= SUM ( accounting + much more) 28.06.2016

The biggest questions in life are, where did we come from? Where are we going? And (perhaps one of the biggest at the moment, what will happen after "Brexit"?; But here's one to add to your list - What exactly can an AfID volunteer do?
Well... we wouldn't want to keep you up at night with that question. 
AfID volunteers (unlike AfID staff!) are great with accounting, they know their numbers and they can fix a budget in a New York minute. But did you know that our volunteers can do more than audits, bookkeeping, reporting?
Just like you, they have built up a wealth of experience and expertise in other areas. In the last year, AfID volunteers have helped out with funding proposal writing and grant management; full system implementations; monitoring and evaluation, strategic plans and business planning and recruitment of finance staff... and that’s just in the office - if you ask nice enough, they'll probably lend a helping hand in your programme work too! 
From feedback from over 300 partners we have found that our volunteers are very capable - impacting 12 core areas of accounting, finance and so much more. Having supported our partners in 54 different areas and tasks, we're rather proud of their achievements. 
The image below shows all the areas that our volunteers have supported our partners in.
If your organisation requires support from an AfID volunteer - even in tasks that don't typically fall under "day-to-day accounting", get in touch via partners@afid.org.uk or by filling out the Become a Partner form