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NGO delivering courses and activities to increase well-being

Affordable Accommodation
Antigua, Guatemala

2 weeks

Our partner seeks to inspire, raise awareness and educate the Guatemalan population to live a full life, with peace and greater well-being. They require support in strengthening their processes, procedures and controls.

Their beneficiaries are the Guatemalan at-risk population, and they primarily provide courses and activities in schools and educational centres. As the organization grows, they need to develop stronger systems and be able to properly report to donors.

You will begin with an internal review of their current financial procedures, systems and controls and an assessment of the capacity and resources of the team and organisation, before making recommendations for best practice. You will be improving and introducing new procedures as needed to further strengthen and formalise their structure, working collaboratively with the local staff.

An excellent opportunity to join a young and vibrant organisation, and have a big impact through some simple improvements of their existing processes.

Social Enterprise improving livelihoods of local beekeepers

Accommodation provided
Kigoma, Tanzania

1-3 months

Our partner works with local beekeepers who are using traditional methods, to improve their livelihoods and link them to higher value export markets. They are in need of a volunteer to review their systems and processes in light of recent growth.

They buy and process various honey and wax based products which they then sell overseas. They offer training to their local suppliers to help them increase their yield, providing inputs on a credit basis, such as smokers and bee suits.

The organisation has grown since their last AfID placement, and they now have four entities to sell the honey produced, recently adding one in Ireland. Their international structure can make meeting compliance and keeping track of their overall financial position complicated, and they require an internal review of their current procedures, controls and systems to ensure this is fit for purpose.

The organisation is currently working with 400 farmers, which is projected to expand to 2000 with 10 field offices over the next 2-3 years, so the assignment would lend itself to a commercially savvy volunteer used to working with growing organisations.

NGO training underprivileged youths as hospitality professionals

Affordable accommodation & lunch provided
Siem Reap, Cambodia

3 weeks minimum

Our partner empowers underprivileged youths by providing them with educational and vocational training to support themselves as hospitality professionals.


You will be helping them switch to accrual-based accounting and providing training. They have also requested that you help them switch to QuickBooks online and help the team with expense classification and expense entry in the new system.


Small grassroots charity supporting marginalised communities

Accommodation provided
Kenema, Sierra Leone

2-4 weeks

Our partner is a small Sierra Leonean charity supporting local communities in improving their environment, health facilities and quality of education. Your role will be to review their basic accounting system, procedures and controls.

They have requested support in strengthening their financial management processes to enable them to generate greater donor confidence and attract more funding. In addition, the charity has a young and enthusiastic Bookkeeper, but he doesn’t have any formal training, and would benefit from some one-to-one help and support.

After your initial internal review, you will begin to make recommendation and implement simple and manageable improvements. Your training of the Bookkeeper could include help with day-to-day tasks such as how to produce financial statements and cash flow forecasts, ensuring there is clear written guidance to maintain this knowledge within the charity.

An excellent opportunity to help a healthy and growing organisation keen to improve, through some simple enhancements to their already established systems and processes.

NGO supporting children working in slums

Accommodation Covered
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2 Months

Our partner is a local NGO supporting vulnerable children, largely those working in slums as garbage pickers, by providing a range of educational and developmental services to them and their families. This is quite an interesting assignment that will have both the usual capacity building elements and a standalone piece of work that will pave the way for the next step in the organisation’s existence and work.


The first part of the placement will entail reviewing the control environment, accounting and financial management processes, and making and implementing any recommendations for best practice. You would then develope a Financial Procedures Manual, create simple monthly management and cashlflow reporting tools (looking at income versus expenditure), and train staff in their creation.

Our partner is also seeking support in creating a 2-3 strategic plan. This will entail really understanding the organisation’s operations, assessing and analysing different options to maintain the status quo, considering expansion, and winding down operations:

  • Assess the level of funding required to operate the NGO with the current 50 Beneficiary children and youth (and their families) being supported in an increasing cost environment;
  • Identify alternate sources of income/funding needed to fill funding gap between required and projected support levels;
  • Develop a “winding down” scenario, including options for existing operations to be absorbed by another local or international charity.

NGO protecting the environment & empowering women and youth

Affordable Accommodation
Douala, Cameroon

2-6 weeks

Our partner is NGO protecting Cameroon’s biodiverse forests and coastal environments and empowering women and youth.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing accounting procedures, systems and controls and making and implementing your recommendations for best practice. Our partner would like to hire an accountant to take over the bookkeeping from her but they do not have the funds to do so yet. You will be helping to establish a simple but robust accounting system which will help to grow and develop the NGO. You will be advising and training her on cash and bank reconciliations; creating programme and organisational budgets; creating monthly management accounts; budget vs actual analysis; cashflow forecasting; preparing annual and project financial statements; installing cash controls; and creating a procedures manual. You will be assessing their need and capacity and helping to determine a priority order.

NGO facilitating sustainable development of marginalized communities

Accommodation provided
Odisha, India

4 Weeks

Our partner's mission is to facilitate sustainable social and economic development of marginalized communities in urban and rural Odisha through research, policy advocacy, participatory community action and people’s empowerment. They would benefit from support in creating an organizational budget and understand better financial planning and cashflow forecasting.


You will begin with a review of their existing finance procedures, systems and controls. You will be making and implementing recommendations for best practice, taking into account the resources and capacity of the team, and providing coaching as necessary.

They would also benefit from support in creating an organizational budget and understand better financial planning and cashflow forecasting. The local staff has never received any training in finance yet, and they are very open to learn and improve their work. They have an audit done every year, and utilising Excel and Tally as accounting systems – while their procedures seem to be in good place, they are eager to improve to raise to international standards of best practices and make sure that they have the right processes in place for staff to understand and apply correctly the procedures.

Start-up social enterprise working with local agri-businesses

Visa covered & affordable accommodation
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

5-12 weeks

Our partner is a start-up social enterprise that works with local agri-businesses to scale, increase quality, and access international markets. They procure team, cinnamon, and other spices and herbs from organic and fair-trade farms in Tanzania; these are then taken to a small factor in Dar es Salaam, where they are processed and packaged and sold in-country.


You will be assessing their use of the new system and ensuring the financial SOPs are being followed and updated as the business expands.

The Operations Manager has benefited greatly from some training and assistance, and Managing Director is comfortable in overseeing her finance duties and outputs going forward. They now need support to address the higher level business and strategy development. You will be assisting with the following projects:

  1. Business modelling: conducting financial and business analysis on local and export sales to inform strategy and decision making
  2. Financial projections & investment readiness: developing a set of financial projections based on different business models; supporting the design of potential investment for proposals; preparing for and participating in investor meetings
  3. Internal control environment: conducting an internal audit on controls and checking the effectiveness of SOPs in use
  4. Building capacity: providing further training to Operations/Finance Manager

Not-for-profit organization protecting girls in Kuria community

Accommodation and meals contribution
Kuria, Kenya

2-6 weeks

Our partner is a community based organization and women–led movement who actively works to end female genital mutilation, child marriage, sexual and gender based violence in the marginalized Kuria community.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls and making recommendations for best practice, according to their resources and capacity, prviding training and coaching to the local staff as needed.

Our partner requested more support and advice in areas like preparing budgeting, financial reporting and streamlining their financial processes. They have recently started to work on QuickBooks and would benefit from more training on making sure they are making the most of it. They are now building their Strategy Plan for the next 5 years and would benefit from your input in the financial aspects.

Charity supporting male victims of sexual abuse

Stipend provided
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

1-6 months

Our partner works to prevent sexual abuse and support those affected, specifically focusing on young male victims. They require a general review of their simple accounting system, and some practical training for their small finance team.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice that are appropriate to the resources and capacity of the team, starting to implement some of these and providing training so staff can maintain the changes. They are in the process of revising their financial policies for compliance which you can assist with. The Finance Manager has recently been promoted into the role and although he has a good understanding, he will benefit from some further coaching to help him manage his new tasks. He has just received his Master’s in Accountancy, he learns fast but has no one to teach him at the moment. Alongside him there is a Finance Officer and a Finance & Admin Assistant.

They are using QuickBooks and Excel and need a review of their use and training on both. The staff’s general excel skills are quite poor, further training and helping to create new, streamlined templates and procedures would add much value. The previous FM changed the way they report to donors from QuickBooks which has since been questioned by auditors as the most effective way. The reporting requirements for the large donors can be both complex and demanding, your review can help make this easier to manage. They are also concerned that they lack strong financial controls which need attention.

Our partner has recently built up a reserve to invest in income generating income businesses. They have requested support to develop business plans and simulations, advising on budget and costing. They have saved enough for rental, refurbishment and a staff of 2 but have not yet decided on what type of business to establish although would like it to provide a service to general public (ie. a coffee shop). If time permits, you will be involved in the strategy and planning for such a venture.

NGO creating and supporting libraries in underdeveloped areas

Affordable Accommodation and stipend
Luang Prabang, Laos

2-3 weeks

Our partner offers young people in Laos a chance to meet their potential, learn and develop through education and literacy, by creating and supporting libraries in underdeveloped areas.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls and making recommendations for best practice, according to their resources and capacity, providing training to the local staff as needed.

They identified a specific need and challenge in making a better use of their accounting system, which currently is on Excel: it is very time consuming and not efficient, and as they are preparing for a second book-launch next year, they want to make sure they have a better system in place. You will assess, recommend and support in implementing a better system that can integrate accounting, sales and database management, able to automatize the work. They are members of TechSoup and will have access to software at reduced prices, but they need your support in selecting the appropriate software and then receive training to make sure they are utilising it appropriately.

Social Enterprise Enabling Development

Affordable Accommodation
Bangalore, India

4 weeks

Our partner is a social enterprise distributing life-improving products ranging from solar lights and fuel-efficient cookstoves to reusable water filters and rechargeable batteries. They equip local retail shops in peri-urban and rural locations with the stock and knowledge and resources to sell it so it can reach those who need it.


They need to implement a new system that would enable them to integrate their accounting, logistics and procurement. They have identified and tested the new software, and have started their data migration in September. You will be supporting with project management of the data migration; they are looking to migrate inventory, pending balances from shop owners, and sales history data. They recently appointed a Project Coordinator who would need to be mentored in order to work independently after your placement is completed. 

You will also support in implementing a better stock count process, and you will be developing and outlining processes to ensure that their new logistics software integrates with Quickbooks. This could involve outlining features for the developer to add, and creating processes for their team in Bangalore to follow.

This role requires a volunteer that is comfortable to work in a busy environment and more than 50% of the time remotely, as the team members are frequently travelling inside India. Please note that as this role centres around systems implementation, depending on your availability, the implementation will have progressed and therefore your exact objectives will need to be confirmed.

NGO supporting local access to education

Accommodation and stipend
Mutale, South Africa

2 weeks

Our partner is a small grassroots humanitarian organisation supporting local access to education and a better quality of life. 


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls and making recommendations for best practice, according to their resources and capacity, providing training to the local staff as needed.

The organization currently works on Excel and has never been audited, but they anticipate they will need to be audited in the future in order to be able to apply for bigger grants. You will be working mainly with the Founder and Executive Director, who is very keen to learn and would benefit from a general overview on accounting procedures and controls, building budgets and financial management.

Start-up empowering women through sport

Affordable Accommodation
Yerevan, Armenia

3-4 weeks

Our partner is a young start-up with a mission to empower Armenian women through sport, giving them the confidence and life skills to challenge gender stereotypes in the country.


Our partner has outsourced their accounting function; the external accountant is responsible for the bookkeeping, preparation of year-end financial statements, and tax & regulatory compliance. The CEO has oversight of the finance function; as part of her role, she has developed a detailed organisational budget, and is working with the external accountant to receive monthly management accounts. However, as she does not have a background in accounting & finance, she is seeking the support of a volunteer to:

  • Support her in establishing proper checks and balances, and creating accounting & organisational processes & policies bearing in mind that the finance function is currently outsourced.
  • Review the budget she has created and ensure that it properly captures the expected spending, and from which she should be able to get a meaningful monthly report from the accountants.

NGO Enabling Children's Education and Empowering Families

Affordable Accommodation
Rwamagana, Rwanda

2 Weeks

Our Rwandan partner supports children’s education through the provision of school fees, school materials and medical care. They are looking for an experienced Accountant to provide further training and strategic support to their team.


Their support also extends to the children’s families through income generating projects such as a farming cooperative, which supports widows, young mothers and those who have been in prison and have been released because either they were suspected of the genocide or completed their sentence.

You will be reviewing their progress, checking the accounts and continue provide training as necessary, especially to prepare the financial statements at the end of the year and donor reporting. This will be a good point in their financial year to help them closing the books for year-end, as well as making sure they are well set for the next year.

Additionally, our partner is expecting to be inspected by the local government (department of NGOs) in January 2020. Therefor they have asked for a volunteer to perform an internal audit on the organization and work together with Joseph to make sure that all accounts and procedures are in place and compliant.