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⭐Global NGO providing health interventions to marginalised people [592]⭐

Accommodation, stipend and flights covered

8 + weeks

Our partner provides health interventions to marginalised people and those often neglected by governments and other sources of aid. Their work is focused around border territories, with ethnic minorities and with other mobile and marginalised groups. Their main focus is on malaria prevention and treatment.


You will be conducting an internal review of their existing financial systems, procedures and controls and will be making recommendations for best practice, appropriate to the context and capacity of the team. Our partner has been developing accounting procedures and controls overtime and while they feel these are working well, they are still concerned that considerable risks remain. They have requested support to strengthen and improve their finance management system that is also fit for practice in these special regions in which they work.

They are using QuickBooks and would like you to also review their use of the system and its effectiveness. You will be helping to streamline financial processes to ease the burden on the team, while also improving the flow of financial management information. You will be reviewing current job descriptions of the finance team and staff effectiveness in role. You will be working with the Country Directorand the Head of Programmes for Asia, who is based in London and has overseen our previous roles with our partner. You will also be working closely with the finance team, a Head of Finance & Admin, 2 Finance Officers and an Admin Officer.

NGO using sport to support marginalised youth

Visa, accommodation and monthly stipend
Tacloban City, Philippines

3-5 weeks

Our partner uses sport as a tool to provide pathways for marginalised youth to break from cycle of intergenerational poverty and dependence.


They have requested support to prepare their 2019 financial statements which are due in April 2020. They do have an external accountant who normally manage this process and this year are working with a new accountancy firm. They have requested support to ensure the new arrangement is working well and they are following procedures accurately. You will be checking that all of the data is recorded correctly in QuickBooks and with all receipts encoded properly. Besides, the Finance Director - who is working remotely - has asked that you help consolidate the bank accounts and helping to prepare them for their April audit.

⭐Organization providing technology solutions for small farmers [591]⭐

Accommodation and return flight
Lucknow, India

4-6 weeks

Our partner is an innovative social enterprise, with a vision to bring lasting incomes and choice to the life of smallholder farmers. 


They have a small team of two finance managers, and would really benefit from the support of an experienced, commercially astute volunteer to review their control environment, systems and processes, and bearing in mind their decentralised operations, support them in tightening controls and improving the flow and quality of information that is received. Our partner does not have sufficient financial management tools, specifically around cash management and cashflow, and would benefit from support in developing and training the local staff in these.

Child protection organization empowering families

Affordable accommodation
Battambang, Cambodia

3-4 weeks

Our partner is a child protection organisation, using a holistic, community-led model that empowers families and enables them to provide children with opportunities to reach their potential. 


You will be reviewing their progress and providing further training as needed. The Finance Manager has since left and the new Accountant has a limited understanding of accounting and finance. The new Accountant will be going on maternity leave in February but the Project/Accounts Assistant will be taking over her duties. Given the staff changes, you will be conducting a fresh review of their accounts and procedures to identify any gaps or errors. You will be assessing the capacity of the team and providing training as needed. They would like to prepare for an external audit which will be needed to achieve the Good Governance Practice accreditation. You will be advising on this process.

⭐NGO providing contraception to women in urban & rural communities[590]⭐

Flights, Accommodation, Visa & Stipend
DRC, Africa

3-4 Weeks

Our partner helps women to have children by choice, not chance. They do this by providing contraception and safe abortion to women in urban and rural communities all over the world. This placement will offer excellent exposure to any individual seeking to explore the possibility of changing careers and transitioning into the international not for profit sector.


Our partner would benefit from additional support specifically around the preparation of the annual financial statements, balance sheet schedules, and preparing for the annual audit.

This role is only open to fluent French speakers.

Please note, that any interested individual will need to write a statement outlining their views on pro-choice and on abortion specifically.

NGO promoting access to quality health and education

Monthly stipend and affordable accommodation
Mwanza, Tanzania

2 weeks +

Our partner is a Tanzanian NGO promoting access to quality health and education for all. Their main health project is run through offering dental care to patients in the rural communities of Mwanza.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be making recommendations for improvements, taking into consideration the capacity and resources of the team. They would like to build a strong system and gain better sustainability to maximise their impact and reach.

You will be working with the Finance Director/Co-Founder and Finance Manager: they have asked that you assist with and provide training on budget preparation and monitoring, preparing for an audit and preparing an annual report which is due in February/March 2020.

You will also be reviewing and advising on the sustainability and profitability of our partner, supporting with business planning and growth.

Finally, you will be assisting with their fundraising proposals in how they are presenting the relevant financial information.

⭐Wildlife crime prevention charity [589]⭐

Flights, Accommodation & Lunch provided
Lilongwe, Malawi

3-4 weeks

Our partner's mission is to help Malawi's wild animals in need, combat wildlife crime and empower the guardians of the wild. They require guidance and support in their use of Sage Evolution.

The organisation has been growing in terms of employee numbers as well as receipt of international grants. In light of this they require support for their young finance team, specifically to ensure that they were well-equipped to deal with the administrative workload accompanying this growth and meeting the various grants compliance & reporting requirements.

Your role will begin with a review of their budget and grant tracking systems, before making recommendations on how to improve these. Once a suitable solution is found, your role will then be to implement this across the organisation and train staff in its use.

A great opportunity to gain exposure to complex donor reporting requirements, and to oversee a tangible project through from start to completion in just a few weeks.

Charity using theatre to empower vulnerable children

Affordable accommodation
Lusaka, Zambia

3-4 weeks

Our partner uses creative arts and theatre to offer orphans and abandoned children the opportunity to develop into physically healthy and socially capable young people. They require guidance on their budgeting and reporting processes.

They are a longstanding partner of AfID’s, however it has been some time since we last placed a volunteer with them. Their processes have become somewhat cumbersome and they require support in streamlining them.

Your role would be to firstly complete the reconciliation and policy review started by the previous AfID volunteer. They would also like your assistance with creating management reports, budgeting and forecasting templates and to provide training on these procedures.

This assignment requires a volunteer happy providing support on day-to-day accounting procedures, and with an eye for identifying opportunities to improve efficiency.

NGO engaging local communities in conserving national park

Accommodation provided
Kibale, Uganda

4-8 weeks

Our partner engages local communities and Ugandan youth in conserving the Kibale National Park and other wild areas. They require a volunteer to review their simple accounting system and provide some help and guidance to their accountant.

Founded initially as a link between a chimpanzee research project and the local community, the charity now works with several partners on critical issues for the survival of the forest and support of the local population. They have a broad range of programmes, ranging from conservation and sustainable energy, to education and literacy, and there is often the opportunity for volunteers to get involved with this work.

You will be following in the footsteps of seven previous AfID volunteers, and you will start by reviewing their current system, procedures and controls to ensure they are meeting compliance and best practice. Your training will focus on their use of QuickBooks (no prior experience required) and audit preparation work.

This assignment is very much about continuing the progress of previous volunteers, and your review and recommendations will ensure they maintain a strong and robust finance function.

NGO using sport and play to educate and empower children

Affordable accommodation
Jinja, Uganda

2-6 weeks

Our partner tackles poverty, conflict and disease by using sport and play to educate and empower young people. They require strategic guidance as they look to build the capacity of their finance function.

The use of sport for peace and development is well founded in the sector and our partner uses this powerful tool to affect positive social change and gender balance. You will be the first AfID volunteer to support them and as such will begin with an internal review of their current accounting procedures, systems and controls, taking into consideration the resources and capacity of the team.

You will be working primarily with the Executive Director and Finance & Admin Manager, as well as the Project Coordinators to review and improve their financial management processes. They require particular support in improving the communication between finance, management and programmes teams.

This assignment requires a volunteer comfortable providing 1:1 coaching to management teams, and advising on best practice.

Environmental NGO conserving water and biodiversity

Accommodation provided
San Marcos, Honduras

4-6 weeks

Our partner improves the quality of life of local communities through the protection and sustainable management of natural resources. They require support in establishing a commercial arm, to support their valuable work.

They have begun exploring the establishment of social enterprises whose profits are transferred to the NGO to cover its fixed costs, programs and projects. This process requires the modernisation of the organisation’s accounting system and finance function.

Your role will be to support them in adjusting and setting up their financial structure and system to meet this income-generating initiative, specifically in the areas of budgeting and business planning, assistance with implementation procedures, cash flow forecasting and cash management.

This assignment lends itself to a commercially astute volunteer, and offers an excellent opportunity to work with a small but very committed team, eager to learn and improve as they diversify their income streams.

⭐Social Enterprise supporting small childcare businesses [586]⭐

Flights and Accommodation provided
Nairobi, Kenya

1-2 months

Our partner works with small day-care businesses servicing marginalised and low-income families in Nairobi, and aims to install an environment that is safe and affordable. They require support in effectively managing their microloan system.

Registered as a private company, they both advise and finance small businesses through low interest loans and building capacity in strategy, technology, field systems and operational reach.

They have recently engaged the services of a local consultant to build their microloans platform, and your role will be to review this new platform and ensure they have a user-friendly system with a clear reporting dashboard. You will provide training on what data to collect and how to use this for analysis and planning, and to inform business decisions.

Your role will also include installing a simple financial management system for integrating, managing and forecasting their work according to the various grants they are managing. An exciting and wide-ranging assignment for a commercially adept volunteer.

Organisation engaging young people through education

Affordable accommodation
Banarawela, Sri Lanka

2-3 weeks

Our partner works with local entrepreneurs to set up learning centres in disadvantaged and marginalised communities, which are then staffed and run by locals. They require support in creating a financial procedures manual.

They aim to empower individuals and organisations to take responsibility for themselves and their futures, their families and their goals. The organisation is due their next audit shortly, and require a volunteer to ensure they are prepared for this.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, system and controls before making recommendations and implementing simple improvements. You will also be providing training on new procedures, tools and policies introduced as well as creating a financial procedures manual to ensure the learning is maintained within the organisation.

An excellent opportunity to work with a small, enthusiastic local finance team and to ensure they are well equipped with the tools they need to flourish.

International NGO working with vulnerable & orphaned children

Affordable accommodation
Kajiado West, Kenya

2 weeks

Our US based partner’s Kenyan operation provides orphaned children with shelter, food, clothes and access to healthcare and education. They require high-level strategic guidance as they build their internal finance and administrative structures.

The organisation runs a commercial farm which provides food for a children’s shelter and employment for some of the parents of the children they are supporting. They have an ambitious business development plan that will see them open a 2nd shelter, enabling them to support more children.

Working in collaboration with senior management staff, your role would be to make recommendations that will ensure they have robust systems that meet compliance and accountability needs, and enable them to report back to the Kenyan and US Boards effectively. They would also like you to advise on business and financial planning, to help them achieve their goal of the farm becoming financially sustainable in the future.

This partner would particularly benefit from a volunteer with experience in senior finance roles, who is comfortable operating in an advisory capacity at the strategic and Board level.

NGO supporting coastal communities in maintaining healthy ecosystem

Accommodation & Visa
Zanzibar, Tanzania

6-12 weeks

Our partner works with small-scale fishing communities, on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, to help them manage coastal resources and improve their livelihoods. They require support in streamlining their accounting processes and procedures.

They have grown considerably in the last four years and recruited a full time Accountant and Finance Manager in 2018. They have been developing their finance function gradually as donors and audits have required it, but would now require support to streamline their procedures and improve efficiency.

You will also be coaching the new Finance Manager who does not have prior experience at this level. Your training will include budget tracking, financial planning and project accounting. You will be reviewing and updating the financial procedures manual, guiding preparation for annual audit and drafting an annual organisational budget.

This is a diverse and varied assignment with plenty of scope for a volunteer with experience in management accounting to add a huge amount of value in just a few weeks.