Want to volunteer AND be back home in time for Christmas dinner?03.11.2016

Take a look at these exciting last minute volunteer assignments...



KENYA | Volunteer Accountant @ Innovative Construction Charity
3-6 Weeks | Accommodation Provided
Our partner works to benefit communities by using innovative architecture and construction, whilst empowering an entirely local workforce through the sharing of skills and knowledge.



Scope of work: Your role will be to conduct a review of their systems, procedures and controls as well as making and starting to implement recommendations for best practice.
PERU | Pro Bono Consultant @ Organisation Supporting Disadvantaged Children
2-4 Weeks | Accommodation Provided + Small Stipend | Spanish Not Essential
Our partner is a non- profit organisation helping economically disadvantaged children to realise their right to an education and fostering their capacity to be the principal agents of change in their own lives.
Scope of work: Your primary role will be to support and train the Finance Coordinator in submitting the financial reports to the charity commission in the UK.
CAMBODIA | Volunteer Accountant @ Charity Providing Counselling to Vulnerable Children
2-3 Weeks | Affordable Accommodation
Our partner provides a unique, professional and widely accessible counselling service giving access to confidential advice, information and referrals to vulnerable children and young people.
Scope of work: Your role will be to help the organisation prepare for an external audit. For more email info@afid.org.uk.
BRAZIL | Pro Bono Accountant @ Performing Arts School for Underprivileged Children
4-6 Weeks | Accommodation Provided | Portuguese/Spanish Speaker Desirable
Our partner was set up to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, engaging with issues such as employee rights and sexual and reproductive health.
Scope of work: Your role would be to introduce an accounting system that better suits their needs as well as evaluating safer and more accurate systems of financial control.
CAMBODIA | Volunteer Accountant @ Elephant Conservation Charity
4-6 Weeks | Accommodation Provided
Our partner is dedicated to providing welfare and veterinary services to elephants whilst also working to better the health of local people and protect the natural environment.
Scope of work: Your role will be to examine their financial processes and make suggestions as to how they can be strengthened and improved. For more email info@afid.org.uk.

Or perhaps you would prefer to be eating your turkey in a slightly more exotic setting this year...

UGANDA | Pro Bono Accountant @ Women’s Empowerment Organisation
3-6 Months | Flights and Accommodation Provided
Our partner works to develop a replicable solution to the issue of menstrual hygiene management in East Africa with a particular focus on ensuring that menstruation does not prevent girls from accessing education.
Scope of work: Tour role will be to help design and implement new financial record keeping and reporting tools and procedures for the organisation.
1-2 Months | ½ of Flights, Accommodation and Visa provided
Our partner is committed to providing an infrastructure to support Malawian families facing financial and humanitarian hardship.
Scope of work: Your role will involve senior level support and mentorship whilst ensuring the basics of accounting and financial management are understood and adhered to by staff.
KENYA & UGANDA | Pro Bono Consultant @ Charity Supporting Refugees 
6 Weeks + | Affordable Accommodation
Our partner provides opportunities to refugees in Kenya and Uganda who are otherwise excluded from the means to live a fulfilled and dignified existence.
Scope of work: Your role will be to support the Finance Director with strategic planning and delegation of finance duties, reviewing their progress using Sage Intelligence Reporting and continuing training. For more email info@afid.org.uk.
MALAWI | Volunteer Accountant @ Organisation Supporting Rural Communities
3-6 Weeks + | ½ of Flights, Accommodation and Visa provided
Our partner works with communities to address the issues of food insecurity, low household income, environmental degradation and HIV/AIDS.
Scope of work: Your role will involve providing further training and development support to the Finance Assistant, as well as helping to establish internal controls and reviewing existing procedures.


If you are available to travel within the next few weeks, and would like further details on any of the opportunities above please email info@afid.org.uk or call +44(0)208 7417000.