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Not-for-profit organization raising awareness on sustainability

Affordable Accommodation
San Jose, Costa Rica

4 Weeks

Our partner is a non-profit start-up based in Costa Rica, known as one of the most sustainable countries in the world. Their mission is to align Latin America with the Global Agenda on sustainable goals and provide the region with the reference points to understand, adapt and implement this Agenda.


You will begin with an internal review of their current financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be assessing the capacity and resources of the team and organisation and making recommendations for best practice, training staff to build their capacity. You will be improving and introducing new procedures as needed to further strengthen and formalise their structure, making sure they are prepared for a potential external or donor-led audit. New regulations have been introduced in Costa Rica and they will need to be yearly audited, so they want to make sure they are prepared for this event.

Apart from audit preparation, one of our partner’s main requests was to receive specialised support in developing a business model for their organization, to increase sustainability. They would like your support in building their strategy and benchmark prices for standardised services. They have good reputation and strong connections with main private donors in the region, but investors are requesting more services and they would like to be prepared with presenting professional business proposals. You will also have the possibility to attend one of their events and advise on how the can financially improve the rateability of the events.

NGO supporting vulnerable women and children

Affordable Accommodation
Buikwe District, Uganda

1 Month (flexible)

Our partner focuses on vulnerable women and children, using education and health interventions. Their educational projects provide school materials and fees for disadvantaged children, supports local schools and educate about menstrual hygiene and providing reusable pads. Their health projects educate on nutrition for pregnant women and infants, educate about malaria prevention and maintain community water supplies. Besides, they help communities to achieve economic independence.


You will start with an internal review of their accounting procedures and controls, you will make and start to implement your recommendations for best practice. Our partner would like your help to develop a simple and robust accounting system that will include tools for budget creation and financial reporting.

Please note that the internet connection in Buikwe will be limited and infrequent. It is a rural area of Uganda, accommodation and facilities will be basic.

NGO empowering and protecting children and teenagers

Affordable Accommodation
Harare, Zimbabwe

2-6 weeks

Our partners provides a platform for young people to make their voices heard and to realise their potential to positively change the lives of themselves and their communities. Their work aims to create livelihoods and economic independence; protects those who are vulnerable to early child marriages, HIV and gender and sexual based violence; and teaches youth about leadership, community participation and peer support. 


You will be reviewing their progress, providing further guidance and training as needed. They have requested support to help ensure they are using QuickBooks properly for 2020 and to ensure they are maintaining accurate budgeting, reporting and meeting donor requirements. You will also be helping to develop an annual core budget and assisting with the preparation and submission of financial reports. Besides, you will be supporting with forecasting and budgets for new project proposals and implementation. 

⭐NGO helping communities to benefit from natural resources [585]⭐

Accommodation & Visa
Monrovia, Liberia

2 months minimum

Our partner has been influential in transforming how natural resources are managed, and benefits from these are shared with local communities in Liberia. They are seeking an experienced and dynamic pro bono accountant to support them in building and strengthening their control environment, developing financial management tools, and building the capacity of the finance team.


Your role will be to:

  • Review the level of progress, including a review of the control environment, accounting & financial management processes, and understanding and adherence to recommendations and tools he introduced.
  • Ensure on the control side that they are easily able to collect supporting documents from the field, so an assessment of this plus support in devising strategies to collect supporting documents & meet requirements, would be appreciated.
  • Review their finance & HR manual. They feel this is out of date, and would really benefit from developing detailed HR guidelines, including a staff evaluation system.
  • Review the responsibilities of the finance staff. Ideally, they would like the new Finance Manager to have more of an oversight role on the day to day finance, and to be responsible for the management accounts & reporting (both internally and to donors). They are consistently late in reporting to donors, and want to ensure that processes are streamlined and responsibilities properly allocated so they are able to meet their reporting deadlines. They would also like to see whether they do need a formal HR Officer, or whether staff within the administration team can absorb the responsibilities.
  • Develop financial management tools, including an organisational budget, management accounting & reporting tools, and train staff in their use.
  • Offer further training to all staff Quickbooks and support them in making the most of the software.

Please note that progress was slow, as a result of the flat structure; there was not always an ownership of tasks and an urgency to make changes. Whilst the structure is being changed, this placement will require patience and especially at the initial stages gaining trust and cultivating positive working relationships with the staff.

Social enterprise supporting young artists and musicians

Affordable Accommodation
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

4 Weeks

Our partner is a social enterprise whose mission is to revive Cambodian music through supporting young artists and musicians to develop original music and content, while growing their careers.


You will begin with an internal review of their current financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be assessing the capacity and resources of the team and organisation and making recommendations for best practice, training staff to build their capacity. You will be improving and introducing new procedures as needed to further strengthen and formalise their structure, making sure they are prepared for a potential external or donor-led audit.

The organization has been awarded 2 institutional grants which has doubled their income. They have requested your support to review their current procedures and controls, make sure they have the right system in place for monitoring expenses and financial reporting. They are currently working on Excel but would like to move to QuickBooks and if appropriate you will support with this transition, as well with creating a Chart of Accounts.

Organization promoting and protecting sustainable livelihoods

Affordable Accommodation and meals
Mukono, Uganda

2 weeks+

Our partner is promoting and protecting sustainable livelihoods through income and food security, environmental conservation, health and social support. Their target beneficiaries began as those suffering from HIV/AIDS and those in extreme poverty and now include small-scale farmers and small business owners.


You will be reviewing their progress, providing further training as needed. They are now completing uploading all transactions onto Savings Plus, you will then help agree the balances. You will also help complete the bank reconciliations and introduce a P&L template.

Our partner has requested your support for the Cooperative: developing the Financial Procedures Manual; building their capacity to engage resource mobilisation strategies and improve the loan portfolio; and training staff on maintaining an asset register, cashflow statements and preparing annual accounts. You will also be training staff in donor reporting.

NGO deploying solar solutions to supply clean energy solutions

Affordable Accommodation
New Delhi, India

4 Weeks

Our partner is a start-up social enterprise that is deploying solar solutions to supply reliable and affordable clean energy solutions across the agricultural value-chain in rural India.


Your role will be to undertake an assessment of their existing controls, processes and systems, making recommendations based on the complexity of the accounting, skillset of local staff and resources available to the organisation. Our partner is seeking an experienced volunteer to design and implement an accounting & financial management system. This will include:

  • Reviewing, strengthening and developing their control environment and risk management procedures.
  • Assessing whether they transition to using an accounting software. They are keen on migrating to Quickbooks, and it would be useful to support them in getting ready for such a transition, advising and supporting them on it.
  • Developing budgets, budget management & reporting, and cashflow management and forecasting tools.
  • Training the new Accounting Executive they are looking to hire, and being a business partner and mentoring Amit in better understanding his financial management responsibilities.
  • Supporting them with refining financial models and undertaking any analysis for investor readiness.

Not-for-profit organization working to eradicate human trafficking

Affordable Accommodation
Nairobi, Kenya

6 weeks

Our partner is working to eradicate human trafficking, exposing the crime and empowering its victims. Their work raises awareness and sensitises people to the danger of trafficking; they provide rescue, shelter, counselling and reintegration training for victims, educational workshops and opportunities for economic empowerment; and they conduct research on thematic areas which they use to inform and influence policy changes.


You will start by reviewing their progress providing further guidance and training as needed. You will support with the following: introducing monthly management reports and accounts; improving financial controls; advising on cash management procedures; implementing procurement policies; and updating the Finance Manual with these changes. You will also be training staff on the new additions.

Social enterprise providing secure access to health solutions

Homestay provided
Kampala, Uganda

3-8 weeks

Our partner believes that no one should be denied health care because they cannot afford it. They target low income populations living in rural, urban and peri-urban areas of Uganda, providing them secure access to health solutions. 


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls and making recommendations for best practice, suitable to their resources and capacity. They have a full-time Accountant who has newly graduated from university. You will be assessing her capacity and providing 1:1 coaching as needed. Our partner would also like your help to introduce budgeting and internal and donor reporting procedures and to strengthen financial controls. They would like you to work with the COO and CEO to review financial sustainability, costing and business plan and to ensure they are meeting compliance.

Not-for-profit organization supporting rural population

Accommodation provided
Siem Reap, Cambodia

3-8 weeks

Our partner is passionately supporting the rural Cambodian population in order to improve their living conditions by focusing in four core areas: water and sanitation, sustainable construction, education and agriculture.


You will be assisting with the year-end procedures, preparing them for the end of year audit and helping to review and finalise the 2020 budget. You will be reviewing their Financial Procedures manual and their compliance with it. You will also support their ongoing fundraising with budget creation for the proposals being submitted. Our partner also suggested that you help to build finance and project KPIs and train the staff in their presentation skills, both for finance and the broader organisational information.

NGO developing the leadership and collective power of women

Accommodation provided
Belize City, Belize

2-3 weeks

The purpose of our partner is to develop the leadership and collective power of women and girls around the world to achieve human rights, health, security, dignity, freedom, justice, and peace for all people.

Your role will focus specifically on reviewing and improving their use of QuickBooks and provide further training to the team as necessary. There is a need to change the existing chart of accounts, reviewing several opened accounts and coaching the team on how to draw reports, roll the budget and create a forecast from the data entered, to help the management take more informed strategic decisions.

Volunteer accountant at social enterprise training STEM teachers

Accommodation provided
Accra, Ghana

1-2 months

Our partner is pioneering inquiry-based learning in Ghana. The organisation improves teacher capacity to teach in this method by providing practical training workshops to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics teachers. In partnership with government education services and associations of science teachers our partner has trained more than 2,600 teachers.


You will start by reviewing their progress and providing further improvements, edits and training as needed. Our partner have requested further training for their permanent team and in particular have highlighted the following areas: budget creation, monitoring and analysis; preparing cashflow forecasts; completing and finalising the Procedures Manual; and improving their cash management procedures. You will also be coaching the Operations Director and CEO.

You will also be assessing the fit of the new accounting firm and the accounting software they have transitioned to, Wave.

NGO strengthening and supporting Cambodian families

Affordable Accommodation
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

6 weeks

Our partner is a local NGO working to strengthen and support Cambodian families. Their work supports the safe reunification of children, previously in care, with their families.


Working with national, regional and local authorities, our partner is contributing to the de-institutionalisation process which has moved away from the traditional orphanages and foster care model to prioritise keeping families together wherever possible. They aim to promote healthy, safe lives and opportunities for Cambodian youth.

Our partner would like to invite an independent review and advice to develop and strengthen their finance function to ensure they are meeting best practice and to regain the confidence of their donors. You will begin with an internal review of their existing system, procedures and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, implementing improvements and training staff on these changes. Your support and advice will verify the errors with the 2018 accounts and establish more stability and control to reassure donors and reduce future risk.


NGO empowering women through weaving and crafting

Affordable Accommodation. Visa covered and airport transfers provided
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

4-8 weeks

Our partner aims to create opportunities for Cambodian women, allowing them to become socially, politically and economically independent, to live without fear, violence and exploitation. This is achieved through providing an alternative means of employment, making handicrafts - such as scarfs, throws and cushions - which are sold for profit. They have requested support with their plans for expansion and growth.


They need support in identifying relevant and appropriate grants or investments, preparing financial information for proposals and applications. You will also be preparing a business case for capital investment to raise funds for their current objectives. You will be working with the General Manager and Advisory Directors to improve their financial planning, assisting with research into social innovation funding opportunities and reviewing and improving their current marketing strategy. You will be providing further training in QuickBooks and building general capacity in finance management. You will also be formalising overhead and product calculations and reviewing and improving stock management procedures, including capturing product itemised sales data in QuickBooks.

NGO improving social impact of government, charity & social enterprise initiatives

Visa and stipend
New Delhi, India

3 months

Our partner was founded to improve social impact of government, charity and social enterprise initiatives through rigorous research and field experiments. In addition to impact assessment, they offer other advisory services – including programme design consulting, monitoring and evaluation, technical advice and scale-up support.


They are seeking a pro bono accountant based in India to develop their global audit processes, spanning seven offices across three continents.

  • Systems and Process Design: The volunteer will lead in the creation of a comprehensive audit checklist, work with the Accounting Manager to develop a timeline for pre-audit activities, and design systems and standardized processes to help the finance team prepare for the global audit.
  • Review internal controls, making recommendations on areas of improvement and updating the Finance Policy Manual to reflect current practices.
  • Reconcile detailed accounts, prepare required entries to address reconciling items, and identify process improvements to make future entries and reconciliations easier.
  • Mentoring and coaching the finance team, supporting their ability to lead the global audit practice, manage their time effectively and identify areas of subsequent professional development.

You will be working directly with the finance team in India, and remotely with the teams based  in Kenya and in the US.