The Tunapanda Institute, Nairobi, Kenya

Tunapanda exists to bridge the digital gap in education across Kenya and East Africa. Kenya is a growing IT hub but this is not reflected in the educational system, often due to a lack of resources.

Tunapanda – roughly translating to mean to grow or to develop in Kiswahili – began by setting up computer labs in rural Kenyan areas with modules which could be downloaded for self-study. They realised that this was not enough and went on to set up their own institute which has now been running for about 2 years. They don’t charge fees and they provide a stipend to allow the students to study full time.

The institute delivers a 3 month intensive programme in tech, design and business and they support graduates to seek employment afterwards. They aim to equip and help youth to increase in confidence and self-expression.
They generate revenue through providing services such as web-development, software development and corporate training as well as having a registered charity in the US for fundraising purposes. They also share their model with partners using their own gamified learning platform, Swag. Tech Dada is an initiative where they run workshops to spread interest in technology careers amongst girls in Nairobi.
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