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Agnes in Nicaragua

Agnes (ICAS)
Red de Empresarias de Nicaragua, Nicaragua

After leaving the house on a cold Monday morning at 4am, my start was challenging. All radar in Scotland, and backup, ceased to function. An hours fraught delay and we got started. The pilot was wonderful and calmed many fears. It reduced my time in Amsterdam before the plane to Panama City.
By happy coincidence, the person that I sat next to on the first flight was also on my second, and my third. We sat nearly opposite aisles on the way to Panama and he gave me a lots ofvery useful information about Nicaragia and what to expect. This was consolidated over a few beers during the four hour stopover in Panama City and he guided me through customs in Managua. I thank him for all the time he spent orienting me and his excellent company.
Marina Stadthagen, the REN CEO, met me at the aiport and took me to her house on the outskirts of Managua. A much needed deep and restful sleep beneath a mosquito net then fell upon me.
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