Tuk Tuk for Children, Pursat, Cambodia

Tuk Tuk for Children has been operating for 4 years with the aim to improve educational quality and opportunities for disadvantaged communities in Cambodia.


They don't teach themselves but empower and equip teachers and schools to achieve this.


They run 2 main projects in the Pursat province:

  1. Tuk Tuk Mobile Library – delivering books and toys to kindergarten classes around the province. Each class is visited once a month and staff demonstrate storytelling and introduce activities and games to play with the children. They also provide workshops for the teachers.
  2. Tuk Tuk Theatre – a mobile movie theatre project which visits villages every 2 weeks to show films and have a play. They also give informal education about life skills, like sanitation.

Tuk Tuk for Children began as a registered charity in Australia, working through operational partners in Cambodia. In 2018 they have also taken the step to register as a limited company in Cambodia and are now going the through the process of meeting local requirements and compliance. The 2 entities are treated separately, allowing both to apply for and receive grants and funding. All of the charity’s paid staff are Khmer and are working for the Cambodian company. They have grown and expanded their staff and funding in the last 2 years and would now like to consolidate to ensure they are able to sustain further growth.


For more information visit their website.