Measurement Matters, Bogota, Colombia

Measurement Matters is a social, environmental and financial value measurement and management organization whose mission is to support organizations in identifying, measuring and managing the total value of their activities and portfolio through meaningful collaboration and trustworthy, rigorous analysis. They help other organizations to understand, systematize, and integrate social value metrics into operations, to maximize their impact and receive the highest social return for their investment. 

As they are a new organization and still building their portfolio, below is a series of examples of projects they have started to work on for their beneficiaries:

  • The Social Value Investment Portfolio (SVIP): a collaboration between Measurement Matters and the BCLab , the SVIP identifies, incubates and prepares non-traditional social projects for investment, designs the right financial tools and mechanisms for investment; instils the knowledge and leaves the right tools for social value management at scale for investees.
  • The Green Hope Fund: Green Hope Fund is an organization that protects the Colombian Amazonian Rainforest. Measurement Matters will design, finance and jumpstart operations to protect 82 hectares of Primary Forest near Leticia, Amazonas which is under threat from emerging logging companies. The project will include a research centre, silviculture and ecotourism start-ups to protect the forest and provide economic opportunities to the local indigenous tribe. The support of MM will provide them with the impact management system, operational support and connect them to innovative financing mechanisms for long-term sustainability.
  • Tecnocentro Somos Pacífico, Cali, Colombia: Working with the Tecnocentro, MM seeks to show the clear return on investment and the societal value for investing in arts and culture by setting up an impact management system, understanding which activities create the highest social return on investment, scaling them at the Tecnocentro in Cali and replicating them in others areas such as Buenaventura and Chocó.


For more information, please visit their website.