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Adventures in Kathmandu with Melva (CPA Australia)

Melva (CPA Australia)
SMART, Nepal

"I became intrigued by an article on the back page of a magazine, In The Black, a CPA Australia magazine. It was the story about an Australian accountant who had contributed her time, skills and knowledge to an organisation in Africa."


"I contacted Accounting for International Development, the UK based organisation who had organised the placement and my journey had begun.


"Emails full of resources, flight and accommodation bookings, vaccinations, visa application, phone calls to the UK and Nepal, finally I was packed and ready to fly.


"SMART Pvt Ltd is based in Anamnagar, Kathmandu. SMART has embraced a broad mission to support the development of Nepal through providing training programs, undertaking research and engaging in consultancy.  The areas SMART seeks to embrace include, sustainable agricultural practices, natural resource development, environmental tourism, as well as increasing literacy levels throughout the population. Apart from income received from training programs, they source grants from governments and other organisations."


"I was fortunate enough to take part in several SMART field trips whilst I was in Kathmandu. These involved travelling across the Kathmandu Valley in various directions, observing training programs, meetings and discussions.

SMART team meeting in NEPAL

  1. Public Procurement Training in the Nargarjum Municipality.
  2. Planning Meeting in Sankhu to Open up a New Trekking Region
  3. A Meeting with SMART’s Chartered Accountant, discussing the similarities in types of accounting work between countries.
  4. A visit to the Tourism Board with Janak and Arjun from SMART to discuss training opportunities.
  5. A visit to Tribhuvan University with Janak and Arjun to discuss training opportunities.


"Of course the Himalayan Mountain Range is a major drawcard for anyone visiting Nepal. There are a range of options to view the mountains, three of which I managed to fit in."




"On my last evening in Kathmandu, Arjun and his daughter, Janak, Durga and his wife, and I celebrated with a banquet of Nepalese food at a local restaurant.  Thank you all for your warmth, friendship and support whilst I was visiting Kathmandu."


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