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UK & Remote Volunteering, Trustee & Treasurer Roles

UK Volunteering

Part-time, short term volunteer assignments designed to give charities with limited resources access to qualified accounting expertise. An excellent way for accountants to give back and pick up rewarding experience in the not-for-profit sector.

Treasurer [597]

Pro bono

Our partner supports people affected by macular disease, the biggest cause of sight loss in the UK, providing a range of support, information and services to those affected as well as research on new treatments and ultimately a cure.

As Treasurer you will use your financial experience and expertise to provide strategic insight into the organisation's financial affairs and you will support the Board of Trustees in carrying out its responsibilities in regard to the charity’s finances.  

They are seeking a qualified accountant with extensive experience of delivering results at a senior level, specifically with developing financial strategy and governance, business planning and income generation.

Many of their meetings are held virtually, however travel to their head office in Hampshire or to London to attend in person meetings will be required on occasion. The Board and Finance Committee both meet quarterly and the estimated time commitment required for the role is 17 days per year.


Process and System Setup [611]

Pro Bono

Our partner, a US 501(c)(3) non-profit, pools donations from individuals, foundations, family offices, and donor advised funds, and make strategic purchases of high-quality carbon removal to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Launched in October 2022, their income is currently robust, but with one full-time employee they do not have the resources to invest in improving their financial processes. They are seeking the support of an AfID volunteer to guide them in setting up simple financial management systems and processes, as their finances become significantly more complex.

They are looking to make general improvements to their financial processes, which to this point have only been managed by non-finance managers. Specifically, they would like their staff to be given support in the following areas:

  • Best practice management of the General Ledger
  • Reconciliation of multiple bank accounts and giving pathways
  • Tracking donations appropriately and considering restrictions
  • Recommendations for any accounting software/implementation 

They are seeking a volunteer familiar with experience working with a US 501(c)(3), able to commit to providing support for 2 hours a week over a 3 month period. 


Financial Management Review [610]

Pro bono

Our partner works across Cambodia, the UK and USA to protect, educate, empower and reform at every level to ensure that everyone is able to realise their human rights and be free from the threat of modern slavery.

They are seeking the support of a volunteer to help them gain a better understanding of their monthly reporting across their three entities, and how these can be better aligned with their project and general budgets, being aware of any gaps and / or overspends. They feel that they may need to develop new reports for easier understanding across the organisation.

The project will involve connecting with the UK Operations & Development Director (and to a lesser degree the UK Treasurer and Executive Director) and the finance team members in the UK, USA and Cambodia to understand how they manage their budgets, where funding is paid in to and how it is distributed across the organisation. Specifically, they need to better understand the requisition process when requesting funds from other offices and how that is managed within QuickBooks online.

They are looking for a volunteer with fund accounting and grants management experience, able to commit to providing 2-3 hours support a week over a 2-3 month period.


Treasurer [609]

Pro bono

Our partner is committed to driving innovation and economic growth in Tanzania, providing personalised and strategic capacity building, affordable capital, and relevant community ecosystem support to social enterprises.

They are seeking a Treasurer to oversee the financial management of the organisation, working closely with the finance team to ensure accurate financial records, and preparing and presenting financial reports to the board. The post holder will advise on financial strategy and risk management, and ensure compliance with financial regulations and reporting requirements.

They are particularly keen to receive interest from candidates with experience of working, volunteering, or living in sub-Saharan Africa, and/or exposure to microfinance or social investment.

The Board meets every 2 months, and the Treasurer will also chair the Finance Committee which meets monthly. All meetings take place online.


Treasurer [608]

Pro bono

Our partner uses laughter and play to support children’s psychological, emotional and cognitive health, working in refugee camps to share activities that hone children’s resilience and help them to overcome adversity and build their futures.

They are seeking a Treasurer, passionate about children’s rights and the arts, to oversee the financial management of the organisation and sit on the board of Trustees who serve as stewards of the charity's resources, and are ultimately responsible for their strategy and operations.

As Treasurer you will be responsible for ensuring proper accounts and records are kept; overseeing, and presenting, budgets, accounts and financial statements to the Board; and developing and/or reviewing and implementing financial and reserves policies.

The Board of Trustees meet four times per year, usually over Zoom as their Trustees are based around the world, with one face-to-face meeting per year, usually in London. Trustees are asked to give around four to six days per year to the organisation.


Working in the light, SolarAid Malawi

Independent Examination [607]

Pro bono

Our partner is a UK based charity whose mission is to make safe drinking water accessible to vulnerable populations in developing countries, raising funds in the UK to support local partner organisations in Cambodia, Vietnam and Madagascar.

With their income exceeding the £25,000 threshold they require an Independent Examination of their simple set of accounts in preparation for submission to the Charity Commission.

They are seeking a suitably qualified volunteer to undertake the examination of their 2023 accounts in line with Charity Commission guidelines. You must be a member of an accountancy body (such as ICAEW, ACCA or AAT) and they are ideally looking for someone who has undertaken an Independent Examination previously.

It is estimated that the work can be undertaken within 3 working days and the examination needs to be completed before the end of April.


Volunteer Accountant [606]

Pro bono

Our partner was developed from a vision that people’s love for football can be used to build opportunities. Every year they reach over 2,200 children and young people through their community projects.

They have grown considerably over the last few years from a team of 8 in 2019 to 16 in 2022. They now manage multiple grants to deliver new projects. As they have grown, they have realised the need for an improvement in their financial systems to be able to effectively manage and report on the external funding they have received.

Having received a AfID in-person in early 2023, they now require a follow up placement where a volunteer will provide support in the following areas:

  • Review their use of Quickbooks, supporting them in making any accounting corrections, and also in making the most of the software.
  • Coach them in undertaking bank reconciliations, and in undertaking old bank reconciliations, bringing these up to date. 
  • They have requested support in taking the lead on consolidating the accounts of the three entities so that management can get a complete picture of the finances and financial health of the whole organisation. Part of your work will also be to develop templates/tools to help them manage this process themselves going forward.
  • They are looking to decentralise finance responsibilities, and are keen on more involvement from Project Officers. They would like coaching for them to understand the importance of proper record keeping, project budgeting and reporting.
  • Undertake a review of their grant systems and support improvements to improve accuracy of grant reporting.

They are seeking a volunteer able to commit to providing 2-3 hours support a week over 2-3 months from early 2024.


Payroll Review [605]

Pro bono

Our partner is a global NGO that fights poverty and builds sustainable livelihoods in eastern Africa, through sustainable agriculture, gender and social inclusion, diversification of income and climate crisis action.

The organisation has rolled out Cezanne, a HR system, across the organisation and are now looking at options in relation to payroll.

Their UK entity currently spends a significant amount on SAGE payroll software and the 5 country programmes use Excel, and having no formal software system is costing in country staff valuable time. Staff costs contribute to a large proportion of their spend across the UK and Africa and represents one of their biggest risks.

They are seeking a volunteer to investigate options available to them to either outsource or a global payroll solution, and write a business case on recommendations. The role will involve having conversations with stakeholders about the current UK and Country programme processes, before researching and presenting potential options.


Treasury Review [604]

Pro bono

Our partner is a global NGO that fights poverty and builds sustainable livelihoods in eastern Africa, through sustainable agriculture, gender and social inclusion, diversification of income and climate crisis action.

The organisation has a strategy of moving from income received and granted from the UK to receiving more income in country. As such, they are seeking the support of a volunteer to write a report for the senior leadership team and Trustees, looking at the risks and considerations that need to be taken into account with this shift and how the treasury function, that has primarily been managed from the UK, needs to adapt.

With more funding being received in country, FX exposure is greater as currently they have a strategy to mitigate this from the UK with hedging products. With limited legislation in country they are seeking advice on how best to manage this as well as recharging between entities.

The volunteer will read their strategy and discuss with stakeholders how they currently manage the treasury function, before researching and present a 1–2-page paper of recommendations and considerations.


Finance Systems & Process Review [603]

Pro bono

Our partner is a start-up community based organisation, with a portfolio of initiatives that regenerate environmental and community function across a five village network in East Halmahera, North Maluku, Indonesia.

These initiatives are built upon a strong commitment to advance community rights and enable community-led natural resource governance, with the aim to develop as a blueprint framework that can be used to strengthen other ridge-to-reef landscapes across Indonesia.

The organisation was established two years ago and received its first two-year grant one year ago. They are looking for the support of a AfID volunteer to help them set up appropriate financial management systems and processes before potentially bringing a part-time Finance Manager on board next year.

The volunteer will provide support in 4 broad areas:

  • Develop recommendations for strengthening and streamlining current Excel based finance systems and processes.
  • Develop a simple financial system that includes tailored budgeting, forecasting, recording and reporting templates/tools, to provide up to date information on spending against budgets.
  • Introduce finance reporting tools (or systems) that can respond to different donor reporting needs.
  • Increase team capacity and knowledge on sound financial management and procedures specific for NGOs.

They are seeking a volunteer able to commit to providing 25 hours support over 2-3 months.


Weaving lessons, Manna4Life, Cambodia

Treasurer [602]

Pro bono

Our partner has a passionate belief that people on the autistic spectrum have huge potential. By providing help and support to them, their families, professionals, companies and organisations they are seeing significant success.

They are seeking a Treasurer to assist and advise the Board in overseeing the finances, ensuring the organisation’s financial viability and that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.


  • Bookkeeping and accounts.
  • Being a counter signatory for banking transactions.
  • Producing costing information for projects and funding applications.
  • Producing budgets and financial targets.
  • Attending Board meetings and helping to guide Board decisions.
  • Liaising with payroll and pension providers.
  • Ensuring that statutory returns are made to relevant regulators.

The estimate time commitment required for the role is 5 hours per month.


Finance Trustee [601]

Pro bono

Our partner is a long-established human rights organisation, working in partnership with survivors, international organisations, businesses, governments and communities to end slavery so that everyone can live free from exploitation.

They are seeking a Trustee to be an active and engaged member of their Finance Committee, working alongside the Treasurer in scrutinising financial reports, considering the financial risks facing the charity, ensuring that internal financial controls and procedures safeguard the charity’s assets, and developing appropriate financial policies.

The post holder will have an accountancy qualification or an equivalent level of experience and expertise in accountancy and charity finance, as well as risk management. The ideal candidate will have international charity governance and financial management experience, preferably through a previous executive or Trustee role.

Both the Board and Finance Committee meet  4 times annually, either online or in central London. You will also need to engage with your fellow Trustees, the Executive and other staff teams as required.


Treasurer [600]

Pro bono

Our partner believes that stable, flourishing communities are based on thriving couple and family relations, and dedicates itself to the worldwide dissemination of knowledge about such relationships and to activities promoting their well-being.

They are seeking a Treasurer to take on a hands-on role in the monitoring and administration of the organisation's finances.

The role will include monitoring their online bank accounts, maintaining their income and expenditure spreadsheet, submitting an income and expenditure report to Trustees ahead of meetings, and assisting the Trustees with the preparation of an annual budget and the financial report to the Charity Commission.

The ideal candidate will be a competent Excel user with experience of preparing accounts. The time commitment required for the role is approximately 1 hour per week, with the Trustees meeting 3 times a year.


Treasurer [599]

Pro bono

Our partner funds projects in the UK and overseas which improve access, quality and sustainability of education in marginalised and low-income communities, enabling young people to transform their life chances.

They are looking for a new Treasurer who cares deeply about the rights of children and young people to be able to access high-quality education as a driver for equality of opportunity, personal development and well-being.

The Treasurer will oversee the organisations regular financial affairs as well as their investment portfolio. Ongoing financial planning to ensure they can continue grant giving for the long-term is of equal importance to ensuring that their day-to-day financial processes and investments are well managed.

The ideal candidate will be a qualified accountant, preferably with experience of both charity investments and charity finances. As well as attending Board and Finance & Investment Committee meetings, the estimated time commitment required for the role is approximately 4 hours per month.


Treasurer [595]

Pro bono

Our partner provides life-saving operations to children with heart disease around the world who would otherwise not survive, and are building local, sustainable, cardiac services in countries which don't have the skills or facilities needed.

They are seeking a new Treasurer to oversee the charity’s financial health and to ensure it carries out its duties and objectives of helping children with heart disease.

The role would largely support the established finance function in the charity and support the team with the preparation of annual accounts, forecasts, statutory reporting and quarterly reports to the Board of Trustees as well as the annual accounts. The Treasurer will play a key part in identifying risks to the charity and sit on the risk committee.

The estimated total time commitment for the role is a cumulative 1 day per month, including quarterly board meetings, risk committee meetings and a monthly finance meeting with the Chief Executive, Finance Manager and Director of Operations. The majority of meetings are held online.


Girls' Education from Nurture Africa, Kenya

QuickBooks Volunteer [570]

Pro bono

Our partner works in repressive and closed societies, supporting local activists to document human rights abuses committed against their communities, working discreetly and gathering evidence with covert cameras.

As a small but growing charity they are seeking the support of an AfID volunteer to share their skills, experience and creativity in the following key areas:

  • Strengthening their use of QuickBooks, as they have recently switched their finance system from the desktop version to the online version. They require some support and training on simplifying the coding and reporting structure along with data mapping.
  • Reviewing their accounting and financial management processes (including Crypto and NICRA policies), controls and systems, and making and supporting in implementing recommendations for best practice.
  • Undertaking a financial health check of the organisation, if time allows.

They are seeking a volunteer able to commit to providing 4-6 hours support a week for 3 months and are ideally seeking a finance professional with INGO experience and familiarity with QuickBooks Online, fund accounting and donor reporting.


Finance Board Member [590]

Pro bono

Our partner is the world’s largest NGO dedicated to peacebuilding, working on the frontlines of conflict on four continents, leveraging a combination of courageous local leadership and broad global networks to drive their impact.

A US registered non-profit, with a sister organisation based in Belgium, they are seeking to add financial expertise to their Board of Directors as they enter an ambitious phase of their 10-year strategy.

They are seeking an accomplished finance professional, with senior level experience in a large-scale global corporation, accounting firm, or non-profit. You will be able to provide direction for the Board in setting global finance-strategy as the organisation expands and diversifies and will have the technical skills required to ensure effective capital structure, governance, and audit/tax practices, as well as the insight to guide the development of a financial reserve & investment strategy.

The Board meets 3 times annually, 2 virtual and 1 in-person in New York (travel expenses covered), and the Finance Committee meets quarterly online. It is envisaged that the postholder will ultimately be the successor for Chair of the Finance Committee in late 2024.


Finance Trustee [589]

Pro bono

Our partner is improving people’s lives through the promotion and delivery of wholesome, nutritious food to vulnerable adults and school-age children across Southampton - supporting their wellbeing, growth and development.

They are looking to further expand the range of Trustee skills that they can draw upon, to help lead them through an exciting stage of their development, and are particularly keen on bringing a Trustee onto the Board with knowledge or experience in Finance – as one of the key areas of focus for good governance.

Trustees are expected to prepare for and attend up to six Board meetings a year, plus the AGM. Trustees also need to be available to contribute advice and support on an ad hoc basis as required, and get involved in committee meetings, focusing on People, Audit & Risk, Finance, and Charitable Impact.


Treasurer [591]

Pro bono

Our partner is an international charity with a focus on empowering local people to build peace and rebuild lives, working to make sure these local peacebuilders have the resources they need to make peace a reality.

They are seeking a new Treasurer is to assist the Chair and Board of Trustees in overseeing the financial affairs of the organisation and ensuring that they are legal, constitutional and within accepted accounting practice.

The postholder will ensure proper records are kept and that effective and appropriate financial procedures and controls are in place, monitor and report on the financial health of the organisation, and oversee the production of necessary financial reports/returns, accounts and audits.

The Board meets quarterly, on weekday evenings, and the Treasurer will also chair the Finance Committee which meets in advance. You will also need to be able to make yourself available to staff for advice and enquiries on an ad hoc basis.


Treasurer [586]

Pro bono

Our partner is a UK-based organisation with a global aim to ensure people who have escaped oppression can heal, grow, and live the life they choose through holistic support programmes.

They are seeking a Treasurer to help them to continue their growth from a small community start-up into a high-impact, well-renowned, and sustainable international organisation by overseeing their financial management.

With a finance background, you will be responsible for the oversight of their governance, providing strategic support related to financial management, and overseeing robust financial processes for continued growth. Individuals are sought who have a strong empathy with their work and vision, and share their values and commitment to social and racial justice.

The Board meets online every quarter for 2 hours and they also hold one annual away day. You will also join the Finance and Risk committee which also meets every quarter for around 2 hours. The total estimated time commitment required for the role is around 2-3 hours per month.


Harvest time; Gardens for Health, Rwanda

Treasurer [582]

Pro bono

Our partner works with organisations and communities in the UK and around the world to ensure that victims of torture, trafficking, slavery, persecution and war can access the treatment and support they need.

They are looking to appoint a new Treasurer and are actively seeking to increase the diversity of voices, experiences and perspectives on their Board of Trustees. They would be particularly interested in hearing from candidates who have lived experience of the issues they are seeking to address.

As a qualified accountant with experience of working with charities your role will be to provide effective governance of the Charity’s affairs, ensuring its financial viability and that proper processes and procedures are in place for all financial records, decisions and delegations.

The Board meets quarterly online, and there is an additional strategy day and 1/2 day governance day in London annually. The total estimated time commitment for the role is 2-4 hours per month.


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