Joshua Orphan and Community Care, Blantyre, Malawi

Joshua Orphan and Community Centre are a grassroots organisation located in Southern Malawi. Their mission is to support community driven sustainable development projects to assist HIV/ AIDS orphans, vulnerable children, and their families in the Blantyre area. The organisation believes that all communities should have the resources and assistance to ensure that children can grow and develop free of hunger and have access to education and basic healthcare.

The organisation aims to achieve their mission through the implementation of 4 core programmes:

Access to Education:
  • Improves access to quality education through infrastructural development of education facilities, school sponsorship and educational tools. This includes sponsorship and mentoring to secondary school students, provision of educational resources e.g. uniform, exam fees, textbooks, and maintenance and construction at primary and secondary schools.

Early Development/ Nutrition:
  • Provides early childhood development and critical nutrition to children under six, through 12 community based childcare centres which help to feed and educate 600 children daily.

Health/ Sanitation Programme:
  • Provides support to communities with basic health services through weekly mobile health clinics which provide basic first aid, family planning, HIV testing and counselling. Alongside this they help to improve access to safe water through borehole maintenance and drilling and promote the importance of good hygiene practises.

Basic Income Generating Activities:
  • Facilitates access to innovative services that promote entrepreneurship and financial independence such as village banking, income generation activities- knitting, sewing and carpentry programmes, and village savings groups.

For more information, please visit their website.