Stairway Foundation (SFI) , Puerto Galera, Philippines

Stairway Foundation (SFI) are a well-established child protection and child rights organisation based in the popular tourist area of Puerto Galera in the Philippines.

They have four broad programmes:

  • Temporary Shelter Programme: This is one year rehabilitation residential programme for street children aged 10-14 years from Manila and other areas, using creative arts and offering psychosocial support.
  • Advocacy & Capacity Building – Stairway Foundation have had a big role in raising awareness about and addressing taboo issues such as child sex abuse and exploitation. Through their advocacy programme they build and develop networks of organisation so that collectively they are able to have more impact on child protection issues. They have also developed training materials to build the capacity of local law enforcers, social workers and advocates.
  • Community Assistance Programme – where they are offering scholarships to local children to encourage them to attend school, have a school feeding programmes & offer crisis intervention.
  • Environmental Awareness Programme: This is a newer programme, running for 2-3 years. The main purpose of this programme is to create awareness among local youth and their parents about the beauty of the place they inhabit and its fragility. As part of this, they have a sea adventure school where they sail out with local students to expose them to and educate them on the various marine life & habitats.

Here is a link to their website.