Paws for Compassion, Da Nang, Vietnam

Paws for Compassion is a young organization dedicated to raising animal awareness and combating the illegal dog and cat meat trade in Vietnam. They conduct educational workshops to raise awareness, and have a rehabilitation centre where they rescue, sterilize and manage fostering activities for stray cats and dogs.


Their current programmes include:

  • Spay/neuter program for cats and dogs -sterilising about 20 cats per month, as well as raising awareness on the benefits of sterilisation and vaccination.
  • Education workshops in Danang and Hoi An - to educate local communities and children about cats as companion animals, everyday cat welfare, the illegality of the cat meat trade and the false links of health benefits to cat meat.
  • Foster Training Session – train and prepare locals to foster animals from the shelter.
  • Rescue Activities
  • Fundraising events

Paws for Compassion was created in 2017 by Reinardt Kuhn and 2 friends, and has grown since to become a formally registered charity, have a space for the shelter, employ 2 paid local staff and manage several volunteers dedicated to their mission. They are constantly growing in number of supporters and donations, and now is a good time to formalize more and strengthen all the departments of the organization.


For more information, please visit their website.