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Global NGO providing health interventions to marginalised people [592]

Flights, Accommodation and Stipend provided
Vientiane, Laos

8+ weeks

Our partner provides health interventions to marginalised people, with their work focused on malaria prevention and treatment within border territories. They have requested support to strengthen and improve their financial management system.

The organisation runs four main projects: reducing the malaria burden and impact of multi-drug resistance; malaria elimination through community focussed interventions; cross-border response for overlooked and stigmatised populations in Laos and Cambodia; and increased resilience and improved food and nutrition security for vulnerable communities.

Your role will be to conduct an internal review of their existing financial systems, procedures and controls and making recommendations for best practice, appropriate to the context and capacity of the team. Our partner has been developing accounting procedures and controls over time and while they feel these are working well, they are still concerned that considerable risks remain.

This is a wide-reaching role, also including reviewing their use of QuickBooks and the flow of financial management information, which will see the volunteer work closely with the local finance team as well as the Country Director and the Head of Programmes for Asia.

NGO creating and supporting libraries in underdeveloped areas

Affordable Accommodation and stipend
Luang Prabang, Laos

2-3 weeks

Our partner offers young people in Laos a chance to meet their potential, learn and develop through education and literacy, by creating and supporting libraries in underdeveloped areas.


You will begin with an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls and making recommendations for best practice, according to their resources and capacity, providing training to the local staff as needed.

They identified a specific need and challenge in making a better use of their accounting system, which currently is on Excel: it is very time consuming and not efficient, and as they are preparing for a second book-launch next year, they want to make sure they have a better system in place. You will assess, recommend and support in implementing a better system that can integrate accounting, sales and database management, able to automatize the work. They are members of TechSoup and will have access to software at reduced prices, but they need your support in selecting the appropriate software and then receive training to make sure they are utilising it appropriately.

Not-for-profit organization focusing on sexual reproductive health & rights

Affordable Accommodation
Vientiane, Laos

2-6 weeks

Our partner focuses on sexual reproductive health and rights: they strive to raise awareness and empower people with knowledge, information and access to quality services. Their current projects include educating on key health topics and nutrition and raising awareness for their target groups: mothers, girls and youth.


You will begin with an internal review of their current financial procedures, systems and controls. You will be assessing the capacity and resources of the team and organisation and making recommendations for best practice. You will be improving and introducing new procedures as needed to further strengthen and formalise their structure, training staff to build their capacity. They have a financial procedures manual but would like you to review and update this. They are using QuickBooks and excel and would like further training on QuickBooks to best utilise the system.


As our partner attract more and larger donors, they need help understanding and adhering to the reporting requirements, which will become increasingly complex. They would also like to demonstrate a robust and transparent system which meets international compliance to help them attract more funding. They would also like you to create better payroll procedures for both core and project staff.

Non-governmental organization offering wildlife rescue and release service

Ban Keun, Laos

2-4 months

Our partner provide a multi-species rescue service which spans country wide, working amidst prominent illegal wildlife trade routes. They run a 24/7 hotline and work with the government on large scale confiscations. Alongside this service they also run a sanctuary for those animals that cannot be released.


Our partner would like to build a more robust system for the Trust going forward. You will be conducting an internal review of their existing financial procedures, systems and controls, and you will be making recommendations for best practice and installing a clear and user friendly system, training staff on its use.

Our partner use excel and manual cashbooks; they have purchased QuickBooks but have not managed to switch to the system. You will be assessing and advising on their readiness for either this software or the continued use of excel.  A part-time Accountant based in Vientiane works for them, but has limited capacity: your work will likely involve a couple of trips to support her. You will also be working with the founders who would like training in how to oversee and check finance.

Charity promoting gender equality and protecting women

Affordable Accommodation
Vientiane, Laos

2 Weeks

Our partner is a Non-Profit working to promote gender equality, women’s rights and the protection of women from human trafficking and gender based violence. They have requested support from a volunteer to review their financial procedures and provide training support to the local team.

They work with legal professionals, educators, students and local communities to enact cultural and behavioural change. This is done through the dissemination of laws related to women, installing gender into mainstream education and facilitating better access to justice mechanisms for women.

You will be reviewing their progress and providing further training and guidance. The Finance Officer has started creating a Financial Procedures Manua. She would like your help to review and suggest improvements.

Organization Supporting Rural & Indigenous Communities

Accommodation provided & Visa covered

2 - 3 Weeks

Our partner works with rural, mostly indigenous communities, in southern Laos. Their programmes focus on helping people to develop their own potential, through education and/or livelihoods, whilst conserving the environment. 

There has been an increased momentum in their work, and team morale has been high. They have started a new bamboo project, where local farmers are harvesting bamboo stems, using the shoots for food and the bamboo for building materials for making decorative items. They have been strengthening their accounting processes and financial controls and have recently become a sub-grantee for an organisation based in Chiang Mai with other ongoing proposals to international donors.

Our partner have requested an experienced auditor to provide the following assistance: 1) support the finance team (coaching them on improved approaches/methods of audit preparation) prepare for the audit, and then continue for about a week following the audit in order to 2) advise and support the capacity development of the local audit firm, 3) to provide support with the execution of the audit and then, 4) the preparation of the partner’s audit reports.

Organization training and supporting local artisans

Luang Pranbang, Laos

2 Weeks

Our partner trains women to sew and it focuses on product development and linkages to the market. They are commited to supporting and developing the skillset of local artisans, and they do so by buying raw materials and products from village artisans, village cooperatives and organisations that support vulnerable groups in Laos.

Our partner has also been supporting and collaborating with organisations supporting women and girls at risk of human trafficking and/or sexual exploitation.

You will review their financial controls and revisit the cash management; monthly accounting processes; stock and inventory; and business accounting. You will also help review their online sales procedures to make sure they have the most effective system set up. Our partner is now selling in Singapore and want to make the most of this new opportunity and to continue to expand their reach.

Non-Profit Building Capacity of Local Community Organisations

Lunch provided

1 Month

Our partner works to support local Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and Non-Profit Associations who work in development for poverty alleviation in Laos through capacity building workshops, sharing knowledge and best practice. They would like help developing the finance aspects of their programme work.

Their objectives include building the skills of CSOs to enable implementation of efficient development projects in their target communities and create opportunities for the Lao civil society to enhance mutual coordination, learning and sharing of information on the development’s work.

They have requested that you help develop a finance management tool to be used with the local organisations and develop basic finance management training they can deliver to CSO staff. This will need to be suitable for the needs and capacity of local NGO staff who do not have a finance background.

NGO Empowering Disabled Women

Lunch provided

4 weeks

Our Partner aims to change perceptions of disabled women in Laos and empower them so they can become independent members of society. They are looking for a Pro Bono Accountant to provide training and support to local staff.

The organisation was founded and is run by women with disabilities and works to provide support to other Lao disabled women by helping them develop new skills and build their confidence.

Your role will be to review their progress since the last AfID volunteer and support them with their sales system, Microsoft Access, introduce profit analysis and inventory management tools and providing further staff training. You will be helping the organisation become self-reliant and get to the stage where they do not need external support.

Legal and Development Organisation Protecting Women's Rights

Homestay options

2 - 6 Weeks

Our partner are working to promote gender equality, women’s rights and the protection of women from human trafficking and gender based violence.

They work with legal professionals, educators, students and local communities to enact cultural and behavioural change. This is done through the dissemination of laws related to women, installing gender into mainstream education and facilitating better access to justice mechanisms for women.
You will begin by conducting an internal review of their existing systems, procedures and controls. You will then make recommendations for best practice and start to implement some of these changes. They have asked for support with cash flow forecasting; year-end and project-end activities; updating their finance policies and documentation of this; cash management systems; and financial planning.