Organization reaches out to CPAs for overseas volunteer work | NY CPA Magazine13.01.2014

NYSSCPA members always answer the call when volunteers are needed in their communities, whether they’re donating their services to those facing foreclosure or helping to teach young children the basis of financial literacy.
Now, a London based organization, Accounting for International development (AFID), is hoping Society members will bring that spirit of giving to a global stage. AfID is an award winning social enterprise that offers experienced professionals the opportunity to use their skills to build the financial management capacity and long-term sustainability of charities and non-profit community organizations across the world. The organization supports more than 256 charities and non-profit organization in nearly 37 counties across Africa, Asia and South America.
“AfID is receiving calls for support from a growing number of NGO’s (nongovernmental organization) across the world and we are very keen to reach out to more U.S. accountants,” said Neil Jennings, the organization’s founder. “We have found that U.S. CPA experience is particularly transferable and, as [CPAs] always integrate will with the communities they support; they are very popular.”
More information about the programme can be found online at To be connected directly with the program, contact NYSSCPA Public Affairs Manager Rob Busweiler at 212-719-8385