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NGO engaging local communities to conserve the national park

Accommodation provided
Fort Portal, Uganda

4-8 weeks

Our partner aims to engage local communities and Ugandan youth to conserve the national park and other wild environments. They have a broad range of programmes – ranging from conservation and sustainable energy, and education and literacy.


You will start by reviewing their progress and then you'll be providing further training as needed. The 2018 audit highlighted gaps in the supporting evidence and gave a list of recommendations for improvements. They would now like support to review their current system, procedures and controls to make sure they are meeting compliance and best practice. Your training will focus on their use of QuickBooks and audit preparation. They have also requested support with budget creation, improving reporting and generating better annual financial reports.

⭐Not-for-profit organization addressing HIV/AIDS epidemic [587]⭐

Flights, Accommodation & Stipend
Vientiane, Laos

3 months (minimum)

Our partner addresses the scale of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the developing world by scaling up antiretroviral treatment. They developed programmes, working alongside governments and other partners, to lower the costs of treatment and help build the in-country systems necessary to provide lifesaving treatment to HIV/AIDS patients.


Over the last year, the organisation has experienced rapid growth in all areas. Their grant portfolio is now quite significant in size and complexity, with funding from institutional donors.

They recently hired an Accountant, with a background in public sector accounting to oversee the finance function; she is being supported by two members of the senior management / leadership team. In light of their growth and based on the recommendations they received from a recent audit report, they are seeking the support of a pro bono accountant to help them strengthen their control environment, accounting & financial management processes; and manage their grant compliance and reporting requirements.

Your role will be to:

  • Review and strengthen their control environment, and update their accounting processes, ensuring that these meet best practice requirements. These will need to be done bearing in mind the demands of a larger, more dispersed office; and their complex grant portfolio.
  • Develop accounting, financial management & other relevant organisational policies; ensuring that the new controls and processes and reflected in these.
  • Review their use of Quickbooks, and support them in making the most out of the software.
  • Support them in understanding and streamlining their grant compliance and reporting requirements. As part of this, you will likely support them in developing reporting tools from Quickbooks.
  • Training the new accountant, and other staff as required.

Environmental NGO aimed at improving quality of life through natural resources

Accommodation provided

4-6 weeks

Our partner is an environmental NGO aimed at improving the quality of life in the communities through the protection and sustainable management of natural resources, citizen participation and interinstitutional strategic partnerships.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls and making recommendations for best practice, according to their resources and capacity, providing training to the local staff as needed. They have been using QuickBooks since 2017 and feel they are not yet making the most of the system, and requested your support in improving the functionality of the system and provide further training.

As of February 2019 our partner entered into a process aimed at exploring the establishment of social enterprises whose profits - as established by Honduran law - must be transferred to the NGO to cover its fixed costs, programs and projects. This process requires the modernization of the organization's accounting system, specifically in aspects of bookkeeping and reconciliation, preparation of budgets and financial planning, assistance with implementation procedures, cash flow forecasting and cash management, and review and development of local income-generating activities, among others. They would need more support in adjusting and setting up their financial structure and system to meet this initiative.

Fluent Spanish is required.

Organisation using theatre to empower vulnerable children

Affordable Accommodation
Lusaka, Zambia

3-4 Weeks

Our partner uses creative arts and theatre to offer orphans and abandoned children on the streets or the risk of becoming street children the opportunity to express themselves and develop into physically healthy, cognitively and socially competent young children.


You will be completing the reconciliation and policy review. Our partner would also like your help to create management reporting, budgeting and forecasting templates and to provide training on these procedures. You will also be implementing improvements from your own internal review and financial health check.

You will be reviewing and advising on their readiness to make a change to an online version of QuickBooks. Installing a new package depends on the cost and whether they can secure funding for this.

NGO using sport and play to educate and empower children and youth

Affordable accommodation
Jinja, Uganda

Flexible duration

Our partner is a Ugandan NGO using sport and play to educate and empower children and youth, tackling poverty, conflict and disease affecting disadvantaged communities. The use of sport for peace and development is well founded in the sector and our partner uses this powerful tool to affect positive social change and gender balance. 


You will begin with an internal review akin to an internal audit. You will be reviewing and improving their accounting procedures, systems and controls, taking into consideration the resources and capacity of the team. The NGO is run by volunteers who dedicate their time alongside paid work. Their Finance & Admin Manager works with them part time (Mon-Thurs). He doesn’t have any formal accounting training but has learnt through experience. You will be providing 1:1 coaching as needed to help him to build their finance functions. You will be working with the F&AM, the Executive Director (who works Mondays and Tuesdays) and the Project Coordinators (who work Fridays).

Our partner does not currently have a financial procedures manual, you will help to create one. They would also like to learn how to prepare for an external audit, how to prepare annual financial statements and how to create budgets and cost allocation for donor funding. They need to improve their budget setting process and the communication between finance, management and programmes required. You will be creating a user friendly system that enables them to accurately record and track income and expenditure and to report clearly. They are currently using excel but are ready to switch to (and pay for) an accounting software if you feel this is the best option.

⭐Social Enterprise promoting quality early childhood care [586]⭐

Flights covered. Accommodation or Stipend provided
Nairobi, Kenya

1-2 months

Our partner works with small day-care businesses servicing marginalised and low-income families in Nairobi, and aims to install an environment that is safe and affordable. They require support in effectively managing their microloan system.

You will begin with a review of their accounting systems, procedures and controls, making recommendations for best practice, taking into account the capacity and resources of the team. They recently received the support of a pro bono consultant who focused on operational systems and strategy. He spent a couple of days installing a simple finance management system but this was not his area of expertise and you will be required to review and further develop this work.

Our partner have recently engaged the services of a local consultant to build their microloans platform. You will be reviewing this new platform and helping to ensure they have a user friendly system with a clear reporting dashboard, you will provide training on what data to collect and how to use this to inform decisions, analysis and planning. Your work will also feed into the new app which is currently being developed to include a customer facing system.

Alongside installing a simple financial management system for integrating, managing and forecasting their work according to the various grants they are managing, you will also be helping create a system to integrate and account for other non-grant revenue streams eg. from loans and other payments.

NGO supporting marginalised and vulnerable people

Accommodation provided
Kenema, Sierra Leone

3-6 weeks

Our partner is a Sierra Leonean charity supporting local communities to improve their environment, health facilities, quality of education, food security, access to employment and other affecting issues. Their target groups are women, children and youth, those with disabilities and those who are marginalised.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing accounting system, procedures and controls. You will be making and implementing your recommendations for best practice and training staff to build their capacity. Our partner have requested support to strengthen their finance system, generating greater donor confidence and enabling them to attract more funding and expand their work. Your training will include how to produce financial statements, including P&L, balance sheets and cashflows. You will also introduce tools for financial planning and projections, organisational and project budgets and internal and external reporting. You will also be introducing financial analysis procedures.

Our partner has a Finance Officer but he doesn’t have formal training and will benefit from coaching. They have also had a high turnover in staff, with the regular pattern that they recruit locally but once they have trained them up, they soon move on. This is a common issue faced by many of our partners who have limited resources and funds to maintain staff long-term. You will be training the Finance Officer, Programme Coordinator and Programme Director and ensuring there is clear written guidance to maintain this knowledge within the organisation should staff leave.

Organization engaging young people through education

Affordable Accommodation
Banarawela, Sri Lanka

3 weeks +

Our partner supports local entrepreneurs setting up businesses in the field of education. They aim to empower individuals and organisations to take responsibility for themselves and their futures, their families and their goals. They are engaging young people through education.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, system and controls. You will be making and implementing your recommendations for best practice as appropriate for the capacity and resources of the team. You will be providing training on new procedures, tools and policies introduced to enable staff to maintain your implementations. You will also create a financial procedures manual.

Our partner is due their next audit in March 2020, you will be ensuring they are prepared for this. You will be working with the Country Manager and Head of the Banarawela centre, reviewing their country and centre systems.

Not-for-profit organization supporting vulnerable & orphaned children

Affordable Accommodation
Kajiado West, Kenya

1-2 weeks

Our partner supports vulnerable and orphaned children, providing shelter, food, clothes, healthcare and educational materials and access.These children are referred by local government because they have been affected or at risk of neglect or abuse. They also work with the wider communities to support the families of vulnerable children, working to preserve families and keep children at home as much as is possible.


You will begin with an internal review of their current financial procedures, system and controls. You will be making and implementing your recommendations for best practice, taking into consideration the resources and capacity of the team.

Our partner was founded by social workers, they have been learning as they go to build their internal finance and administrative structure and will welcome your guidance. Their current bookkeeper is a CPA student and will benefit from 1:1 coaching and support. They are using QuickBooks and have a local external accountant who is filing their annual returns. You will be providing coaching and training to help build their capacity in finance management. They would like to ensure they have a robust system that meets compliance and accountability. They have also requested support to improve their bookkeeping procedures so they can be capturing complete and accurate records and are able to report back to the Kenyan and US Boards.

They would also like you to review the farm accounting structure and to advise on business and financial planning to help them achieve their goal of it becoming financially sustainable in the future.

NGO supporting coastal communities & maintaining healthy ecosystem

Accommodation & Visa
Zanzibar, Tanzania

6-12 weeks

Our partner works with small-scale fishing communities on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba and on the northern coast of mainland Tanzania. They aim to build local capacity to manage coastal resources and improve livelihoods, liaising with international conservation charities and government departments to deliver this.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial systems, procedures and controls. You will be identifying gaps or weaknesses and making improvements to help them meet best practice and to build their capacity. Our partner has grown considerably in the last 4 years and is receiving funding from large international donors, you will be helping to ensure that they have the structure in place and capacity to manage this. They recruited a full time Accountant and Finance Manager in 2018 and have been developing their finance function gradually as donors and audits have required it. They would now like to streamline their procedures and improve efficiency.

You will also be coaching the new Finance Manager who does not have prior experience at this level. You will be training the team in budget tracking, financial planning and project accounting. You will be reviewing and updating the financial procedures manual, guiding preparation for annual audit and drafting an annual organisational budget. You will be based in their main office in Zanzibar.

It is important to note that Zanzibar is an Islamic region and volunteers need to be respectful of Islamic culture. This will require dressing appropriately and being sympathetic to views and traditions that are likely not their own. The team will provide guidance on this.

While Zanzibar services mostly do function fairly well, there are occasional power outages and lapse in internet coverage. It is fair to say that internet connection is generally weak.

Not-for-profit organization supporting and empowering youth

Accommodation provided
Kampala, Uganda

6 weeks

Our partner addresses the lack of the economic opportunities for youth from low income families through an innovative, holistic program designed to support and empower youth into turning their passions into sustainable careers. The program uses free online courses, business mentoring, skills development, apprenticeship and entrepreneurship training.


They are seeking a pro bono accountant to review their work, ensuring that they are properly adhering to the controls, and that they understand the use of all the financial management tools. Additionally, they would like support in reviewing and finalizing their year-end accounts, financial statements and annual budget for 2020.

The one area they are struggling with is understanding and using the templates and tools created to train the entrepreneurs. They would really benefit in your support in reviewing these, using them to train a few entrepreneurs and refining them, and training staff on delivering this training independently.

Social Enterprise supporting rural artisan women

Affordable Accommodation
Siem Reap, Cambodia

4 Weeks

Our partner is a social enterprise that supports rural Cambodian artisan women to develop a stable, fair and sustainable income. The artisans develop high quality rattan products such as baskets, bags, lamps, and small furniture, being carefully trained and mentored  in order to empower their creativity and knowledge, thus sharing this ancient craft by adapting it to the demands of the modern market.


You will begin with an internal review, similar to an internal audit. You will then make and start to implement your recommendations for best practice, developing financial procedures, internal controls and systems, based on the complexity of the organisation’s accounting, the resources available to them and skillset of local staff.

They have requested our support to help develop a robust and basic finance management system in light of financial growth in the last year, with focus on budget preparation, forecasting, financial planning and analysis. As a social enterprise, they do not have institutional donors or grants and at the moment will benefit from guidance on business development as well as compliance, creating a simple structure for bookkeeping and financial management, to make sure they are well set-up and prepared for further growth.

NGO supporting vulnerable women and children

Affordable Accommodation
Buikwe District, Uganda

1 Month

Our partner focuses on vulnerable women and children, using education and health interventions. Their educational projects provide school materials and fees for disadvantaged children, supports local schools and educate about menstrual hygiene and providing reusable pads. Their health projects educate on nutrition for pregnant women and infants.


You will start with an internal review of their accounting procedures and controls, you will make and start to implement your recommendations for best practice. Our partner would like your help to develop a simple and robust accounting system that will include tools for budget creation and financial reporting.

Please note that the internet connection in Buikwe will be limited and infrequent. It is a rural area of Uganda, accommodation and facilities will be basic.

Not-for-profit organization supporting smallholders farmers

Visa and flights covered
Nairobi, Kenya

4-5 weeks

Our partner is an agribusiness using technology and innovation to support smallholder farmers. They challenge poor productivity and fragmented value chains by connecting famers to technical support, market contract and farm inputs.


You will be tailoring and explaining the different types of internal and external reporting and their purpose.

They have had issues with tax authorities in the past and would like to ensure they are producing clear information to avoid these issues in the future. Theywould like guidance on better reporting for analysis and strategy.

You will also be providing further support on cashflow management and cost accounting. You will be supporting the team with forecasting for long harvest cycles and purchasing and sales strategies.

NGO Enabling Children's Education and Empowering Families

Affordable Accommodation
Rwamagana, Rwanda

2 Weeks

Our Rwandan partner supports children’s education through the provision of school fees, school materials and medical care. They are looking for an experienced Accountant to provide further training and strategic support to their team.


Their support also extends to the children’s families through income generating projects such as a farming cooperative, which supports widows, young mothers and those who have been in prison and have been released because either they were suspected of the genocide or completed their sentence.

You will be reviewing their progress, checking the accounts and continue provide training as necessary, especially to prepare the financial statements at the end of the year and donor reporting. This will be a good point in their financial year to help them closing the books for year-end, as well as making sure they are well set for the next year.

Additionally, our partner is expecting to be inspected by the local government (department of NGOs) in January 2020. Therefor they have asked for a volunteer to perform an internal audit on the organization and work together with Joseph to make sure that all accounts and procedures are in place and compliant.