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⭐NGO helping communities to benefit from natural resources [585]⭐

Accommodation & Visa
Monrovia, Liberia

2 - 5 Months

Our partner has been influential in transforming how natural resources are managed, and benefits from these are shared with local communities in Liberia. They are undergoing a huge change in their organisational structure, and are seeking an experienced and dynamic pro bono accountant to support them in building and strengthening their control environment, developing financial management tools, and building the capacity of the finance team.

Your role will be to:

  • Review the control environment, accounting & financial management processes, specifically developing procedures to enable them to easily collect supporting documents from their field offices.
  • Review the responsibilities of the finance staff, ensuring that there is a clear segregation of duties and processes are streamlined, so that there is no duplication of work and staff time is used efficiently.
  • Develop financial management tools, including an organisational budget, budget monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Offer further training to all staff Quickbooks and support them in making the most of the software.

Given all the changes in the organisation and the broad scope of work, it will be an interesting time to join the organisation, and really make an impact. Whilst the structure is being changed, this placement will require patience and especially at the initial stages gaining trust and cultivating positive working relationships with the staff. Our partner gets funding from a number of donors (including institutional donors), and therefore this will be an excellent opportunity for an adventurous accountant considering transitioning into the not for profit sector.

Not-for-profit organization supporting children with education and sport

Affordable Accommodation

3-6 weeks

Our partner believes that every child, no matter where they were born, should receive quality education and care. They are working with impoverished and disadvantaged communities in Phnom Penh through education, healthcare and by giving them the tools to build a better future. An accelerated Education Programme focuses on giving children the opportunity to complete two years of ‘standard’ education in just one year, while a Football Programme is used to educate and support marginalised communities.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls in place. You will be making recommendations for best practice appropriate to the resources and capacity of the Cambodian team. They would like your review to help streamline and ease the workload for the finance team. You will also be providing coaching to build their capacity. They are being audited for the first time in Cambodia in May 2019 (previous audits have been in the UK), the report will be shared with you.

They made the switch to Sage 50 Professional in 2018 and use this alongside excel. The finance team have previously only used QuickBooks and would benefit from a review of how they are using the system and further training on it. Their current system is robust but laborious, involving much manual input and duplication between excel and Sage. You will be helping to streamline, improve and automate the process.

Organization fighting against sexual abuse and trafficking

Affordable Accommodation
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

4-8 weeks

Our partner's aim is to work together to end sexual abuse and trafficking. They were born as a faith-based membership coalition, offering capacity building support to its member network and since then have grown in size and capacity. 

They run an advice and support hotline for victims of trafficking and exploitation, connecting them with legal advice, counselling, referrals to safe places and vocational training. They engage with government and international organisations to raise awareness and advocate for the provision of support for victims and those at risk. Other prevention efforts include reaching remote areas which border Thailand with education and interventions, confronting traffickers directly and referring cases to human rights organisations. A 10 year research programme on the reintegration and experiences of survivors of sex-trafficking is coming to an end this year.

You will be will be starting by reviewing their progress since Ian’s placement and providing further guidance and training as needed. They have requested support this year in their Cambodian office to help them move from what is still a largely paper based system to an electronic one. They would like your advice on the right system to use, be it excel or a software and help preparing them for and rolling out this transition. You will also be providing training on how to use the system.

Trust Channeling Education for Change and Equality

Homestay accommodation available
Sri Lanka

5 - 7 working days

Based in the luscious tea country hills of central Sri Lanka, our partner supports disadvantaged young people from the tea estates with access to education and training. The trust is seeking a volunteer to review their progress implementing new accounting software and provide further training to local staff.

The communities in the tea estates live in impoverished, overcrowded and unsafe conditions and are at risk of malnutrition, violence, high mortality rates and limited access to basic education. The organisation believe that young people should have equal opportunities to develop and succeed, regardless of where they are born, their ethnicity or who their family is and strive to use education as a tool for social change through their education centres and social enterprises.

You will be reviewing their progress with the new systems and procedures, supporting them with any additional training and guidance as needed and ensuring they have the capacity and understanding to maintain this.

NGO providing mobile platforms to obtain affordable Nano Loans

Accommodation provided
Yangon, Myanmar

1-2 months

Our partner has created a mobile platform that enables poor families to obtain affordable Nano Loans via their phones. Its nano loans help the economically vulnerable bridge income gaps and are small, flexible and short-term at a fraction of the cost of alternate moneylenders.

They are seeking the support of a volunteer in supporting them in the research, development and implementation of a new product.

Our partner have two separate needs; depending on the profile of the candidate, both of them can be combined into one longer placement.

  1. They are seeking the support of a finance professional to undertake a review of their strategy and operations, identify key risks, and support them in devising an action plan with milestones, based on the priority of these risks.
  2. The second piece is more project-based, and will focus on supporting them in the research, development and implementation of a new pay-by-installment product.

This role will require a lot of initiative and business acumen, and the willingness of the volunteer to work in an environment that is still evolving. As part of this, you may also be required to assess what (if any) changes to the accounting & financial management system might be required to accommodate to ensure that the new product line can be properly incorporated and accounted for.

⭐Not-for-profit organization supporting victims of child abuse⭐

Affordable Accommodation and meals
Georgetown, Guyana

2 Weeks

Our partner works to strengthen social protection services for children, increase awareness and advocate for children’s rights, to ensure that every child can live in a home and community free of violence and abuse.

The organization now provides services to victims of child abuse and their parents, children institutionalized in care facilities and their parents, children at risk of separation from their families and their parents, and children with mild autism and their parents. 

Your role will be primarily helping the team transition and implement QuickBooks, as well as provide training to the Finance Manager in utilizing the new software correctly and efficiently. 

Non-profit supporting smallholders farmers

Visa covered
Nairobi, Kenya

2-4 weeks minimum

Our partner is an agribusiness using technology and innovation to support smallholder farmers in Kenya. They challenge poor productivity and fragmented value chains by connecting famers to technical support, market contract and farm inputs.

You will begin with an internal review of their financial systems, procedures and controls, making recommendations for best practice. Our partner would like to become financially sustainable. Currently they are still relying on donations. They would like your help in refining, strengthening and consolidating their accounts and system to support this.

You will also be reviewing and improving with cashflow management and cost accounting.

Our partner is rolling out a new structure this year and is introducing field office hubs where they're planning to install junior accountants. You will be helping to establish accounting procedures for this new structure, including the reporting back to head office. 

Organization addressing the shortage of medical personnel

Accommodation Covered
Arua, Uganda

2-3 weeks

Our partner is a South Sudanese and Ugandan NGO which addresses the severe shortage of medical personnel in South Sudan by training quality health care workers. They are in need of a volunteer to support them in transitioning to an electronic accounting system.

Their community health services are run in local schools, working alongside communities bodies, police and army forces. Our partner's outreach programmes draws awareness to hygiene and sanitation, sexual health and gender based violence and provides counselling. 

You will be providing further training and guidance as needed. They have been unable to switch fully to an electronic accounting system for fear of the unreliability computer and internet connection and no adequate back up if they were to crash. They would like you to explore alternative options to reduce manual input and eventually move to an accounting software.

⭐NGO supporting visually impaired people⭐

Accommodation provided
Belize City, Belize

4-6 weeks+

Our partner has been providing support to people who are blind for over 30 years, providing rehabilitation, daily living skills and orientation and mobility services. The organisation also provides education support to blind children in regular school’s system by teaching braille and producing braille texts, computer skills and provision of adaptive aids.

You will support the organization to implement the new software QuickBooks Pro for the entire organization. The partner plans to purchase and install the new software before you arrive, and replace in all their clinics the current QB Point of Sale with an uniform integrated QB Pro. You will support them with creating/updating the Chart of Accounts and implementing the new system to the highest functionality, to include and apply to all departments, as well as training the local team to utilise it correctly. There might be an opportunity to travel to their offices outside Belize City to provide further training in utilizing the new system, which they will confirm depending on the volunteer’s availability.

The partner will also like your support in designing a process that will allow them to understand, capture and analyse all their in kind income, and a system to allow them to cost accurately all their activities and services, in order to better estimate expenses and assign value to contributions.

You will also be reviewing their progress and continue training and provide recommendations as needed: they would benefit from further expert advice on strengthening income generation and sustainability.

Non-profit evaluating and improving social impact [584]

Flights & Accommodation provided

2-3 Weeks

Our partner was founded to improve the social impact of government, charity and social enterprise initiatives through rigorous research and field experiments. Your role would be to help them prepare for their external audit.

This is an unusual partner of ours in that it does not directly work with beneficiaries, but instead works with governments, charities and social enterprises to identify interventions that make deeper social impact, and helping them to plan and implement these measures. They have grown from strength to strength since the initial AfID placement in 2013, in terms of project portfolio, reputation and size.

The audit preparation is not our usual training and capacity building placement, and you will be responsible for standalone tasks and outcomes. It would offer a really good opportunity to get a sense of working for an international, multi-country organisation that has a complex, grant portfolio.


Organization promoting and protecting sustainable livelihoods

Meals provided
Mukono, Uganda

2 weeks+

Situated in rural Mukono, home to Lake Victoria and rich flora and fauna, our NGO partner is promoting and protecting sustainable livelihoods through income and food security, environmental conservation, health and social support. They are seeking a finance professional to review their systems and provide further coaching to their local accounting team.

Their projects include: Sustainable Agriculture, providing disadvantaged families with land to grow crops; Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children with educational materials and school fees; Information Technology Café, training children in computer and other vocational skills; and HIV/AIDs Care, including prevention, treatment and other care services.

As the organisation has grown, they have requested support reviewing the accounting systems to help them to meet compliance. You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls. After your assessment, you will be making recommendations for best practice, taking into consideration the resources, capacity and needs of the team.

⭐NGO supporting the Mesoamerican Reef Conservation [563]⭐

Accommodation (50% of costs) & Stipend provided (Fluent Spanish required)

3-6 Weeks

Our partner is a regional funding institution, representing conservation funds in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, based in Guatemala. They would like the support of a pro bono accountant who can help them strengthen their internal accounting processes.

Their mission is to enable innovate, transnational solution to critical Mesoamerica reef issues through long-term financial support and trustworthy reef management advice. The organization raises funds for programs to protect coastal & marine areas in the region, sustainable fishing and climate change monitoring & management.

Your role will begin with an assessment of their accounting & financial management systems, making and implementing recommendations on best practice based on the complexity of their finances, the resources available to the organisation and skillset of the local staff. They have also asked for a volunteer to provide training in basic financial management to programmes officers of the central office and partners of protected areas in the field. 

NGO developing the leadership and collective power of women

Accommodation provided
Belize City, Belize

4-8 weeks

The purpose of our partner is to develop the leadership and collective power of women and girls around the world to achieve human rights, health, security, dignity, freedom, justice, and peace for all people.

You will start with an internal review of their accounting procedures and controls, you will make and start to implement your recommendations for best practice. The external auditor has pointed out weaknesses in recording of financial data and has indicated that when preparing for reports  – they would benefit from your input and recommendations in improving the controls, procedures and templates.

You will also be training the team on using QuickBooks and help them to improve its functionality. Our partner have identified a need to review the existing chart of accounts, consolidating several opened accounts and evaluate if they should consider another system altogether.

Also your input with budgeting, forecasting and reporting templates will be valuable to the organization.

⭐Not-for-profit organization Empowering Local Leaders of Education⭐

March 2019 start requested

2 Weeks

Our partner works with schools in one of Nairobi’s largest slums to improve the quality of education, resources and infrastructure to give its students a better start in life.  They are looking for an experienced accountant to support their Executive Director with business planning and long-term strategy.

The organisation partners with community-based schools in informal settlements and the slums of Nairobi, strengthening leadership through training to teachers and principals, improving instructional quality and providing infrastructure support to help the schools create an environment where all children can fulfil their potential. They are currently working with schools in Kawangware, Kangemi and the satellite areas of Kibera. The schools are poorly resourced; additionally, often a number of the teachers have not received formal training. 

You will be working closely with the Executive Director to help develop a business plan and social enterprise model to ensure financial sustainability.

Charity supporting indigenous communities

Accommodation provided

4 weeks minimum

Based in the scenic and mountainous region of Victoria, Philippines, our partner supports indigenous communities in oriental and occidental Mindoro. They promote indigenous rights, provide health & education activities, capacity building, environmental protection of indigenous regions, health, cultural development and citizenship programmes.

They have recently implemented a new accounts system and have requested support to mentor, train and build the confidence of their finance team in making the most of the new system.

You will be reviewing their progress since the last placement, evaluating how the local team has been implementing the new procedures and provide further training and guidance as needed, particularly around cost monitoring, budgeting preparation and analysis and Formal cashflow forecasting.