Manna4Life, Oudong, Cambodia

Manna4Life was founded by a couple – a Canadian, Kevin and his Cambodian wife, Leakhana - in May 2011 to help rebuild the lives of the Tang Khiev People following two evictions of their community from Phnom Penh in 2009. The community, composed of approximately 135 families, is now living in a refugee village 38km North of Phnom Penh. 
Manna4 Life have assisted the community to build roots in their new location, including setting up the resources to provide basic needs – clean water, food and sanitation. Over the last 4 years the organisation and the Tang Khiev People, through an elected Leadership Committee have been working hard for their community. Three other major goals - housing, employment and education - have begun to be realised by the community. 
93 Cambodian style houses have been built for the community; in November 2014, a school opened providing free education to those of years 1-3. The hope is to add a new grade every year and have a full primary school by the end of 2017. English and Computing classes for the community have been operational since 2011.  
The current fundraising projects of Kevin and Leakhana’s organisation are a Water Filtration System, Training Centre Building and Farm Storgage Centre, Training and Education Centre Program, Fish Farm, and to extend the school.  
Manna4Life aim to empower the poor and oppressed through encouragement, resources, education and skills - so that they may have the tools to improve their own lives and that of their community.  By living within, and working alongside the Tang Khiev community, they have helped rebuild their village through initial emergency relief and ongoing holistic community development and advocacy.