"Big thank you to Penny for your expertise and oversight. You have had a significant impact to PRI Kenya overall. You really couldn't have come at a more crucial time!

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"The mentorship and guidance you have provided the team has transformed the organization in a short amount of time! The team and Board would like to thank you for your time, patience and expertise and we look forward to still having you around for advisory sessions. Your positive energy is contagious and we are forever grateful!"

[Partner Organisation]
Permaculture Research Institute, Kenya

"The placement individual was amazing. She came, evaluated, spoke with all relevant parties and immediately established a plan...

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...She also went above board to attend various activities to have a clearer understanding of our work and the needs. She was quick to offer solutions, was extremely dedicated in her work, and was checking in multiple ways to be certain our goals were met. Laila was a tremendous help. Our hope is to grow and expand, but what is in place is perfect for our current needs."

[Partner Organisation]
Hope Unending, Vietnam
"The APAMO is very pleased that Jerry joined us and unselfishly shared his vast accounting expertise with our team...
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...His assignment with us has been very instrumental in introducing our business approach our member Community-Based Organizations working in protected areas management. Jerry will always be remembered for his expertise, but more so for the great person he is."

[Partner Organisation]
Jose Perez, Executive Director
APAMO Belize

"Chad was one of the most helpful volunteers we have ever had. His experience not only in finance but also in working with other NGOs...

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was exactly what we needed to improve our system and look toward strengthening our income generation and, thereby, our self sustainability.  He was a pleasure to work with and learn from."

[Partner Organisation]
BCVI, Belize

"Ben was a rockstar! He perfectly balanced professionalism with being approachable, positive and enjoyable to work with.

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"His assessment of our needs included taking the time to listen to how our business operates resulting in supporting us with relevant suggestions and systems. The time then spent in training was practical, thorough and fun. He truly became a member of our team and his work has allowed us to understand our accounting and inventory and manage it with more confidence."

[Partner Organisation]
Hanna Guy, Director
Dorsu Cambodia

"I was really impressed by the quality of AfID's services - you have been really helpful and always available when needed!"

Julia, OEC
"Erin was immediately useful to our entire team -- she quickly and thoughtfully added value in an appropriate way that has improved how we implement internal financial management and budgeting processes."

[Partner Organisation]
Gardens for Health,
"I can't say enough about the excellent work that Naomi has done on our Accounting Systems..." Read more

"She was placed  to help us for three weeks with a range of accounting tasks and she far surpassed our expectations. I highly recommend you to use AfID through her volunteer placements to your NGO to develop your accounting system"

[Partner Organisation]
Make a Difference Now,