Myrtle Social Welfare Network, Chennai, India

The Myrtle Social Welfare Network is a non-governmental charitable trust, established in 2003. They support vulnerable and marginalised children and communities around Chennai. Their aim is to create opportunities and to inspire hope and self-respect in underprivileged children, youth and women. Myrtle means tree, to demonstrate the far reaching support of social care and welfare. It is an organisation started by local people for local people.

Myrtle staff have come from social worker and education backgrounds and their projects are community led. One key community they work with is the nearby tribal community which is one of the most vulnerable in India. They focus on providing education and opportunities and addressing health issues and underdeveloped infrastructure. Myrtle also support young people in Chennai through vocational/employability training; children suffering from cancer and their families, providing counselling; communities in the rural and impoverished districts, working on women’s empowerment and child protection; and raise awareness on social issues through travelling puppet shows and workshops.


For more information, please visit their website.