Constru Casa, San Pedro Las Huertas, Guatemala

For 10 years Constru Casa have been aiming to improve the living conditions of some of the poorest families in Guatemala, they aim to do this through construction projects that benefit local communities, such as accomodation for those who cannot afford it, ammenities for those who lack them and social development programmes for community inclusion.

Founded in 2004, Constru Casa originated from one lady's desire to improve the welfare of her local community through the provision of basic housing. Caroline Van Heerde began by building a house for a local family living in dire poverty, but quickly saw the potential collective good that this social activity could bring. Constru Casa have no expanded beyond the construction of housing, but have also branched out into support programmes for those affected worst by the conditions of poverty. 

They work tirelessly to improve the living conditions of over 100 families over the course of a year, whilst simultaneously providing 300-400 families with social development programmes that aim to bring about a greater sense of inclusion, community spirit and alleviate the pressures caused by the severe poverty in their community. Leading this initiative is a team of local partner organisations, who encourage the families receiving the housing to engage with the construction process in order to promote the values of teamwork, the contribution of the family depends entirely on how they are able to help. 

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