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Youth Led Organisation Providing Health and Education Support

Contribution to Accommodation

2 - 6 Weeks

Our partner is a youth-founded and youth-led organisation located in south-central Madagascar who aim to provide health and leadership education to increase school attendance, reduce early pregnancy rates and improve health outcomes.

The organisation has been growing rapidly over the past two years. More schools are requesting their services; donor interest is increasing; partnership with multi-national agencies such as UNICEF and UNFPA is being implemented and staff is rapidly increasing. As the organisation grows additional support is needed to reinforce their financial and accounting procedures.
Your role will include undertaking a mock audit to help them prepare for an external audit taking place next year. The Director feels that there is still a lot of room for improvement and would like to have stronger systems, processes and procedures before having an external audit: in particular she would like you to review their procedures manual and help implement the ones they are currently not implementing. The previous volunteer suggested an implementation of Quickbooks but the Director would prefer to build the Excell skills of the Finance Officer before moving to another software.