Kati Youth Social Ventures, Pader, Uganda

KATI is a WarChild UK initiative. The project started off as a pilot, to empower the youth (aged 18-22 years) in northern Uganda, offering them training in enterprise & business, and to those that pass the programmes, access to microloans to help them establish their own businesses. The background of the young people they are working with is unique given the history of the area; the youth have limited or no formal education and limited business know-how. As WarChild prepares to exit its operations from Pader, it wanted to leave behind a self-sustainable, local organisation that would continue to create opportunities for the youth.

KATI is registered as a social enterprise, and carries ideals from both the NGO as well as commercials worlds. As the organisation is still in its infancy, it is not self-sufficient as yet; rather it is dependent on grant funding.


For more information, please visit their website.