Noyau de Paix, Kigali, Rwanda

Noyau de Paix is a peace building network operating in Rwanda. It was created in 1994 out of the post- war and genocide context Rwanda was experiencing. It was set up to create an informal group and framework for sharing and self – training, and to create a forum for implementing actions to promote peace.
The organisations mission is to work for the promotion and safeguarding of peace, human rights and social welfare. Their vision is to create a society of peace, characterised by non- violence, justice, fairness, respect for human rights, social welfare and mutual respect.


In order to achieve this vision, Noyau de Paix runs a number of programmes and has already made a number of advances towards achieving its goals.


  • A peace education strategy executed through training provided on various topics that contribute significantly to the promotion of peace in Rwanda.
  • A training approach that meets the concerns of those affected. A considerable number of target groups have been affected in different parts of Rwanda.
  • The development of approaches aimed at individual change and relationships between individuals.
  • The development in organisations of a network of trainers to relay messages of peace.
  • Rich exchanges with other organizations involved in the field of peace promotion, through the exchange workshops.

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