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NGO engaging local communities in conserving national park

Accommodation provided
Kibale, Uganda

4-8 weeks

Our partner engages local communities and Ugandan youth in conserving the Kibale National Park and other wild areas. They require a volunteer to review their simple accounting system and provide some help and guidance to their accountant.

Founded initially as a link between a chimpanzee research project and the local community, the charity now works with several partners on critical issues for the survival of the forest and support of the local population. They have a broad range of programmes, ranging from conservation and sustainable energy, to education and literacy, and there is often the opportunity for volunteers to get involved with this work.

You will be following in the footsteps of seven previous AfID volunteers, and you will start by reviewing their current system, procedures and controls to ensure they are meeting compliance and best practice. Your training will focus on their use of QuickBooks (no prior experience required) and audit preparation work.

This assignment is very much about continuing the progress of previous volunteers, and your review and recommendations will ensure they maintain a strong and robust finance function.

NGO using sport and play to educate and empower children

Affordable accommodation
Jinja, Uganda

2-6 weeks

Our partner tackles poverty, conflict and disease by using sport and play to educate and empower young people. They require strategic guidance as they look to build the capacity of their finance function.

The use of sport for peace and development is well founded in the sector and our partner uses this powerful tool to affect positive social change and gender balance. You will be the first AfID volunteer to support them and as such will begin with an internal review of their current accounting procedures, systems and controls, taking into consideration the resources and capacity of the team.

You will be working primarily with the Executive Director and Finance & Admin Manager, as well as the Project Coordinators to review and improve their financial management processes. They require particular support in improving the communication between finance, management and programmes teams.

This assignment requires a volunteer comfortable providing 1:1 coaching to management teams, and advising on best practice.

Not-for-profit organisation supporting and empowering youth

Accommodation provided
Kampala, Uganda

4-6 weeks

Our partner addresses the lack of economic opportunities for youth from low income families, helping them turn their passions into sustainable careers. They require a strategic review of their finance function.

Their innovative, holistic program uses a combination of free online courses, business mentoring services, skill development courses, apprenticeships and entrepreneurship training.

Your role would begin with a review their work, ensuring that they are properly adhering to appropriate controls, and that they understand all the financial management tools available to them. They would also benefit from support in better understanding the templates and tools created to train the entrepreneurs. Part of your role would be to review these, before using them to train a few entrepreneurs and refining them as you see fit, before training staff on delivering this training independently.

This assignment would lend itself to a finance professional with experience of working with a diverse range of organisations, and comfortable in a coaching and mentoring role.

⭐NGO empowering families to grow & develop [588]⭐

Flights, Accommodation, Visa & Stipend
Kampala, Uganda

3 Months

Our partner's aim is to empower families to become more self-reliant, to grow and develop positively; they provide holistic care to vulnerable children and their families through health, education, human rights and community empowerment programmes. In their health clinic they are providing maternity health, HIV care, family planning and supporting children with disabilities.


They have been steadily growing and are now generating some income through the social enterprise project. They would like to streamline and improve their processes to increase accountability and to manage their complex donor and audit requirements. You will be conducting a fresh review of their existing financial system, procedures and controls and assessing the resources and capacity of the team. You will be making and implementing your recommendations for best practice and improved efficiency.

Our partner has asked you to develop a template for budget vs actual reports and to train the local team in how to maintain this. You will also be strengthening their profit and loss system for all their income streams and sales. You will also be training the team in audit preparation ahead of the 2019 audit, installing more robust systems and procedures to build their internal capacity for this process future years.

NGO improving the quality of urban and rural communities

Affordable Accommodation
Busia, Uganda

3 weeks

Our partner aims to improve the quality of urban and rural communities with consequent health, environmental and economic benefits.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls, highlighting risk areas and making recommendations for improvements and best practice, according to their resources and capacity, providing training to the local staff as needed. They have asked for additional support in updating and developing a Financial Procedures and Policies Manual, developing tools for budget preparation, monitoring and financial analysis, as well as your advice on improving the accounting system -they currently use Excel and you will assess their need to move to an accounting software, recommend options and if time allows it, support through the transition.

Not-for-profit organisation teaching children to play musical instruments

Affordable Accommodation
Kampala, Uganda

3 - 6 Months

What began as an initiative to donate pianos, extended into an organisation teaching children how to play the piano, and later other instruments. They aim to be a centre of excellence for music in Uganda, believing everyone should have the opportunity to develop musical talents and appreciation.


You will begin by conducting a fresh internal review of their current financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be reviewing their progress since our past placements and assessing the current capacity of the team, identifying any gaps or weaknesses and providing training as needed.  You will be coaching the new Accountant, who is currently struggling to keep on top of her duties. The ED is keen to establish best practice with the day-to-day bookkeeping and month end procedures, to minimise error and to install clear guidelines and task lists. He would also like you to introduce more analysis and management accounting procedures and better board reporting. Other areas he has highlighted are cashflow forecasting; bursary scheme accounting; project financial forecasting; and further analysis of the NGO business model.

NGO supporting vulnerable women and children

Affordable Accommodation
Buikwe District, Uganda

1 Month

Our partner focuses on vulnerable women and children, using education and health interventions. Their educational projects provide school materials and fees for disadvantaged children, supports local schools and educate about menstrual hygiene and providing reusable pads. Their health projects educate on nutrition for pregnant women and infants.


You will start with an internal review of their accounting procedures and controls, you will make and start to implement your recommendations for best practice. Our partner would like your help to develop a simple and robust accounting system that will include tools for budget creation and financial reporting.

Please note that the internet connection in Buikwe will be limited and infrequent. It is a rural area of Uganda, accommodation and facilities will be basic.

NGO developing innovative solutions to healthcare concerns

Affordable Accommodation
Kampala, Uganda

2-3 weeks

Our partner is a tech-based Social Enterprise developing innovative solutions to healthcare concerns. They focus on children and improving their access to effective healthcare. They are currently designing technology to diagnose pneumonia in young children which is the cause of many infant deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa. 


They have requested support to help them to better manage their grants and investment. You will be starting by conducting an internal review of their existing accounting system, procedures and controls and making improvements. They have started to implement procedures as best they can but are aware that they do so without the financial experience. You will be helping to install a robust and user-friendly system and training staff to maintain it. They would also like assistance with financial planning, cash management, audit preparation, financial control and grant reporting. You will be working primarily with their CEO and Finance Manager, who does not have accountancy experience but is currently studying an MBA.

Organization promoting and protecting sustainable livelihoods

Affordable Accommodation and meals
Mukono, Uganda

2 weeks+

Our partner is promoting and protecting sustainable livelihoods through income and food security, environmental conservation, health and social support. Their target beneficiaries began as those suffering from HIV/AIDS and those in extreme poverty and now include small-scale farmers and small business owners.


You will be reviewing their progress, providing further training as needed. They are now completing uploading all transactions onto Savings Plus, you will then help agree the balances. You will also help complete the bank reconciliations and introduce a P&L template.

Our partner has requested your support for the Cooperative: developing the Financial Procedures Manual; building their capacity to engage resource mobilisation strategies and improve the loan portfolio; and training staff on maintaining an asset register, cashflow statements and preparing annual accounts. You will also be training staff in donor reporting.

Social enterprise providing secure access to health solutions

Homestay provided
Kampala, Uganda

3-8 weeks

Our partner believes that no one should be denied health care because they cannot afford it. They target low income populations living in rural, urban and peri-urban areas of Uganda, providing them secure access to health solutions. 


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls and making recommendations for best practice, suitable to their resources and capacity. They have a full-time Accountant who has newly graduated from university. You will be assessing her capacity and providing 1:1 coaching as needed. Our partner would also like your help to introduce budgeting and internal and donor reporting procedures and to strengthen financial controls. They would like you to work with the COO and CEO to review financial sustainability, costing and business plan and to ensure they are meeting compliance.

NGO providing therapy to children with special needs

Accommodation provided
Fort Portal, Uganda

4-8 weeks

Our partner provides high quality, specialised and affordable physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to children with disabilities and special needs.


They also provide training, education and support to those caring for children and young adults with special needs through rehabilitation and vocational training.

You will begin with a review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, appropriate to their resources and capacity. They started using QuickBooks online but employees have received little training on it. They would like to learn how to utilise its functions on stock and inventory. They would also like to start producing financial monthly reporting, including budget vs actual and donor reporting. You may also provide some coaching to the Finance Manager to boost his skills and help to streamline his work.

Not-for-profit organization providing solar lighting systems

Accommodation & Food
Iganga, Uganda

2 Weeks

Our partner brings affordable home solar lighting systems to particularly marginalized off-grid rural communities in East Africa in a sustainable, replicable and scalable model with full local ownership and accountability, and measurable impact.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing accounting system, procedures and controls. You will be making recommendations for best practice, based on the capacity and needs of the organisation.

The team will benefit from training to improve their recording and management of accounts. They are currently using Excel and there is scope for you to evaluate if they can improve the functionality of their current system or would be advised to move to a different financial software.

Organization addressing the shortage of medical personnel

Accommodation Covered
Arua, Uganda

2-3 weeks

Our partner is a South Sudanese and Ugandan NGO which addresses the severe shortage of medical personnel in South Sudan by training quality health care workers. They are in need of a volunteer to support them in transitioning to an electronic accounting system.

Their community health services are run in local schools, working alongside communities bodies, police and army forces. Our partner's outreach programmes draws awareness to hygiene and sanitation, sexual health and gender based violence and provides counselling. 

You will be providing further training and guidance as needed. They have been unable to switch fully to an electronic accounting system for fear of the unreliability computer and internet connection and no adequate back up if they were to crash. They would like you to explore alternative options to reduce manual input and eventually move to an accounting software.

CBO working with vulnerable women and girls

Accommodation provided
Mbale, Uganda

2-6 weeks

Our partner is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Uganda which works with vulnerable women and girls to improve their access to quality healthcare and education and to provide the means of economic empowerment. A separate project teaches women and girls how to make reusable sanitary pads, designed to tackle one reason why girls cannot go to school.

They also provide training on hygiene, nutrition, family planning and mothers’ and women’s rights (including what they are entitled to from absent fathers). They also offer psychosocial counselling to the commercial sex workers, helping them to overcome the stigma they face in the community.

You will be assisting the Programmes Officer and Co-founder with the project annual financial summary and will also create an updated and complete financial procedures manual. They currently are being assisted by a local volunteer who is doing the bookkeeping. Unfortunately, her role is not sustainable as she is also looking for paid work which may cause her to leave at short notice. Our partner would like to hire a permanent accountant in the future but currently their funding doesn’t permit this, so they atr overseeing the volunteer’s work and maintaining reporting and analysis. 

NGO using OpenStreetMap to achieve sustainable development goals

Affordable Accommodation
Kampala, Uganda

2-4 Weeks

Our partner is a registered NGO which uses the OpenStreetMap (OSM) model to further national development in lines with the Sustainable Development Goals. OSM generates various maps and data through a collaborative approach, its source is an online network of mappers who are trained to build and add to open and public maps/data. They aim to create a greater capacity for the collection and use of open data which will help organisations and individuals develop and to manage and solve their own social, economic and community challenges.


Our partner engage young people to become community mappers through university groups in 5 major Ugandan universities. However anyone with a good enough internet connection can become a member and receive training. They generate some income from membership subscriptions. They are also piloting a project to introduce OSM into the university curriculum to equip the next generation with the tools to create and use this kind of data. Besides, they have a new project coming up this year with WeRobotics, which involves the use of drones.

You will begin by reviewing their progress, providing further training and guidance as needed. You will be training the new Accounts Assistant, who has no formal accountancy training, another team member in QuickBooks to help to distribute the workload and project staff in their finance tracking duties. They also requested support with fund allocation, preparing the accounts for audit and reviewing compliance and risk.

Please note that this is a small team and a junior organisation, this placement will require a volunteer who is comfortable to work independently and with initiative.