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James (FCPA)
Childreach Nepal, Nepal

I have a standing arrangement with a very chatty taxi driver, Ramesh, who picks me up at 9.15 and then again at 6ish when work finishes. Possibly paying a fattish tourist rate but apparently not too bad my spies tell me.

This later morning start is just fantastic for those, like me, who think early mornings are an abomination. So, after my coffee and breakfast it’s off to work at a civilised hour. …and when I’m actually at’s fun.

I’m helping with the internal systems, reviewing and updating some policies, talking about strategy and planning and have even held a workshop on risk management. Hopefully I am able to help a bit and leave some snippets of information behind which will help in the long run. I feel a little inadequate for the task but my contributions are so gratefully received that, perhaps, I am being a little helpful. It is a dream gig as my friends at Childreach Nepal as so good to work with and have helped me acclimatise and feel part of the furniture (albeit an antique).  

The generosity of sharing information and time in their already busy schedules is so much appreciated I do hope I am making a small difference. The benefit for me to be working here seems to be so much more than I can offer them. I have made sure that everyone has an Australian flag on their desk and, as a thank you for having me, I’ve given a couple of Aboriginal paintings for their office. These have now been framed and are about to get a plaque commemorating the occasion. I’m bearing up under the pressure as best I can. This is fantastic.

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