Dare to Innovate, Conakry, Guinea

Launched in Guinea in 2012, Dare to Innovate (DTI) is a youth-led movement to end unemployment in West Africa through investing in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to ignite social change. Their primary programs are their Social Business Incubator and their AgriHub. These programs offer training, investment, and support to West African youth.

To date, Dare to Innovate has invested in 57 businesses owned by 92 African entrepreneurs in Guinea and Benin. By the end of this year, these entrepreneurs will have collectively created employment for 475 of their peers.


At the core of their work are the principles of local ownership, innovation, cross-sector collaboration, and financial sustainability. Their programs have been universally appreciated by clients and funders such as USAID, World Bank, United Nations, US State Department, British Embassy, Rio Tinto Foundation among others.


For more information, visit their website.