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Stacie in Kenya

Stacie (ACCA)
Msichana Empowerment, Kenya

"I’ve arrived home from Kenya and am already reflecting on my time with Msichana. While I can’t pretend I’m not glad to have some home comforts back, like a proper shower and my own bed, I will really miss a lot about Kenya.


"I feel incredibly privileged to have spent two weeks working with four amazing women (five including fellow volunteer Hayley) at Msichana Empowerment who help girls struggling through poverty, those at risk of FGM and who just want to stay in education. It was eye opening in so many ways.



"I really hope I’ve made a difference to Msichana’s finance department and Joyce feels my time with her was useful. We put in place month end procedures, revamped the finance policies and made sure the year end accounts were ready for audit. While the slow pace of life in Kenya was frustrating at times, I also think there is a lot we can learn in the UK from the chilled out Kenyans.



"I’ll continue to support Msichana from the UK as best I can, be it in terms of finance support, donations or any other way. They’re doing incredible things and deserve to realise their dreams of what the organisation can become.


"Before I left Natalie kindly took me out on a tour of Nairobi, we visited the National Archives, Nairobi Museum, The Giraffe Centre, the Safari Walk and she made sure I got the opportunity to try to Tusker Lager! Natalie is a lot of fun as well as being a really inspiring woman."


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