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Social Enterprise supporting small childcare businesses [586]

Flights and Accommodation provided
Nairobi, Kenya

1-2 months

Our partner works with small day-care businesses servicing marginalised and low-income families in Nairobi, and aims to install an environment that is safe and affordable. They require support in effectively managing their microloan system.

Registered as a private company, they both advise and finance small businesses through low interest loans and building capacity in strategy, technology, field systems and operational reach.

They have recently engaged the services of a local consultant to build their microloans platform, and your role will be to review this new platform and ensure they have a user-friendly system with a clear reporting dashboard. You will provide training on what data to collect and how to use this for analysis and planning, and to inform business decisions.

Your role will also include installing a simple financial management system for integrating, managing and forecasting their work according to the various grants they are managing. An exciting and wide-ranging assignment for a commercially adept volunteer.

Social Enterprise producing animal feed from household waste

Accommodation provided
Kilifi, Kenya

4-6 weeks

Our partner collects waste from municipal and private providers and converts it to insect protein to be used as animal feed. They are in need of a volunteer to develop their processes and systems.

The organisation is establishing its operations, and will require the volunteer to be independent, hands on and able to really understand the context in which the organisation is operating when establishing an accounting & financial management system.

Your role will be to support them in establishing and implementing appropriate controls, accounting and financial management processes. As a young business, they also want to ensure that they have developed tools to be able to easily monitor their cashflow, and their expenditure in relation to their budgets. Your role will also be to document the new processes.

This is really well-rounded placement offering an individual the opportunity to develop accounting controls & processes, and financial management tools, and undertaking financial, market and business analysis.

NGO using sport to support marginalised communities

Accommodation provided
Migori County, Kenya

2-4 weeks

Our partner uses sports as a tool for community engagement and the mobilisation of community resources for peace and transformational development. They require support in strengthening their procedures, systems and controls.

Their main programme 'Football for Hygiene and Sanitation' has seen them work in 78 schools, building latrines and water facilities, and offering football equipment to children who later participate in championships and sport leagues.

Your role will begin with a review of their existing finance procedures, systems and controls. You will be making and implementing recommendations for best practice, taking into account the resources and capacity of the team, and providing training as necessary. They also need to turn their focus towards the business models they are developing and have a clearer structure in place for their tasks, to better understand their roles and responsibilities in finance.

A hands-on assignment, providing the opportunity to make a transformational difference in just a few short weeks.

Not-for-profit organization protecting girls in Kuria community

Accommodation and meals contribution
Kuria, Kenya

2-6 weeks

Our partner is a community based organization and women–led movement who actively works to end female genital mutilation, child marriage, sexual and gender based violence in the marginalized Kuria community.

You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls and making recommendations for best practice, according to their resources and capacity, prviding training and coaching to the local staff as needed.

Our partner requested more support and advice in areas like preparing budgeting, financial reporting and streamlining their financial processes. They have recently started to work on QuickBooks and would benefit from more training on making sure they are making the most of it. They are now building their Strategy Plan for the next 5 years and would benefit from your input in the financial aspects.

Not-for-profit organization working to eradicate human trafficking

Affordable Accommodation
Nairobi, Kenya

6 weeks

Our partner is working to eradicate human trafficking, exposing the crime and empowering its victims. Their work raises awareness and sensitises people to the danger of trafficking; they provide rescue, shelter, counselling and reintegration training for victims, educational workshops and opportunities for economic empowerment; and they conduct research on thematic areas which they use to inform and influence policy changes.


You will start by reviewing their progress providing further guidance and training as needed. You will support with the following: introducing monthly management reports and accounts; improving financial controls; advising on cash management procedures; implementing procurement policies; and updating the Finance Manual with these changes. You will also be training staff on the new additions.

NGO empowering women and girls to manage their own reproductive health

Stipend Provided
Nairobi, Kenya

1-3 months

Our partner educates and empowers women and girls to manage their own reproductive health. In Kenya they produce and sell sanitary products, disseminate key health education, and lead on advocacy and research efforts to enact change. They aim to help girls transition safely through adolescence with the right to make informed decisions about their own health.


They have requested support with a fresh internal audit of financial procedures, systems and controls, making recommendations for best practice; reviewing and updating their financial procedures manual; ensuring QuickBooks was migrated properly; and evaluating actuals and supporting ED and CEO to create and upload budgets into the new QuickBooks for regular budget vs actual analysis.

You will also be examining sales data collection and how this is used in management and board reporting, decision making and how it can inform social impact outcomes. You will be evaluating the non-profit costs and multi-country strategies; leading on the creation of business model scenarios for a 5 year strategy; preparing data for investment proposals; and evaluating sales target vs actual data. 

This is a big scope of work. You will be working closely with the finance and management team to identify a priority order and will work through this list as time allows. Depending on where they have got to with finance recruitment, you may also be helping with this process to hire and onboard the new team.