a mobile phone. Today, the organisation’s client base includes for-profit companies, not-for-profit companies, and international organisations working in a variety of sectors including healthcare, education, energy, microfinance and governance.

You will be the first AfID volunteer to support this partner. As they have grown quite considerably, they are finding that their revenue is more complicated than their current model projection model reflects. As such, they are seeking a volunteer to update their financial projection model, having reviewed and understood their cost and revenue drivers.

At present, they have a US & Kenyan entity, and the US entity sometimes buys services from the Kenyan one. As such, a volunteer with some knowledge/experience of transfer pricing, would be helpful in creating a model for them, including appropriate documentation.

Typically, the first volunteer placement is akin to undertaking an internal audit of their accounting processes and internal controls, making & implementation recommendations and mentoring local staff. That said, this partner are confident in their day to day accounting and have requested more specific support. Nonetheless, as a first volunteer, your role will be to determine the scope in which AfID can continue working with the organisation.

Please note that this partner are not a charity but a registered social enterprise. This means that they do not raise funds from donors, rather they charge their clients a fee for their services. That said, their work does has a strong positive social outcome, because on the not-for-profit side it helps NGOs and governments collect data, and ensure their policies are having the necessary impact within their target populations. The World Bank has used their platform to collect information on the impact of improved sanitation facilities in rural Tanzania; the Nature Conservancy use the platform to facilitate two-way communication with the pastoralists they work with in rural northern Kenya.

The partner will be able to cover the cost of your accommodation.

Please note that overseas assignments, in this case in Kenya will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme fee scale.

Conservation Network Safeguarding Protected Areas

Homestay options

4 - 8 Weeks

Our partner is Belize’s leading network of non-governmental conservation organizations that seeks to influence and encourage the Belizean society to safeguard the integrity and diversity of the country’s protected areas system and to ensure that any use of natural resources is sustainable.
The organisation is comprised of 13 protected areas management organizations that collectively co-manage 18 terrestrial protected areas and 9 marine protected areas. Altogether the protected areas managed by the members represent 51% of Belize’s land and sea currently under protection, exclusive of forest reserves, and 65% of all co-managed protected areas.
Our partner is engaged in a number of initiatives and activities in pursuit of its following core objectives:
  • Advocate for and contribute to the sustainability and proper management of Belize’s protected areas;
  • Influencing national policy; and actively engaging the Government, the private sector, civil society and the donor community to ensure that protected areas contribute meaningfully to Belize’s national development;
  • Facilitate the provision of technical support and capacity building for member agencies of the association;
  • Coordinate, promote or conduct environmental educational activities relating to the organisation’s objectives
The first AfID volunteer supported them for 5 weeks last year. The volunteer undertook an assessment of their accounting systems, processes and controls and made and implemented recommendations for best practice. He set up Quickbooks and trained the new administrator on the programme and on how to produce reports. In addition, he also worked with 4 CBOs linked to our partner and provided training on financial management.
During the placement, the volunteer and the Director discussed developing a business centre to provide technical support to all linked CBOs. Currently, our partner are continuing their initiative of introducing a business approach to protected areas management and planning with members of the network. Business plans have been developed and the basic accounting software is in place to facilitate this programme.
The next steps include establishing a Business Centre at the Secretariat to coordinate the development of any new business at the protected areas, continue financial planning and implementation at the sites, and synchronize the secretariat’s management and financial plan and the protected areas management and financial plans.
Your role as the second AfID volunteer will include helping them roll out their introduction to Business Planning initiative into the protected areas. This includes support with financial planning, setting up of small business operations including budget and market analysis and forecasting and mentoring of non-finance professionals.
The first volunteer stayed in at homestay but if you preferred, guesthouses might also be available.
Please note that overseas assignments, in this case Belize, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme fee scale.

French Speaker for Youth Founded and Youth Led Organisation

Contribution to Accommodation

2 - 6 Weeks

Our partner is a youth- founded and youth- led organisation located in south-central Madagascar who aim to provide health and leadership education to increase school attendance, reduce early pregnancy rates and improve health outcomes.

The organisation’s programmes focus on youth aged 10-15-year-old as this group is often neglected in favour of younger children or older adolescents.
This partner trains Malagasy young adults (all aged 18-25 years) in health and education curriculum to then continue to work as educators, counsellor and mentors in middle schools in the region providing participatory reproductive-sexual health and leadership classes, implementing after-school activities and providing individual counselling. In addition to the middle school programmes the organisation have ongoing programmes in parent-adolescent communication; research and publication of girl’s puberty book and a re-usable sanitary pad project.
The organisation has been growing rapidly over the past two years. More schools are requesting their services; donor interest is increasing; partnership with multi-national agencies such as UNICEF and UNFPA is being implemented and staff is rapidly increasing. As the organisation grows additional support is needed to reinforce their financial and accounting procedures.
The Director reached out to us looking for support to make accounting processes straightforward yet still transparent. The first AfID supported them for 3 weeks in August 2016. She undertook an internal audit of their accounting processes and systems, financial controls, and made and implemented recommendations. The volunteer also reviewed the financial manual, developed a system to track incoming funds to produce quick monthly financial statements upon request, standardised reporting system bearing in mind they receive funding in different currencies and provided tailored training on financial management. The volunteer had a very successful assignment and would be happy to brief the next volunteer.
Your role as the second AfID volunteer would include undertaking a mock audit to help them prepare for an external audit taking place next year. The Director feels that there is still a lot of room for improvement and would like to have stronger systems, processes and procedures before having an external audit. In particular she would like you to review their procedures manual and help implement the ones they are currently not implementing. The previous volunteer suggested an implementation of Quickbooks but the Director would prefer to build the Excell skills of the Finance Officer before moving to another software.
The organisation is able to provide 500 euros to support a volunteer. This can go into accommodation and transportation from the capital.
Please note that overseas assignments, in this case Madagascar, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme. Click for more information on AfID's fee structure.

Local Organisation Supporting Community Development

Affordable Homestay accommodation & Monthly contribution

4 - 6 Weeks

Our partner is a community based organisation and NGO with the aim to create change to enable a better future in their community. 

Their vision includes a community which is socio-economically empowered, have self-sustaining livelihoods and improved access to education, health and strong leadership.
Their programme focuses include:
  • Microfinance
  • Education
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Volunteer programme
  • Community based mobile clinic
The organisation have requested support to improve their accounting systems and achieve greater accountability and transparency for the benefit of their current and future donors. Their Finance Officer does not have formal accountancy training and needs a lot of support. As the first AfID volunteer with this partner, you will be conducting an internal review of their accounting system, procedures and controls and making and beginning to implement recommendations for best practice and training staff as needed.
Their Executive Director has asked for help in the following key areas: drafting and documenting new financial policies and procedures; assisting with systems design; developing a chat of accounts; developing standardised templates; supporting with financial planning and budget creation and monitoring; reinforcing financial control; and introducing financial management principles and tools.
The partner are able to provide a Homestay with the Executive Director. There will be a small charge for this, and this will include all meals. The partner will also provide a small monthly contribution of €30. 
Please note that overseas assignments, in this case Malawi, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme fee scale.

Organisation Supporting Marginalised Communities

Accommodation Provided

2- 4 Weeks

Our partner works to empower marginalised and vulnerable communities in the Makwanpur district of Nepal and helps to provide opportunities to access resources.

They run a number of programmes designed to increase the capacity of many vulnerable people. These include a community programme aiming to increase the health and well- being of pregnant women and infants, raising awareness of HIV and working with girls and victims focusing on the prevention, intervention and rehabilitation of female trafficking.

Our partner came referred to us by their UK donor who thought they could use the support of an AfID volunteer to help strengthen their financial management.

On this assignment you will make an assessment of the financial health of the organisation and then make and implement recommendations to improve their systems, processes and controls.

You will also help to strengthen their accounting software Tally, create guidelines and training for budget preparation and analysis, financial procedures and controls and cashflow and reporting.

The partner will be able to provide accommodation and meals.

Please note that overseas assignments, in this case Nepal, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme. Click for more information on AfID's fee structure.

Human Rights Organisation Fighting for LGBT Justice

Homestay options

3 - 5 Weeks

Our partner works to achieve social, economic and gender justice for all women in Belize especially les/bi women through advocacy and empowerment.

The organisation is currently engaged in a sole project to address human rights, stigma and discrimination by providing a forum to promote conversations with les/bi women to increase their awareness of their rights as well as provide opportunities to share their experiences with stigma and discrimination.
Topics that have been covered in these conversations include:
  • Gender-based violence
  • Healthy relationships
  • Psycho-social support for women
  • Legal issues impacting women in Belize.
Being a small organisation, this partner does not have paid staff, only committed volunteers who run the organisation and are in charge of the finance. If this was your preferred role it would require flexibility as your work schedule would not be a standard one. The voluntary staff would be committed to working with you for at least 20 hours a week but distributed in a different way depending on their schedules and on the weekends.
You will be the first AfID volunteer on assignment with this partner and your role will be akin an internal audit: you will review what is in place (systems, processes and controls) and make and implement recommendations for best practice as well as provide training in all new areas implemented. The team feel that they are ready and would benefit from the introduction of an accounting system that is easy to use for non-accountant where they can manage funds, produce reports and quickly identify how funds are being used. Please note that they use Excel and Quickbooks so you will help them assess which one is more convenient for their needs and skills. The Treasurer and the coordinator would also appreciate training in basic accounting so that the organization can have adequate records of its finances thereby being able to attract larger funding.
Please note that because of the work that they do the placement would require sensitivity and flexibility. Accommodation can be arranged in a homestay or guesthouse depending on your preferences and budget.
Please note that overseas assignments, in this case Belize, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme fee scale.

Organisation Dedicated to Improving Animal Welfare

Accommodation Provided

2- 3 Months

Our partner is dedicated to animal welfare and creating a culture of animal care and compassion. They work with animal owners, farmers and stray populations in peri urban and rural locations.

Their programmes include a veterinary clinic, community farm and spay clinics, a rehoming shelter, an annual mass urban rabies campaign and a donkey sanctuary project. They also do policy and advocacy work with the government on legislation and policy development.

You will be the second AfID volunteer supporting this partner. The first conducted an internal review of their procedures, policy and controls, making recommendations for best practice. She helped them with bookkeeping procedures, creating financial statements and budgets, developing a finance manual, project accounting and reporting and financial management practices. Our partner have grown considerably since this placement and have requested further support to help bring their accounting knowledge and practises up to speed.

They are now using SAGE and would like further guidance on how to make the most of this as they believe incomplete usage and data entry onto SAGE is leading to inaccurate reporting and budgeting. They are also finding it difficult to take currency fluctuations on their Forex account into account and feel this is further affecting their records. They will be beginning to run a dual invoicing system from January 2017 which they hope will improve their stock system and monthly reporting. They would like to also improve their forecasting and project specific reporting for 2017.

The partner will be able to provide accommodation in their volunteer house.

Please note that the office is in the same building as their animal shelter and while the animals are kept separately in kennels and play areas most of the time, some of the dogs are allowed to wonder around the office from time to time. This placement would be best for a fellow animal lover who does not mind being around them!

Please note that overseas assignments, in this case Malawi, will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Volunteer Programme. Click for more information on AfID's fee structure.

Organisation Providing Accessible Healthcare [531]

Flights, Accommodation, Visa & Stipend

6- 12 Weeks

Our partner works to make healthcare in Togo accessible and effective. They have developed and implemented an integrated care delivery model to provide high quality healthcare to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

In 2015, they launched the Maternal & Child health programme, enforcing maternal and child health services at poor performing centres. They are now planning for an additional expansion to test their model, with the hope that the evidence gained from their work will influence policy & action from the Government of Togo.

In light of the expansion of their programmes & increase in grant funding our partner are seeking a financial consultant to review the accounting and financial management systems, identify weaknesses and make recommendations on improving these.

On this assignment your role will involve ensuring that they are adequately tax and donor compliant to ensure that they are generating the right financial information to make manage grant income effectively, and make decisions on the day-to-day running as well long-term plans for the organisation.

They would like an assessment of the skillset/capacity of the local staff, an evaluation of division of duties, and identifying where the capacity gaps are and how these might be filled. This will be carried out with the intention of integrating and further developing the finance systems between the US & Togo, to help them have a simple but sophisticated tracking system to help them prepare to receive and manage larger grants.

The partner will cover the cost of flights, accommodation & visa and offer a day rate / per diem allowance depending on the length of the placement.

Please note, French is required for this assignment.

As flights and accommodation are covered, please note that this assignment will incur a surcharge fee. Click for more information on AfID's fee structure.

Organisation Working to Safeguard Children in Urban Slums

Affordable Accommodation

2- 3 Months

Our partner is a Ugandan NGO working to safeguard and provide for vulnerable children and their families living in urban slums. They provide support through education, health and livelihoods initiatives, with a focus on helping children with disabilities.

They start their engagement at an early age, running a nursery school for ages 3-5. Once the children begin primary school at age 7 they stay involved with the children’s welfare, health and education, providing a child sponsorship scheme. They also provide specialist assistance and education to children with disabilities, offering special needs teachers, physiotherapy, medical care and a support group for parents.

The organisation is partnered with a local clinic to provide high quality and affordable health care for their sponsored children. They also run a number of health outreach events in the community on areas such as sanitation, malaria, family planning and sexual health.

You will be the first AfID volunteer to support this partner. Your role will be to conduct an internal review of their existing accounting systems, policies and controls, making and starting to implement recommendations for best practise.

They are currently using two systems, Tally in Uganda and QuickBooks in the UK (for fundraising purposes), which has become complicated to maintain. You will be helping to identify one system which includes both the Ugandan and UK entities to continue with, preferably with online access for international transactions.

Please note that overseas assignments, in this case in Uganda will incur a placement fee as per the AfID Tailored Volunteer Programme fee scale.

Organisation Supporting Smallholder Farmers [533]

Flights, Visa & Accommodation Provided

4- 6 Weeks

Our partner is a private company that mills rice and packages it for sale to the national market. It is part of the Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises (ACRE) platform, an impact investment platform established by a number of well-known INGOs to prepare and link enterprises with patient capital.

ACRE’s criteria for investment include the need for investee enterprises to have an impact on rural livelihoods and benefit poor people as producers, consumers of goods and services and with jobs; to enable rural communities to access major markets; to have a clear commercial model; to have clear social impact; and to have an existing track record of revenue growth and profitability.

Our partner was identified as a suitable business to support as a result of several meetings, a visit to the rice mill and interviews with the rice producers. Its strategy of supporting smallholder farmers to generate sustainable incomes by strengthening their access to markets is in line with the overall vision for sustainable and inclusive economic development.

On this assignment your role will involve reviewing the company’s financial data in its current form with the aim of reproducing accounts that meet GAAP standards. You will make recommendations to the business regarding the identification and proper use of appropriate financial software and provide training to the finance team on budgeting and financial analysis that supports business decision making.

The partner will be able to cover the costs of your flights, visa and accommodation.

French is very desirable, because the main accountant speaks French fluently (& only basic English).

As flights and accommodation are covered, please note that this assignment will incur a surcharge fee. Click for more information on AfID's fee structure.