Fountain of Hope, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Fountain of Hope, formerly part of the International Organisation World Relief, is now an independent not for profit organisation in Cambodia that works around the country to empower people to be agents of transformation in their communities.

The organisation works to achieve their goals through different programmes which include:
  • Joy of Our Children: Bi-weekly neighborhood meetings for children ages 5 to 12 offer lessons about health, hygiene and the love of God through songs, Bible verses, skits and puppet shows. Teen programs focus on HIV prevention, care for people living with HIV and support for children affected by the disease. After awareness training about sex trafficking, drugs and violence, students are paired through a buddy system with a younger at-risk child in their community.
  • Life of Hope: The goal of this program is to grow and expand the Kingdom of God by multiplying local cell churches. With our staff’s 15 years experience of planting 1,200 cell churches, FOH is spreading the hope of the gospel, especially in unreached areas. Members of cell churches reach out to neighbors and family, sharing Christ and meeting physical needs. 
  • Life with Value: Community leaders work alongside Fountain of Hope staff to initiate programs that deal with the most pressing community problems, including disease, sex trafficking and drug abuse. 
  • Our Strong Village: This program helps churches and communities meet needs with existing resources and skills, equipping them to forge their own future. For example, the flowering plant moringa is packed with protein, iron, calcium and vitamins, and it has been instrumental in the fight against malnutrition. FOH staff educates communities on the benefits of this crop, as well as farming techniques.
To find out more about Fountain of Hope and their work see their website.