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The Mzuzu Experience

Mark (ICAEW)
Temwa, Malawi

July 18, 2016

Moni (hello).
It is unbelievably almost the end of my first week in Mzuzu. During these first few days I have met a lot of very friendly people, toured around the sites of this amazing city, done some work at TEMWA and tried a variety of local food and drink.
In terms of work I have met all the TEMWA team, all of whom have been very welcoming and supportive and we have made good progress in preparing the accounts ahead of the audit in August. However this hasn’t been without its challenges with both power and internet outages experienced.
The food is good and I have tried the local meal of Nsima (pronounced without the N) a couple times along with various other local produce and delicacies. Mwmy, my host, continues to kindly make me my breakfast and dinner which is very much appreciated.
Over the weekend I did a lot of walking from my lodgings to the city so that I could tour the bustling Mzuzu town and specifically the Mzuzu market with its amazing array of fresh fruit and veg, fish, rice and beans etc while also shopping in the more conventional supermarket Shoprite. I watched some of the Presidents Cup final (Mzuzu Moyale were robbed, never a pen) while also finding some time to rest in local bars including the Mozoozoozo backpacker bar. Renny from Brecon also kindly kept me company on Sunday as we toured a couple more sites and bars. The sounds coming from the gospel choir churches as we passed were just amazing.
I also woke to the wonderful site of half a dozen monkeys playing just outside my bedroom window!!
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