AfID launch ‘Volunteer Photograph of the Year’ competition07.02.2017

Accounting for International Development are pleased to announce the start of an exciting new photography competition for our overseas volunteers.


The rules are simple; our volunteers have the opportunity to submit photographs each month and then the shortlisted entries will go to a public online vote. At the end of the year there will then be the chance to vote for the overall ‘Volunteer Photograph of the Year’ from the shortlist of monthly winners.


What are we looking for?


That’s entirely down to our volunteers but we have some ideas. It could be an image showing the amazing work of our partners and their beneficiaries, the captivating local way of life or perhaps a fascinating insight into local culture and traditions. Or it could simply be a photo of some of the beautiful surroundings our volunteers often find themselves in.

We are not necessarily looking for the ‘technically’ best photo and you don’t have to be the world’s greatest photographer. We’re happy with something shot on the volunteer’s phone if it captures a particularly special moment or gives an insight into what life on the ground as an AfID volunteer is really like.

How it works…

1. Overseas volunteers submit entries by emailing their photograph/s to along with a short caption.


2. At the end of each month shortlisted photographs will be put on the AfID website, where visitors will be able to vote for their favourite. The vote will be open for two weeks before the monthly winner is announced.


3. At the end of the year, all monthly winners will appear on the AfID website where visitors will be able to vote for their overall ‘Volunteer Photograph of the Year’.


The prize…


We all know that the glory of becoming the ‘Volunteer Photograph of the Year’ winner is more than enough; however, we will also be offering a very exciting prize to be announced soon. Watch this space!