Salariin Kampuchea, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Salariin Kampuchea is a supplementary education programme set up at two schools in Siem Reap town. Set up in 2003 by four dedicated European women it has flourished into a well-attended school. At the start, the main goal was to give more children and adults the possibility to study by providing free English classes in the hope that it would give them better employment opportunities. Now this vision is becoming more of a reality, and a further programme has been launched that focusses on young adults. 

Long term plans for Salariin Kampuchea include building and sustaining the life skill training curriculum for 13-15 year old teenagers and 16-20 year old teenagers, employing a life skill trainer to teach basic life skill subjects and employing external trainers or sending students on courses which tackle more complicated issues like safe sex and road safety. Working closely with other organisations offering teenage programmes, the founders of Salariin Kampuchea intend to utilise everyone’s experiences and share their own.
Ultimately, Salariin Kampuchea will oversee student’s career plans and support them on their way into the professional world, supervise vocational training or study time and hopefully pay for university fees.
Currently, Salariin Kampuchea offers the following services at two different locations in and
around Siem Reap: daily English classes at different levels (4 hours), libraries, computer lessons,
life skill and career training and additional activities such as football training.
The objectives for these activities are:

  • To ensure that a large number of Cambodians have the opportunity to enhance their own and their
  • families’ lives through education
  • To improve individual and independent learning
  • To support the youth to find employment opportunities

Please see their website for more information.