Child Rescue Kenya, Kitale, Kenya

Child Rescue Kenya works with vulnerable children in and around Kitale. The organisation provide key interventions and solutions for homeless and vulnerable children to alleviate current issues, prepare them for the future and strive to preserve and promote the family unit.


They run and facilitate a variety of projects that are key to protecting children, empowering families and promoting children's rights.

Children’s & Youth Projects

  • Street Smart: Street intervention programme designed to reach out to children on the streets and identify new children arriving on the streets and offer them a safe refuge at their Rescue Centre. Children are provided with access to healthcare, remedial education, food, washing facilities, sports, games, justice and love. 
  • Birunda Rescue Centre (BRC) & Village Community Project (BVCP):  BRC takes children from the streets through the Street Smart Programme and has children referred by other organisations. Current activities include: repatriation and home placements, remedial coaching, sports facilities, affordable health care, community development and HIV/AIDS Awareness. 
  • Liyavo Children's Centre (LCC) and Village Community Project (LVCP):  Long-stay residential care the cconstruction of new dormitories and the refurbishment of existing dorms has made it possible provide for 70 residents. The majority of children now at the project originate from the streets or from extremely difficult circumstances. 
  • Association Model: The Association Model seeks to empower youths living and working on the streets or in slums by facilitating the formation of support groups (self-help groups), access to vocational training and apprenticeships.

Family Projects
Working with families is key to enabling runaway children to be reunited into this important support network.

  • Bio-Intensive Farming: Biodiverse plots have been established at both Birunda Rescue and Liyavo Childcare Centres which provides a constant supply of fresh vegetables to the children's kitchens. These plots provide training to families of runaway children during the repatriation process families are introduced to the principals of Biodiverse Agriculture and offered training and support in establishing plots.
  • Tactical Support: Not all families have access to land and for them a small tactical grant may make the difference. Having identified a family in need with necessary discipline and culture starting a small business with a small grant may prove the solution.

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