Safe Water and AIDS Project , Kisumu, Kenya

Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) has been in operation for 10 years. Their core work is centred around a distribution model for health and hygiene products.

Mission: To improve the quality of life of the vulnerable in community by building their capacities and supporting them to develop profitable health oriented micro- enterprises.
Vision: A healthy and empowered community where everyone enjoys high quality of life.

SWAP started off distributing filtered water and related products, and over the years are now selling 30 different products including solar lamps, fortified flour and cooking stoves. These are distributed through 11 centres, each with around 28 community health promoters. They also operate a research department set up with CDCP Atlanta and have done over 30 studies on maternal health, nutrition and health interventions in Western Kenya. They have two other programmes – one for orphans and vulnerable children, and an emergency department, which is currently providing a response to the cholera outbreak and floods.

To find out more about SWAP and their work, visit their website.