How will it benefit me?

Personal Development

To help us continually improve on the services we provide each volunteer is asked to complete a short survey at the end of their assignment.

93.5% said they now feel more Confident 
(based on 138 surveys)

90.2% said they are now more Patient
(based on 133 surveys)

96.8% said they now feel more Resourceful
(based on 127 surveys)

97.2% said they now feel more Comfortable with unfamiliar situations
(based on 147 surveys)

96.5% said they are now more Culturally sensitive
(based on 143 surveys)

97.6% said they are now more Open minded
(based on 129 surveys)
Professional Development

79.8% felt they had acquired new skills that will benefit them in their current role
(based on 109 volunteer surveys)

91.8% said they had developed existing skills improving their performance at work 
(based on 135 volunteer surveys)

86.9% felt better equipped to manage change in the workplace
(based on 123 volunteer surveys)

95.7% felt they are better able to adapt to varied & challenging work environment
(based on 140 volunteer surveys)