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Small grassroots charity supporting marginalised communities

Accommodation provided
Kenema, Sierra Leone

2-4 weeks

Our partner is a small Sierra Leonean charity supporting local communities in improving their environment, health facilities and quality of education. Your role will be to review their basic accounting system, procedures and controls.

They have requested support in strengthening their financial management processes to enable them to generate greater donor confidence and attract more funding. In addition, the charity has a young and enthusiastic Bookkeeper, but he doesn’t have any formal training, and would benefit from some one-to-one help and support.

After your initial internal review, you will begin to make recommendation and implement simple and manageable improvements. Your training of the Bookkeeper could include help with day-to-day tasks such as how to produce financial statements and cash flow forecasts, ensuring there is clear written guidance to maintain this knowledge within the charity.

An excellent opportunity to help a healthy and growing organisation keen to improve, through some simple enhancements to their already established systems and processes.

Organisation building affordable homes and improving life quality

Accommodation Provided
Freetown, Sierra Leone

2 weeks

This organisation works to build homes, sustainable businesses and community infrastructure for those living in very poor conditions whilst delivering the training to enable beneficiaries to make the most of their opportunities.


They are keen to receive the support as soon as possible to complete training on Xero so the system can be rolled out fully. You will also be reviewing their progress with the cash management procedures and daily bookkeeping, ensuring they are keeping up to date and providing further training as necessary.

Our partner has also requested support reviewing their cost allocation, profitability and financial procedures. Staff working have varying levels of education and procedures need to be user friendly to reflect this.

NGO Educating and Empowering Girls

Affordable Accommodation
Sierra Leone

4-6 weeks

Our partner was created to ensure that women and girls in Sierra Leone are educated and empowered to be able to fully access their legal and human rights. They are seeking a pro bono accountant to provide further training and support to their local finance team.

The organisation support women and girls through a combination of hands-on legal aid, innovative outreach programmes, intense awareness raising, hard-hitting advocacy and tight collaboration with the Justice Sector, to strengthen it from the core.

Your role will be to continue developing the financial capacity of the Finance Manager and Finance Officer. The most recent AfID volunteer has recommended providing tailored training on basic accounting principles and to ensure that the finance team can independently record all transactions and maintain appropriate documentation. You will also support them preparing for an external audit.

Organization protecting disadvantaged children

Affordable accomodation
Freetown, Sierra Leone

2-4 weeks

Our partner supports and protects disadvantaged children aged 0-17 years in Sierra Leone and Ghana, offering access to health care, education, emotional support and a safe environment. They want to install the importance of education, awareness of child rights and to educate to prevent such risks as teenage pregnancy and early marriages.

You will be based in their Freetown office and will work remotely with the staff in Accra. The key members of staff for this placement are also based in Sierra Leone. You will start by conducting an internal review of their existing accounting systems, procedures and controls. You will be making and starting to implement recommendations for best practice, creating new templates and providing training as necessary. The finance staff in Ghana will also need some guidance and coaching. With uncertain funding, you might be asked to help with  reviewing and advising on their financial sustainability. They feel that their internal controls are lacking and their reporting needs improving as well.

Organisation Providing Women with Access to Justice

Affordable Accommodation
Sierra Leone

8- 10 Weeks

Our partner was established to ensure that women and girls in Sierra Leone are educated and empowered to be able to fully access their legal and human rights. They work through a combination of hands-on legal aid, innovative outreach programmes, intense awareness raising and hard- hitting advocacy and tight collaboration with the justice sector to strengthen it from the core.

Your role will involve undertaking an assessment of their accounting and financial management systems and making and implementing recommendations for best practise.

You will provide support to enable the organisation to make the most effective use of Quickbooks for every day accounting, grant reporting, dealing with currency conversions and forecasting. You will build the capacity of finance staff in relation to financial planning and reporting for the long- term sustainability of the organisation and provide advice on actions which could improve their long- term financial sustainability for example, setting up an endowment fund.

Volunteer Accounting Consultants

Tailor-made voluntary placements to fit your availability, skills and preferences.
Sierra Leone

2 Weeks to 12 Months

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