"The APAMO is very pleased that Jerry joined us and unselfishly shared his vast accounting expertise with our team...
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...His assignment with us has been very instrumental in introducing our business approach our member Community-Based Organizations working in protected areas management.
Jerry will always be remembered for his expertise, but more so for the great person he is."

[Partner Organisation]
Jose Perez, Executive Director
APAMO Belize
"I was really impressed by the quality of AfID's services - you have been really helpful and always available when needed!"

Julia, OEC
"Erin was immediately useful to our entire team -- she quickly and thoughtfully added value in an appropriate way that has improved how we implement internal financial management and budgeting processes."

[Partner Organisation]
Gardens for Health,
"I can't say enough about the excellent work that Naomi has done on our Accounting Systems..." Read more

"She was placed  to help us for three weeks with a range of accounting tasks and she far surpassed our expectations. I highly recommend you to use AfID through her volunteer placements to your NGO to develop your accounting system"

[Partner Organisation]
Make a Difference Now,
"AfID have been guiding us to our destination like traffic controllers landing a plane with one engine on fire...  Read more

...Special thanks to Apeksha and Leah who have been so patient with us and whose professionalism and passion for AfID filled us with the confidence to do this."

Phil, CIMA
SolarAid & Sunny Money Malawi
"Having AFID volunteers work with our team was invaluable.  The entire process, from partner selection through to volunteer selection and placement preparation was smooth and professional, and ensured both quality partners and highly experienced volunteers are paired together..." Read more

"From our team's perspective, having AfID volunteers work closely with our staff have significantly improved our business.  We now have improved processes, a greater level of accountability and transparency to donors, and the systems put in place mean we're now managing the entire organisation so much more efficiently.

Best of all, our staff have improved their confidence in implementing financial processes, and they gained fantastic professional development as a result of receiving mentoring and support from the volunteers.  AfID and their volunteers have completely exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be more grateful for the support we have received."

[Partner Organisation]
SHE Investments,
"My placement, with Voice Ghana, gave me an increased confidence in my ability to overcome challenges and enabled me to use my skills to make a positive change."  Read more

"I feel I made some lifelong connections and friends and would recommend AfID and their work to everyone."

Claire, CPFA
Voice Ghana
"Through AfID I worked on a 3 month assignment in Malawi with an organisation that provdes loans to groups of women to give then a "hand up" in their lives. It was a challenging...  Read more

... and, ultimately rewarding experience to be part of this organisation which makes such a difference to people's everyday lives.
AfID worked diligently to ensure that I was prepared to meet the challenge and carry out my responsibilities effectively for the organisation.
I have to thank AfID for giving me such an opportunity. It was a pleasure to work with AfID and I hope it will not be the last time."

Bob, FCA
MicroLoan Foundation, Malawi