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1 July 2015; Want to change lives or change careers?
An AfID placement has the power to change lives and the power to open up a new career path for volunteers.

18 December 2012; AfID's New Year's Resolutions
Exciting things to come in 2013!

29 May 2012; Many Happy Returnees
Why volunteer just once? Come back for your second assignment.

26 March 2012; 2 Years, 200 Volunteers
We celebrate reaching another milestone.

10 February 2012; It Doesn't Matter Where You're From...
From Hong Kong to Belgium, our volunteers come from far and wide!

12 January 2012; Two is Company!
Take your friends, colleagues or family members with you when volunteering.

24 August 2011; It's Not all Work Work Work!
Find out what you could be doing outside the office while volunteering.

18 July 2011; AfID Volunteers; What Happened Next?
How can volunteering as an accountant improve your career prospects?

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