2016: The AfID year in numbers20.12.2016

AfID is celebrating its eighth birthday this week, and from looking back to our first year we think we have come rather a long way. In our first year we sent just four volunteers go on placement supporting our first partners. In 2016, 171 volunteers supported 158 of our partners across the world and provided pro-bono support amounting to 43,000 hours - equaling an impressive £2.6 million!
Since formation, we have diversified to include UK Volunteer support and Recruitment services. Last year, we filled 48 salaried and contract positions.
When looking at our own achievements over AfID's lifetime, it's also amazing to see the growth in our partner base and, importantly, the range of developmental and social issues that they (you!) are impacting. To illustrate the diversity of you our partner base, and their combined cross-section of development focuses, from improving quality of life, protecting civil rights, safe guarding our planet and so much more, we've created this pretty little info-graphic.