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Kara in Guyana

Kara (CPA)
ChildLinK, Guyana

After a long and relaxing weekend, I was back to work this morning.  I started the morning by going through the draft report of recommendations with the Finance Manager.   From there, we agreed on some next steps for the week.  I am going to help with updating their Finance Manual and have some working sessions on the financial statements and cash flow forecasting.  I dove into the finance manual today and although I have never written one I have found lots of examples online and trying to piece it together.  I'm experiencing the other side of my work now: implementing recommendations.  As auditors, we find it very easy to throw out recommendations and best practices and point out everything that is wrong.  It is a whole other game to be on the other side and actually have to address them.  Identifying gaps needed to be done in a finance manual is a whole lot different than writing those sections. 

At the end of the afternoon, I did a mini "training" on budgeting for the staff.  We talked through best practices and examples of templates that can be used to track.  I hope they found it helpful as it was difficult to gauge their response.  Here are a few pictures of the staff. 

After work, I joined Omattie for dinner.  We went to an Indian restaurant and shared aubergine (can't remember the guyanese word) curry and mango curry. Both were delicious and we ate with roti and puri (indian flatbread/pastry).  There are apparently differences between roti and puri, but to me they looked similar and tasted the same (delicious!).
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