Honour Village Cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Honour Village Cambodia was founded in 2010 by Sue Wiggans, a retired English primary school teacher from the Isle of Wight. Sue had travelled and volunteered in Siem Reap before and seen the real need for a locally-run, well-managed and financially-transparent project to help local children and other vulnerable community members.

Sue's determination, skill and enthusiasm resulted in a meeting with His Excellency Seang Nam, an elected and extremely well-respected local member of parliament. Seang Nam was inspired by Sue's passion and vision to donate land to the project and become our Patron. Months later, the first buildings of Honour Village Cambodia had been constructed on the 4000 metres of prime land in a beautiful rural setting.

Honour Village is now home to 52 children and 24 Khmer staff. The project is managed by our Country Director, Tiev Chunnly, while Sue lives locally to provide teaching and general support to the staff and children. The locally registered Community Support Group is governed by a board of Trustees and is the sole beneficiary and partner of HVC UK.

Honour Village Cambodia provides a home, education and loving care to 30 children who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to live with their birth relatives at this time. Our aim is to integrate them to their families where possible, and so far over 20 children have been successfully returned to the care of their relatives, with appropriate support and regular monitoring. We employ both able-bodied and physically disabled people on our staff team. Every member of staff utilises his/her gifts and strengths and receives ongoing training in caring for children who have been in extreme need.

Honour Village Cambodia also offers free education to all the surrounding village children five days a week who join us to play and learn both Khmer, English, basic maths and computer studies, with over 300 children from the commune enrolled in our activities. This education is in addition to their regular enrolment at government-run primary and secondary schools.

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