SCOPE Uganda, Masaka, Uganda

SCOPE Uganda forms part of a network of organisations working with schools to create functional school landscapes in order for children to get a diversity of foods for a holistic health, practical education and countless learning experiences.

Their vision is to see school and college communities living in abundance using their whole land creatively to produce a diverse range of nutritious food and other useful products. The organisation wants children to develop a deeper care for the earth so that they do not deplete their environment. SCOPE Uganda use schools as entry points for the community to get practical agro ecological skills that will help them conserve their environment, while producing a diversity of foods to overcome hunger, malnutrition, poverty and improvement of their general livelihood.

SCOPE Uganda is working to create a geographical spread of membership and partnerships, showcasing grounded, practical and well documented examples in schools and communities and responding creatively to opportunities.

For more information, please visit their website.