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Q. What was your most rewarding experience?

"I have helped Jean Baptiste to implement an accounting package, and to modify existing spreadsheet based records and link them via a tailored import package. He has taken up the challenge and succeeded, and to see this rapid professional development is very rewarding."

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Q. Would you recommend volunteering overseas?

"Without hesitation I would recommend this, particularly to those who are young and recently qualified, or retired but still cerebrally active. There is a great need and opportunity, particularly for people who have retired, and do not have to command a salary commensurate with their experience. It is a great way to learn about, and experience, the wider world."

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High Performance Service Rwanda

"We deeply thank Mary for her great professional contribution and wonderful personal accompany during her stay with us in Intiwawa. Both her work experience and adaptive personality have enriched the way we work. Thank you."

[Partner Organisation]
Intiwawa, Peru

"Ming was able to piece together the informal records we'd been keeping and set up our finances in a professional way that reflects our current status. His help was invaluable, as was the guidance he gave to our staff. He has really helped to set us up for our future growth."

[Partner Organisation]
Plastic Free Cambodia

"We at Mothers' Initiatives Africa, take this opportunity to appreciate AfiD for sourcing for us a volunteer who is a Professional Accountant. On a similar note, I would like to thank Fiona for traveling that long journey all the way from Scotland to Uganda to volunteer with us and share with us the accounting knowledge that she had....

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..Fiona designed for us a simple Accounting system which is easy to understand and is of great use because now we are able to know our monthly incomes and expenditures, of which we could not keep track before. Many thanks to you Molly for connecting to us such a resourceful person. This volunteer placement has added value to our organizational work and therefore, we are so so grateful to AfiD and Fiona. May God's Blessing be upon you all forever."

[Partner Organisation]
Mothers' Initiative Africa, Uganda

"Thank you so much Sally! We are in such better shape than we were just a few months ago and it's all thanks to you. We're starting the Netsuites implementation next week :)"

[Partner Organisation]
Roots of Health, Philippines

"Dylan came ready to work, and clear in his expectations. We soon formed a plan that would work in with his time here. Dylan was very humble, and quickly formed positive relationships with the accounting and support staff. He followed through on everything we agreed he would do, and worked with great efficiency...

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...A complete audit of our systems and accounts was carried out, a cash flow forecast was prepared, the 2018 budget was prepared, a new set of Finance Policies were created, and the month end procedures reviewed and updated. I would highly recommend Dylan and want to thank AFID very much for sending him along and helping make this assignment a success!"

[Partner Organisation]
Flame, Cambodia

“I am currently planning my next assignment with AfID for early next year. For anyone who has ever thought about doing something like this – please do! Its fun, educational, heart-warming, and a chance to consider what really matters in life..

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..I had been worried that I would not feel the same as I did when travelling 10/15 years ago but as it turns out maturity has given me experience about what to expect/how to deal with it and may have helped bring out the best in others. Perhaps you truly are never too old...” 

Caroline, ICAEW
Pampamayanang Mangyan Ugnayan, Philippines

"Phil quickly grasped our immediate needs as well as recognizing other important reporting/tracking systems we will need for any donor enquiries. He tackled everything with great fervor and will continue to be of service to our organization."

[Partner Organisation]
Painted Dog Research Trust, Zimbabwe