Twende, Arusha, Tanzania

Twende aims to empower people to design and make technology solutions that improve lives and are affordable to solve to community challenges.

They collaborate with students and local community members to identify challenges and then design and create their own solutions to the problems helping to improve people’s lives and create a stronger local economy. Twende encourages creative problem solving, collaboration and a sharing of knowledge.

To achieve their goals Twende use a three-pronged approach:

  • Teach: they run design and creativity workshops in secondary schools and local community
  • Make: they develop their own innovative technologies to better people’s lives. Their main project at the moment is an affordable drip irrigation kit made for families growing small scale crops and vegetable gardens, using locally sourced and low cost materials. Their focus is on improving health and livelihoods, saving time and money for their beneficiaries.
  • Support: they provide a space for local innovators to develop their products as well as mentorship and exposure to local markets.

For more information, please visit their website.