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Meg in Madagascar

Meghan (ICAS)
Projet Jeune Leader, Madagascar


Hello. This is my first experience writing a blog so adjust your expectations accordingly…
I am writing this from Madagascar, where I am on a 1 month volunteer assignment for an NGO called Projet Jeune Leader, organised through AFID – an organisation which offers accountants the opportunity to use their skills to support a broad range of non-profit organisations globally.
Having worked for KPMG for 4 years through the school leaver program, I decided to apply for an assignment through AFID in order to use the skills I had learnt to support a cause that inspired me. My hope was that this experience in the NGO sector would cement my belief that I would find the work fulfilling and that this would give me the confidence to pursue studies/ a career in this field after I qualify in September 2017. However, my fear was that I would not be able to add value while on assignment – from questioning if the assignment length was too short, if my background in auditing retail clients could have prepared me for supporting the finance department of an NGO, or if working in another language (the assignment required a french speaker) would be too challenging amongst many other doubts.
Hopefully this will give other potential AFID volunteers an insight into my experience, including all aspects of life in Madagascar outside my working day… and prepare the next PJL volunteer for their adventure in Madagascar!
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