AfID Volunteer David Black featured in CIPFA magazine07.08.2015

CIPFA member shares his skills on Indonesian aid project

Retired CIPFA member David Black volunteered in Indonesia earlier this year with the IBU Foundation which was set up in response to the devastating 2006 tsunami.

This was his third volunteer assignment arranged through Accounting for International Development (AfID), having previously been to both Ghana and Zambia. AfID offers accountants like David the opportunity to use their skills to build the financial management capacity of charities.

On his latest placement, David trained project managers on finance matters, reviewed the systems the organisation was using and looked at their budget monitoring processes.

David said: ‘The staff at the IBU foundation were incredibly enthusiastic. They were mainly young, but despite the huge age difference it was a pleasure to work collaboratively with them.

‘My CIPFA background and experience before retirement of working with small non-profit making organisations proved particularly helpful. ‘It was a great experience outside of work too. Some of my most enjoyable experiences were going on walks with staff in a country park and to a volcano, as well as visiting Jakarta one weekend.

‘I would recommend an AfID volunteer placement to any CIPFA member – you’re sure to learn an awful lot.’

Since 2009, 28 CIPFA members have provided invaluable support to grassroots organisations across Africa, Asia and Latin America through AfID. 

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