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Social Enterprise using tourism to support at-risk youth

Accommodation provided
Leon, Nicaragua

3-4 weeks

Our partner uses tourism to fund local organisations working with vulnerable youth and provide financial assistance to underfunded community development projects. They require advice and guidance on business strategy.

They have a small number of volunteer tour guides working for them, who offer guided tours to the volcanoes surrounding Leon to international clients. This revenue is then used to fund local community projects, such as a portable library, day-care centres, a mobile school and scholarships.

Your role will be to work with their Director in exploring how else they might generate income, compete and remain profitable. The Director has several ideas on new sources of income, and would benefit from someone undertaking analysis on these to determine how viable the options might be. In addition, they recently implemented a new online booking system and they would really benefit from the support of a volunteer to link the information they receive from their booking system to their expenditure. There may also be scope for you to work on budgeting and forecasting tools.

A unique opportunity for a volunteer to use their business acumen to contribute to the long term sustainability of an ambitious organisation.

Women’s empowerment Social Enterprise

Affordable accommodation
Siem Reap, Cambodia

2-4 weeks

Our partner supports rural Cambodian artisan women to develop a stable, fair and sustainable income through the production of rattan products. They require support in developing a robust financial management system.

The artisan women develop high quality rattan products such as baskets, bags, lamps, and small furniture, being carefully trained and mentored in order to empower their creativity and knowledge, thus sharing this ancient craft by adapting it to the demands of the modern market.

Your role would be focussed on the areas of budget preparation, forecasting, financial planning and analysis. As a social enterprise, they do not have institutional donors or grants and would benefit from guidance on business development as well as compliance, creating a simple structure for bookkeeping and financial management, to make sure they are well set-up and prepared for further growth.

A volunteer with business acumen, and the ability to balance the demands of social aims and business realities, would be well suited to this role.

Social Enterprise producing animal feed from household waste

Accommodation provided
Kilifi, Kenya

4-6 weeks

Our partner collects waste from municipal and private providers and converts it to insect protein to be used as animal feed. They are in need of a volunteer to develop their processes and systems.

The organisation is establishing its operations, and will require the volunteer to be independent, hands on and able to really understand the context in which the organisation is operating when establishing an accounting & financial management system.

Your role will be to support them in establishing and implementing appropriate controls, accounting and financial management processes. As a young business, they also want to ensure that they have developed tools to be able to easily monitor their cashflow, and their expenditure in relation to their budgets. Your role will also be to document the new processes.

This is really well-rounded placement offering an individual the opportunity to develop accounting controls & processes, and financial management tools, and undertaking financial, market and business analysis.

Organisation fighting for LGBT rights

Affordable accommodation
Belize City, Belize

4-8 weeks

Our partner works to achieve social, economic and gender justice for lesbian and bisexual women in Belize through advocacy and empowerment. They require a volunteer to review their accounting processes and controls.

Your role will be to review their accounting processes and controls, and support them in streamlining and strengthening these. They would welcome further training on QuickBooks which would include setting up an annual budget, monthly management accounting and reporting tools.

They would also benefit from analysis and support around financial sustainability. This would include investigating how long they might remain operational with existing funding, how they might make their programmes leaner, and an exploration of alternative sources of funding and income. It would also include a review on how they would ideally like to be resourced/staffed, and support them in accounting for staffing and administrative costs, and coaching on how they include these in proposal bids.

A broad assignment covering both day-to-day accounting support as well as providing an opportunity to shape the future direction of the organisation.

NGO using sport to support marginalised communities

Accommodation provided
Migori County, Kenya

2-4 weeks

Our partner uses sports as a tool for community engagement and the mobilisation of community resources for peace and transformational development. They require support in strengthening their procedures, systems and controls.

Their main programme 'Football for Hygiene and Sanitation' has seen them work in 78 schools, building latrines and water facilities, and offering football equipment to children who later participate in championships and sport leagues.

Your role will begin with a review of their existing finance procedures, systems and controls. You will be making and implementing recommendations for best practice, taking into account the resources and capacity of the team, and providing training as necessary. They also need to turn their focus towards the business models they are developing and have a clearer structure in place for their tasks, to better understand their roles and responsibilities in finance.

A hands-on assignment, providing the opportunity to make a transformational difference in just a few short weeks.

NGO promoting conservation & sustainable development in the Amazon region

Accommodation, stipend and transport contribution (Spanish required)

3-8 weeks

Our partner works with indigenous people to sustain local resources and support them to create and market innovative fair-trade products so they can improve their livelihoods and strengthen their communities while regenerating the forest. Through research, community support and education, they study the ecology and develop the sustainable harvest and marketing of non-timber forest products such as fruits, fibres, resins, and oils. 


The organization is formed of 3 entities: NGO in US, company in Peru and NGO in Peru – while registered differently they have the same goals, mission and team. You will begin with a review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls, developing new procedures and tools as necessary. They have requested the support of a volunteer to support the process of getting more formalised - you will be making and implementing recommendations for best practice, taking into account the context, resources and capacity of the team, and providing training as necessary.

They currently use Excel and manual accounting. You will support with assessing what they have and create an accounting system to allow them to have an overview of the cashflow and track expenses between the 3 entities, allowing them to meet reporting requirements of both states and donors. You will develop procedures and guidelines for bookkeeping, budgeting, inventory tracking and management, and provide training to the local team in utilising them appropriately.

If time allows it, you can also provide basic financial literacy and management workshops to the local artisans.

NGO promoting the empowerment of indigenous women

Accommodation provided

2 weeks

Our partner promotes the empowerment of indigenous women and their families in rural Guatemalan highland communities, focusing on their economic self-sufficiency. The artisan social enterprise provides fair trade jobs to a group of 60 women weavers and artisans. They sell their products in the store as well as connect the artisans with international clients and designers to create products for export.


The director has been the sole person managing the accounting activities, and the team has one more full time director and one part time administrative assistant. Due to regulations in Guatemala they had to register a company for the business side and keep the NGO for the social programmes – though they are registered as 2 entities, they have the same mission and goals, the same team and currently the same bookkeeping.

They requested support to know how to separate their two entities a bit better and create a more formal working relationship between the two entities in terms of accounting and money management. You will be developing an accounting system or improving the current one, to allow a clear overview of the social enterprise and NGO’s budget and expenses, both independently and joint.  This should streamline the information and provide improved tools for budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

They are currently utilising QuickBooks online, which is a fairly easy software to learn and we will have resources to provide beforehand, to get familiarised with. Additionally you will be conducting an internal review of their existing financial procedures, policies and controls and will be making recommendations for improvement according to best practices and international standards, appropriate to the context and capacity of the team. You will help them establish clear procedures and guidelines, and offer training to the directors in utilising the new tools.

NGO supporting communities through education and training

Affordable accommodation
Kampot, Cambodia

1-2 months

Our partner is equipping children and adults with the life skills to benefit themselves and their communities, using education and training. They have requested support to help further develop their financial policies, management accounting and to ensure they are meeting compliance.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be assessing the capacity and resources of the team and will be making context-appropriate recommendations for best practice. Our partner have requested support to help the manage their assets and depreciation calculations. They have asked that you help them with the process to declare annual income to tax authorities, on the understanding that you will not have prior knowledge of specific local regulations. You will also be working closely with the Assistant Director to provide tailored training in finance management. If time permits and you feel comfortable to assist in this area, they would also like your help to develop and implement an anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-fraud policy.

Charitable Trust working to safeguard, empower & nurture vulnerable people

Affordable accommodation

2-4 weeks

Our partner is an Indian Charitable Trust working to safeguard, empower and nurture vulnerable local community members in Jharkhand. They promote a progressive, peaceful, self-reliant and healthy society through delivering community awareness and capacity building programme, training and equipping people with the knowledge and materials to thrive against various social issues.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing accounting systems, procedures and controls. You will be making and implementing recommendations for improvements. You will be working closely with the finance team of 2, who do not have formal accounting qualifications but have been learning as they go. You will be assessing their capacity and understanding and providing coaching as needed.

They are keen to ensure they are meeting best practice, with a strong control environment. You will also be helping to create a financial procedures manual and leaving clear written guidance for your implementations. You will also be assisting with and training in organisational budgeting.

NGO supporting women through micro-loans and farming initiatives

Accommodation and lunch provided. Small expenses contribution
Techiman, Ghana

3-4 weeks

Our partner is an independent local non-governmental organization addressing the prevailing social and economic inadequacies. It seeks to integrate field work with advocacy for women's rights issues and livelihood security, facilitating their development in rural communities that are socially and economically deprived, and using women's groups as focal points for community based initiatives.


You will begin with a review of their existing finance procedures, systems and controls. You will be making and implementing recommendations for best practice, taking into account the resources and capacity of the team, and providing training as necessary.

Their income had increased considerably and their operations expanded from working in just one region to 4 regions across Ghana. You will review their procedures and systems to make sure they support this growth and are in line with the requirements of different donors.

Our partner requested support in the development of a 5 year financial sustainability plan for the organization, but also for the finance and accounting department, creating a structure they can utilise going forward.

They have been utilising QuickBooks but because it has given several errors, they are keeping records in parallel on Excel. They have requested your support with reviewing the system and recommend improvements, perhaps restructuring the Chart of Accounts that is likely not representative to the current growth, and provide training to the local staff to better utilise QB for financial planning, budgeting and reporting.

NGO working with young women graduates and agricultural entrepreneurs

Accommodation provided

2 weeks +

Our partner is a social enterprise working with young women graduates and agricultural entrepreneurs. They want rebrand small hold farming as a business and empower young women to challenge the status quo and run their own successful agri-businesses. 


You will be reviewing their progress providing further training and guidance as needed. A daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual task list was outlined: the team have been able to implement most things on this list but require further support to action the remaining items. This list will form a starting point for your fresh internal review of procedures, systems and controls in place.

Our partner have recruited a new Accountant, who is a university graduate but does not have a formal accounting qualification and will therefore need your coaching, in particular with forecasting, preparing for audit and meeting tax requirements.

Social business producing sustainable fashion

Affordable accommodation
Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

1-2 weeks

Our partner is a social business working to provide viable employment options for the families of the tea estate workers and to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion.


The organisation is going through a period of growth and are formalising many of their procedures. They have requested support to help them navigate through this process.

You will begin with an internal review of their current financial information, procedures, systems and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, in keeping with the current capacity and resources of the team. The Founding Director would like to improve their financial planning, cashflow forecasting, budgeting and reporting. You will be helping to install a robust and simple system that enables them to make financial decisions and set goals. They would also like you to conduct cash and bank reconciliations and train staff in how to maintain these regularly.

As time permits, they would also like you to run some general life skills training for the staff in budgeting and basic finance management.

NGO developing projects to benefit lives of children, youth & families

Visa, accommodation, food & airport transfers
Siem Reap, Cambodia

3-6 months

Our partner works with communities to develop projects that provide or enhance opportunities and directly benefit the lives of children, youth and their families in Cambodia. They have requested support in risk management, scaling up and streamlining processes and creating new organisational budgets, templates and tools.


You will be reviewing their progress and will be conducting a fresh review of their systems, policies and controls, providing further guidance and training as needed. You will be assisting with Power BI reporting and mapping, helping them to streamline and improve their reporting for the Board and donors. You will be reviewing, streamlining and improving payroll, the Chart of Accounts and the month end procedures. You will also assist the Finance Manager to ensure all monthly processes are bring upheld to close the books.

Social enterprise bringing electricity access to remote communities

Visa & meals covered. Accommodation provided
Yangon, Myanmar

2-4 weeks

Our partner is a social enterprise that builds and develops small scale solar systems as a source of energy, bringing access to clean electricity to remote local communities. They aim to replace the current systems based on diesel consumption with solar ones, having an impact both on the environment and improving accessibility to reliable and equitable sources of energy in the remote communities.


You will begin with a review of their existing finance procedures, systems and controls. You will be making and implementing recommendations for best practice, taking into account the resources and capacity of the team, and providing coaching as necessary.

They are looking to migrate all the accounting processes currently sub-contracted, to be performed in-house and you will support in this transition, setting-up financial procedures for bookkeeping, budget-to-actual comparison, accounts management and internal controls, while providing training and capacity building to the local team.

In addition, they have recently received grant funding from the Belgian provincial government and is expecting more positive results from other grant applications in 2020. They would like further guidance on making sure that their systems are set-up and compliant with quarterly and annual reporting requirements for regulatory and donor purposes.

NGO supporting children through professional phone counselling

Affordable accommodation
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2-4 weeks

Our partner promotes child rights and builds opportunities for the protection of children and youth through the provision of professional phone counselling, information services and referral and follow up services with appropriate partners. Their long-term aim is to establish a helpline available for any child or young person who needs someone with whom to talk or provide support. 


You will be conducting an updated review of their financial systems, procedures and controls. You will be making and implementing recommendations for best practice, taking into account the capacity and resources of the team. You will update the procedures manual and provide staff training as needed.

The ED has also requested that you help them with QuickBooks, reviewing their use of the system and helping staff to better utilise it. They would like to improve their internal and external/donor reporting using the software. They have also asked for support reviewing and improving payroll procedures. They are scheduled to have an audit in the first half of this year and pending on the auditor’s report and recommendations, you will be supporting with improvements and implementing the recommendations.

Please note that they would prefer if you brought your own laptop. They do have some spare desktops available but have said it would be easier if you had your own.