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Organization supporting young people with intellectual disabilities

Affordable Accommodation
Lusaka, Zambia

2-4 weeks

Our partner supports young people with intellectual disabilities reach their full potential within society. Their work spans across direct support for young people with intellectual disabilities and advocacy work with employers and government: they prepare young people for employment and independence through skills training, and  help them  to enter into the open labour market. They also began their own social business, which aims to create jobs for those for whom it is hardest to find them. 

You will be reviewing and provide further support in the following areas:

• Compliance: ensure FY17 and FY18 audits are complete

• Monitor if FY19 accounts record keeping and Financial Controls are kept accurately and up to date; Ensure that Q1 budget v actual variance analysis is completed

• Review the activities of their own social business from a financial and operational aspect

• Update the Finance Manual to reflect current processes and controls

• Ensure donor reporting is accurate and up-to date

Human Rights NGO Supporting Indigenous Communities

Accommodation provided (Spanish required)

2-4 Weeks

Based in Peru’s ancient capital, Lima, this human rights organization is dedicated to defending and promoting justice on behalf of communities affected by different forms of injustice in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. They are seeking a volunteer to review their accounting systems and provide training support to their local team.

Their work includes support to indigenous communities of the Amazon and the Andean regions of Peru, children affected by various forms of violence and trafficking and families affected by the internal armed conflict. The organisation has requested the support of an AfID volunteer to support the Farm in Huánuco. The income from the farm is reinvested in the women’s shelter, which provides support to girls and women who were victims of sexual violence.

You will be undertaking an assessment of their current systems processes and controls and making & implementing recommendations for best practice; visiting establishments in the city that sell similar products to review and update the farm’s business plan; projecting farm income for up to three years and the investment needed; developing a work plan with priority activities for the first year and economic proposals of the highest priority and providing training to the administrator to improve accountability.

CBO working with vulnerable women and girls

Accommodation provided
Mbale, Uganda

2-6 weeks

Our partner is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Uganda which works with vulnerable women and girls to improve their access to quality healthcare and education and to provide the means of economic empowerment. A separate project teaches women and girls how to make reusable sanitary pads, designed to tackle one reason why girls cannot go to school.

They also provide training on hygiene, nutrition, family planning and mothers’ and women’s rights (including what they are entitled to from absent fathers). They also offer psychosocial counselling to the commercial sex workers, helping them to overcome the stigma they face in the community.

You will be assisting the Programmes Officer and Co-founder with the project annual financial summary and will also create an updated and complete financial procedures manual. They currently are being assisted by a local volunteer who is doing the bookkeeping. Unfortunately, her role is not sustainable as she is also looking for paid work which may cause her to leave at short notice. Our partner would like to hire a permanent accountant in the future but currently their funding doesn’t permit this, so they atr overseeing the volunteer’s work and maintaining reporting and analysis. 

Organization supporting visually impaired people

Accommodation provided
Belize City, Belize

4-6 weeks or longer

Our partner has been providing support to people who are blind for over 30 years, providing rehabilitation, daily living skills and orientation and mobility services. The organisation also provides education support to blind children in regular school’s system by teaching braille and producing braille texts, computer skills and provision of adaptive aids.

You will support the organization to implement the new software QuickBooks Pro for the entire organization. The partner plans to purchase and install the new software before you arrive, and replace in all their clinics the current QB Point of Sale with an uniform integrated QB Pro. You will support them with creating/updating the Chart of Accounts and implementing the new system to the highest functionality, to include and apply to all departments, as well as training the local team to utilise it correctly. There might be an opportunity to travel to their offices outside Belize City to provide further training in utilizing the new system, which they will confirm depending on the volunteer’s availability.

The partner will also like your support in designing a process that will allow them to understand, capture and analyse all their in kind income, and a system to allow them to cost accurately all their activities and services, in order to better estimate expenses and assign value to contributions.

You will also be reviewing their progress and continue training and provide recommendations as needed: they would benefit from further expert advice on strengthening income generation and sustainability.

NGO using OpenStreetMap to achieve sustainable development goals

Affordable Accommodation
Kampala, Uganda

2 Weeks

Our partner is a registered NGO which uses the OpenStreetMap (OSM) model to further national development in lines with the Sustainable Development Goals. OSM generates various maps and data through a collaborative approach, its source is an online network of mappers who are trained to build and add to open and public maps/data. They aim to create a greater capacity for the collection and use of open data which will help organisations and individuals develop and to manage and solve their own social, economic and community challenges.

Our partner engage young people to become community mappers through university groups in 5 major Ugandan universities. However anyone with a good enough internet connection can become a member and receive training. They generate some income from membership subscriptions. They are also piloting a project to introduce OSM into the university curriculum to equip the next generation with the tools to create and use this kind of data.

Besides, they have a new project coming up this year with WeRobotics, which involves the use of drones.

You will be reviewing their progress, providing further training and guidance as needed. You will be helping with the onboarding and training of the new Bookkeeper, who has no formal accountancy training. Our partner has also requested that you train another team member in QuickBooks to help to distribute the workload.

Organization using sports as an educational tool

Affordable Accommodation
Pristina, Kosovo

2 Weeks

Our partner's programmes revolve around using sports as an educational tool, to bring communities together and promote acceptance and inclusion. Especially in the historically challenging context of Kosovo, where there are still rivalries and discrimination between the Serbian and Albanian communities, the activities of Play International come as a fundamental tool of educating the youth and shaping a more inclusive generation.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing accounting system, procedures and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practices, based on the capacity and needs of the organisation.

Due to the recent loss of their Finance Manager, the team will benefit from an experienced and trained external person to give recommendations on end of month procedures, systems, reporting standards and transparency in procurement records.

The new Finance Manager will most likely benefit from support and capacity building, to make sure he starts with a solid base to lead the finance team, and the Finance Assistant and the Project Managers will also benefit from further training in financial matters, in order to have a better overview of the organizational budget and situation.

⭐NGO Empowering Local Leaders of Education⭐

February or March 2019 start requested

2 Weeks

Our partner works with schools in one of Nairobi’s largest slums to improve the quality of education, resources and infrastructure to give its students a better start in life.  They are looking for an experienced accountant to support their Executive Director with business planning and long-term strategy.

The organisation partners with community-based schools in informal settlements and the slums of Nairobi, strengthening leadership through training to teachers and principals, improving instructional quality and providing infrastructure support to help the schools create an environment where all children can fulfil their potential. They are currently working with schools in Kawangware, Kangemi and the satellite areas of Kibera. The schools are poorly resourced; additionally, often a number of the teachers have not received formal training. 

You will be the second AfID volunteer to support this organisation. You will be working closely with the Executive Director to help develop a business plan and social enterprise model to ensure financial sustainability.

NGO promoting sustainable use of natural resources

Minca, Colombia

4-6 weeks

Our partner works to increase the well-being of the communities of the Sierra Nevada in northern Colombia. Their aim is to develop socio-environmental programs to promote sustainable use of natural resources.

Your will be focusing on reviewing how they are using the templates and procedures introduced by the past volunteers, and provide training as necessary. 

You will also:

1. Check/finalize year end accounts:

  • Ensure income and expenditure have been allocated correctly
  • Ensure fixed assets/stocks have been correctly reported
  • Reconciling bank account
  • Produce some management account reporting by area of the organisation.

2. Improve Excel spreadsheet. Pulling together the shop stock, sales and inventory counts, veterinary medicine stock control and valuation

3. Ensure that 2019 accounts are being recorded accurately using cost centres to identify the split of income/expenditure for the various parts of the organization.

They would also benefit from support in the following tasks:

  • Support on analysing financial report of 2018 and dynamics of the first quarter 2019
  • Audit financial processes, evaluate and understand opportunities for improvement. Implementation of tools or documents that facilitate the work that is done.
  • Specific budgets for project development

NGO teaching Brazilian Samba drumming


2 Weeks

Our partner is a non-profit teaching children Brazilian Samba drumming and putting on performances across Nigeria. Their main aim is to provide access to the creative arts and to empower young people to become agents for change in their communities.

You will be starting with an internal review and needs assessment of their financial procedures, system and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, based on their capacity, resources and understanding of the team. They have asked for support to develop a complete and appropriate finance system that will enable them to better track income and expenditure. You will be building excel templates, implementing simple and user-friendly procedures and training them on how to maintain it.

They are operating in a cash economy and struggle to collect receipts for their transactions. You will be advising on and installing financial controls.

Our partner is looking to register as a charity in the UK as well, as their income is now approaching the relevant size. They will need help to prepare themselves for the new regulations they will be held to with this registration.

⭐Organization Supporting Rural & Indigenous Communities ⭐

Accommodation provided & Visa covered

2 - 3 Weeks

Our partner works with rural, mostly indigenous communities, in southern Laos. Their programmes focus on helping people to develop their own potential, through education and/or livelihoods, whilst conserving the environment. They are seeking an experienced auditor to support them for 3 weeks in Feb 2019.

There has been an increased momentum in their work, and team morale has been high. They have started a new bamboo project, where local farmers are harvesting bamboo stems, using the shoots for food and the bamboo for building materials for making decorative items. They have been strengthening their accounting processes and financial controls and have recently become a sub-grantee for an organisation based in Chiang Mai with other ongoing proposals to international donors.

You will be the fifth AfID volunteer to support this organisation. They have requested the following assistance: 1) support the finance team (coaching them on improved approaches/methods of audit preparation) prepare for the audit, and then continue for about a week following the audit in order to 2) advise and support the capacity development of the local audit firm, 3) to provide support with the execution of the audit and then, 4) the preparation of the partner’s audit reports.

NGO serving the needs of disadvantaged women, children and youth

Homestay option

2-8 weeks

Our partner is a community based organisation working in Southern Malawi. With the far reaching vision of a community free from abject poverty, they focus their interventions on serving the needs of disadvantaged women, children and youth through community development projects. They have requested help to improve their financial management and to support with donor reporting requirements.

They are currently running two donor-supported projects: Accelerating Children's HIV/AIDS Treatment Initiative (ACT) and reducing early marriages and gender based violence.

You will begin with a internal review of their existing accounting system, procedures and controls. You will be providing training and capacity building support to the Financial Officer, Executive Director, Programmes and Admin staff. Our partner is small in turnover, staff and project activity, your implementations will need to be tailored to suit this capacity. They are currently using excel for bookkeeping.

⭐NGO supporting the Mesoamerican Reef Conservation [563]⭐

Accommodation (50% of costs) & Stipend provided

3-6 Weeks

Our partner is a regional funding institution, representing conservation funds in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, based in Guatemala. They would like the support of a pro bono accountant who can help them strengthen their internal accounting processes.

Their mission is to enable innovate, transnational solution to critical Mesoamerica reef issues through long-term financial support and trustworthy reef management advice. The organization raises funds for programs to protect coastal & marine areas in the region, sustainable fishing and climate change monitoring & management.

Your role will begin with an assessment of their accounting & financial management systems, making and implementing recommendations on best practice based on the complexity of their finances, the resources available to the organisation and skillset of the local staff. They have also asked for a volunteer to provide training in basic financial management to programmes officers of the central office and partners of protected areas in the field. 

Clothing Social Enterprise

Tourist Visa & Accommodation provided

1 -3 Months

Our partner is an ethical clothing social business committed to providing their staff with viable employment, fair compensation and a safe environment they can be happy to work in. They are looking for an experienced accountant to review their progress and provide training to local staff.

The organisation was founded to assist communities by offering locals the opportunity to earn an income and make independent life choices. Their staff are women who are genuinely facing barriers to employment. The organisation provides training allowing employees to meet the needs of their families, primarily including health and education.

They are now confident that the team are strong on the day to day but still lack the ability to identify errors and problem solve. They have therefore, asked for a review of their progress since the last volunteer placements, checking the use and adherence to the new procedures manual and further training. They would especially like further support on inventory management and helping the organisation to prepare for further growth and to safeguard it against staff turnover and change.

Development Organisation Supporting Local Initiatives

Accommodation, meals & stipend $100/month provided

4 - 6 Weeks

Originally established as an emergency response organisation to respond to the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, providing aid and assistance, our partner aims to serve as a bridge between international & local organisations to help them achieve their objectives, with the moto “Response! Relief! Renewal!”

Since the recent loss of their local accountant who was able to update QuickBooks, the training and continuity in maintaining accounting procedures has been lost. They are therefore looking to hire a new Finance Officer from the local community and ensure that the knowledge is not lost with staff changes.

They have requested support to check & update their accounting records, provide training to the new Finance Officer and another member of staff in bookkeeping and using Quickbooks, support in drafting a procedures & policies manual and QB manual and assistance in preparing the year-end accounts, budget and preparing for the external audit.

NGO enabling poor families to obtain loans through mobile platforms

Accommodation provided
Yangon, Myanmar

3 Months

Our partner has created a mobile platform that enables poor families to obtain affordable Nano Loans via their phones. They intend to target women aged 18-60 as have experienced that women not only assume primary responsibility for managing household finances, but also suffer the severest consequences of debt traps.

They are seeking the support of a volunteer in supporting them in the research, development and implementation of this new product.

Your role will be project-based, and will focus on supporting them in the research, development and implementation of a new pay-by-installment product. Your role will include:

  • Identifying where in the supply chain would it be more efficient for our partner to acquire good and products. 
  • Identifying how to best market these goods and services to our partner's target customers.
  • Developing partnerships with wholesalers/retailers (in the case of goods) and service providers (in the case of services)
  • Help to implement small scale pilot projects in order to rapidly test consumer demand and operational requirements.

You may also be required to assess what (if any) changes to the accounting and financial management system might be required to accommodate to ensure that the new product line can be properly incorporated and accounted for.