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⭐Social Enterprise promoting quality early childhood care [586]⭐

Flights covered. Accommodation or Stipend provided
Nairobi, Kenya

1-2 months

Our partner works with small day-care businesses servicing marginalised and low-income families in Nairobi, and aims to install an environment that is safe and affordable. They require support in effectively managing their microloan system.

You will begin with a review of their accounting systems, procedures and controls, making recommendations for best practice, taking into account the capacity and resources of the team. They recently received the support of a pro bono consultant who focused on operational systems and strategy. He spent a couple of days installing a simple finance management system but this was not his area of expertise and you will be required to review and further develop this work.

In addition, you will be creating the platform and policies to manage the microloan system provided for the day-care providers as their current system is not fit for purpose. You will be helping to create a simple, user friendly system with a clear reporting dashboard.

NGO organisation promoting multilingualism as a mean of education

Affordable Accommodation
Medellin, Colombia

2 Weeks

Our partner is a young Colombian registered NGO that promotes multilingualism and linguistic diversity as a means of education, social development and positive change in the community.


You will begin with an internal review of their accounting procedures, systems and controls, making recommendations for best practice while taking into account the local context, needs, capacity and resources of the local team. You will start implementing the recommendations, in order of priority as decided together with the team, while also providing training to staff.

You will mainly be working with the Director, who is speaking fluent English and would benefit from your support in financial planning, developing a sustainability analysis, understanding service pricing and financial benchmarking. They have 2 part-time staff working on finance, one accountant that does their tax returns to the Government and a bookkeeper. They don't speak English but the director will be available to arrange some meetings and translate for you, to make sure your recommendations are understood and protocols followed as agreed.

Organization improving livelihoods of local beekepers

Accommodation provided
Kigoma, Tanzania

2-3 months

Our partner work with local beekeepers who are using traditional methods, to improve their livelihoods and link them to higher value export markets. They buy and process various honey and wax based products which they then sell overseas.


Our partner would like you to do a new internal review of their current procedures, controls and systems and make recommendations for best practice. This will involve reviewing their use of Xero. You will be continuing to train local staff in Tanzania on any changes implemented.

There may also be scope to work with a partner of theirs, which they share an office with. They would benefit from a review and advice on best practice as well, if time permits.

Charitable Trust providing equal opportunities to young people

Stipend Provided
Bangalore, India

3 months+

Our partner is a Charitable Trust committed to providing equal opportunities to all young people regardless of background. Their primary beneficiary are those from disadvantaged backgrounds. They offer mentoring to empower and equip youth with life skills and to prepare them for higher education.


You will begin with a financial health check of their procedures, systems and controls. You will be reviewing their financial sustainability and will be making recommendations for best practice, starting to implement these and providing training as needed. They are looking to create a financial plan for the next 10 years and would like you to take a leading role on this.

You will also be assisting with the new model they are developing which will support and advise a network of NGOs who want to deliver mentoring programmes. This model will engage their knowledge, experience, technology, training and curriculum. They need your help to cost and plan this new programme.

NGO providing therapy to children with special needs

Accommodation provided
Fort Portal, Uganda

4-8 weeks

Our partner provides high quality, specialised and affordable physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to children with disabilities and special needs.


They also provide training, education and support to those caring for children and young adults with special needs through rehabilitation and vocational training.

You will begin with a review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, appropriate to their resources and capacity. They started using QuickBooks online but employees have received little training on it. They would like to learn how to utilise its functions on stock and inventory. They would also like to start producing financial monthly reporting, including budget vs actual and donor reporting. You may also provide some coaching to the Finance Manager to boost his skills and help to streamline his work.

Organization helping families affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty

Accommodation & Visa
Bagamoyo, Tanzania

4-6 weeks

Our partner helps children and families affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty, providing educational, social and psychosocial support and through it changing lives.


You will begin with an internal review of their accounting procedures, systems and controls, making recommendations for best practice while taking into account the local context, needs, capacity and resources of the local team. You will start implementing the recommendations, in order of priority as decided together with the team, while also providing training to staff.

There are 2 sets of accounts - one for the farm and children’s home and another for the school - both managed by the same person, who is using Excel and would benefit from the review, training and further recommendations of a qualified and experienced accountant, to streamline the processes and make it more efficient. Our partner has also requested your support on budgeting.

You will also be working with their bookkeeper who has been helping our partner remotely by managing the QuickBooks account. Her current activities throughout the year cover: reconciling Bank Statements, reconciling Accounts Receivable, updating sponsorship records, preparing the Annual Budget for 2019, communication and following up on outstanding payments. She would benefit from your support in streamlining the accounts and further training in QuickBooks and budgeting. 

Social enterprise supporting entrepreneurs in Asia

Affordable Accommodation
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

4-6 weeks

Our partner is social enterprise supporting entrepreneurs in Asia, they want to facilitate the flow of capitol to social organisations to help them scale up their social and environmental impact. Their beneficiaries are organisations operating in South East Asia who are providing access to clean energy, clean water and improved sanitation for the benefit of low income and marginalised communities.


Our partner has been through recent staff changes in the last year, including the departure of their Finance Director and Finance Officer. There is currently one member of staff managing their finance function and they are actively recruiting to rebuild the team. The current Executive Director has also newly joined: she comes from a more traditional banking background and since arriving has identified many gaps and weaknesses in their systems.

You will be beginning with an financial health check, reviewing current procedures, controls and systems and making recommendations for best practice. They would also like to migrate to QuickBooks online which they feel would improve efficiency and reduce manual input and financial risk.

NGO empowering women and girls to manage their own reproductive health

Stipend Provided
Nairobi, Kenya

3-6 months

Our partner educates and empowers women and girls to manage their own reproductive health. In Kenya they produce and sell sanitary products, disseminate key health education, and lead on advocacy and research efforts to enact change. They aim to help girls transition safely through adolescence with the right to make informed decisions about their own health.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial systems, procedures and controls, making recommendations for best practice. You will also be reviewing and advising on the finance staffing structure and job allocation. They have requested support to help them scale up in a sustainable way, to make sure they have the right systems and structures that will enable them to reach their strategic goals. Our partner is in the process of separating non-profit and for-profit operations into different legal entities. You will be assisting with their readiness for this transition.

Their current SOPs need closer evaluation and improvement, in particular the supply chain logistics and controls; IT systems; sales reporting; non-profit reporting; board reporting; business modelling for impact investors; and cashflow management and monitoring.

Organization preserving indigenous culture, history and heritage

Dangriga, Belize

8 weeks

Our partner preserves the culture, history and heritage of the Garifuna people (Garinagu), indigenous to Belize and Central America. They advocate for their rights and opportunities and promote inter-racial harmony within Belize. 


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice that are appropriate to the resources and capacity of the team, starting to implement some of these and providing training so staff can maintain the changes. You will also be creating a financial procedures manual to accurately document their new system. They are submitting their documents for the 2018 audit at the end of May and have outstanding changes to implement form the 2017 audit report.

Their Office Manager is keeping basic records on excel and QuickBooks which are sent to an external accountant for preparation. The President has an accounting background but does not have the time to spend on finance, she has given some training to the Office Manager but he will benefit from further coaching to build his capacity. You will also be working with the Treasurer who works part time.

NGO supporting small organizations in growing social impact

Affordable Accommodation
Bogota, Colombia

2-4 weeks

Our partner is a social, environmental and financial value measurement and management organization whose mission is to support organizations in identifying, measuring and managing the total value of their activities and portfolio through meaningful collaboration and trustworthy, rigorous analysis.


They help other organizations to understand, systematize, and integrate social value metrics into operations, to maximize their impact and receive the highest social return for their investment.

You will start with an internal review of their accounting procedures and controls. The organization wants to make sure they have a solid base in procedures, controls and systems, as they prepare to expand their programmes and receive bigger investments. They would like the volunteer to support them in setting up the organizational accounting practices for: project management, multiple account management, taxes and reporting; create project management accounting templates; financial management protocols, and provide training for administrative and project management staff. The team is young and dynamic, and would require someone comfortable with working independently and have initiative.

⭐NGO helping communities to benefit from natural resources [585]⭐

Accommodation & Visa
Monrovia, Liberia

2 - 5 Months

Our partner has been influential in transforming how natural resources are managed, and benefits from these are shared with local communities in Liberia. They are seeking an experienced and dynamic pro bono accountant to support them in building and strengthening their control environment, developing financial management tools, and building the capacity of the finance team.


Your role will be to:

  • Review the control environment, accounting & financial management processes, specifically developing procedures to enable them to easily collect supporting documents from their field offices.
  • Review the responsibilities of the finance staff, ensuring that there is a clear segregation of duties and processes are streamlined, so that there is no duplication of work and staff time is used efficiently.
  • Develop financial management tools, including an organisational budget, budget monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Offer further training to all staff Quickbooks and support them in making the most of the software.

Given all the changes in the organisation and the broad scope of work, it will be an interesting time to join the organisation, and really make an impact. Whilst the structure is being changed, this placement will require patience and especially at the initial stages gaining trust and cultivating positive working relationships with the staff. Our partner gets funding from a number of donors (including institutional donors), and therefore this will be an excellent opportunity for an adventurous accountant considering transitioning into the not for profit sector.

Trust Channeling Education for Change and Equality

Homestay accommodation available
Nuwara Elliya, Sri Lanka

5 - 7 working days

Based in the luscious tea country hills of central Sri Lanka, our partner supports disadvantaged young people from the tea estates with access to education and training. They are seeking a volunteer to review their progress implementing new accounting software and provide further training to local staff.


The communities in the tea estates live in impoverished, overcrowded and unsafe conditions and are at risk of malnutrition, violence, high mortality rates and limited access to basic education. The organisation believe that young people should have equal opportunities to develop and succeed, regardless of where they are born, their ethnicity or who their family is and strive to use education as a tool for social change through their education centres and social enterprises.

You will be reviewing their progress with the new systems and procedures, supporting them with any additional training and guidance as needed and ensuring they have the capacity and understanding to maintain this.

NGO tackling issues affecting health, environment and education

Chitipa, Malawi

8-10 weeks

Our partner is a youth-led NGO working in the rural Northern Malawian districts of Chitipa and Rumphi. It uses a grass root, community engagement model to tackle issues affecting health, environment and education. They aim to create empowered communities which can influence rural development and where vulnerable and disadvantaged groups can thrive.


Their projects address the following issues/risks:

  • Poor attendance of girls in schools 
  • Climate change effects on natural environment and resources 
  • Economic instability
  • Child protection/rights
  • HIV/AIDs

You will be reviewing their progress and providing further training and guidance as needed. You will be reviewing compliance and ensuring accounts and reporting are being kept up to date. You may also have to introduce the preparation of financial statements and an accounting software. Our partner's director is also keen to try QuickBooks and you will be helping prepare them for this transition.

Not-for-profit organization engaging young people through education

Affordable Accommodation
Siem Reap, Cambodia

3-6 weeks

Our partner supports local entrepreneurs setting up businesses in the field of education. They aim to empower individuals and organisations to take responsibility for themselves and their futures, their families and their goals. They are engaging young people through education.


Our partner has 8 learning centres providing core classes in English and IT and additional key academic and life skills: this activity brings in income for the centres. Our partner would now like to diversify their income sources further, establishing further programmes to become self-sufficient and independent.

You will be supporting the Country Manager and Program Support Officer, neither of whom has a financial background. You will begin with an internal review of their existing accounting procedures, system and controls across the different centres and head office, which is located next to their Siem Reap learning centre. You will be assessing the resources and capacity of the team and making and implementing the appropriate recommendations for best practice.

They are currently using a simple excel-base system to record income and expenditure. The Country Manager feels the tools and procedures used across the centres can be streamlined and made more uniform. You will be providing training and clear documentation for any new procedures or tools developed to ensure sustainability. You will be designing a system which can later be rolled out to the other and future learning centres in Cambodia.

Start-up social enterprise working with local agri-businesses

Visa covered & affordable accommodation
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

1 Month

Our partner is a start-up social enterprise that works with local agri-businesses to scale, increase quality, and access international markets. They procure team, cinnamon, and other spices and herbs from organic and fair-trade farms in Tanzania; these are then taken to a small factor in Dar es Salaam, where they are processed and packaged and sold in-country.


At present, our partner has a really simple Excel-based system recording all their receipts and payments, and a simple organisational budget which is monitored in a basic fashion on a monthly basis. They are seeking a volunteer to set up a professional accounting system and develop their financial procedures. 

Our parter would like support on financial management and strategy. As a young business, they want to ensure that they have developed tools to be able to easily monitor their cashflow, and their expenditure in relation to their budgets. Moreover, they would like support in reviewing and advising them on the medium- to long-term business and financial plans for domestic and export expansion, and support them in developing a strategy for raising funds, both through grants as well as investment.