UK Volunteer & Remote Support

In response to the many requests for help from our UK and overseas based charity partners and the generous offer of support from our extensive network of over 10,000 qualified accountants, we are now offering a remote volunteer accountant programme. The programme is designed to give charities with limited resources access to pro-bono qualified technical expertise.
Remote pro-bono Technical Assistance
During the COVID-19 pandemic we were unable to organise onsite face to face assignments, so instead switched to a model of providing remote technical support whereby experienced finance and accounting professionals can support non-profits via email, telephone and video conferencing.
This programme will be continuing as we emerge from COVID, and we can now provide remote support to organisations globally and offer volunteer roles to professionals unable to travel. If you are keen to become a remote volunteer or you are an organisation that would welcome this type of support please email
Typical areas our remote volunteers have supported to date include the following*;
  • Year-end accounts preparation 
  • Charities Commission reporting
  • Audit preparation
  • Bookkeeping & reconciliation
  • Assistance with system implementations,
  • Developing financial procedures & controls
  • Budget preparation & Financial planning
  • Cash-flow forecasting & cash management
  • Coaching of inexperienced staff members
  • Take the role of a trustee or treasurer
*Please note these are only examples and additional areas of focus may be appropriate.
How long can volunteers be available?
Most remote volunteer accountants offer their support on a short term, part-time basis (typically 2-3 hours a week for 2-3 months); longer or more full-time availability may be possible. It is however very important that our volunteers are used as an opportunity to build financial management capacity within the organisation, or as an experienced extra pair of hands to help during a particularly difficult period, rather than a cheap source of labour. We have found that on almost every placement our volunteers have expanded their original remit due to their high level of experience and consultative approach.
Charities partners supported to date include Action Aid, Asylum Welcome, CAFOD, CIFAL, Coaches Across Continents, Educaid, Friendship UK, Global Angels, Health Poverty Action, Jubilee Action, Oxfam, Amenity Trust, Mardi UK, OXFAM, Partners for Change, Practical Action, Rights Practice, Street Invest, Teach a Man to Fish, Y Care, WSUP.

Trustees & Treasurers

Many accountants in our network of volunteers would like to take the role of a trustee or treasurer, and often are happy to also provide support and guidance on a more day to day basis. We have successfully sourced experienced accountants to take on the role of Trustee, Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee for many of our non profit partners both in the UK and overseas, if you are seeking new trustees or a treasurer and feel an accountant would be a wise addition please get in touch on
Click here for a case study on a recent campaign to strengthen the board of Methodist relief and development charity All We Can.
How much does it cost?
There is no charge for individuals to become a remote or UK volunteer. There is a small administration & oversight fee for charities to receive this service. 

Before securing the services of a volunteer or a trustee in the UK it is worth taking a little time to understand the nature of your role, your rights and how they are treated by UK law. Elaine Carey, an employment solicitor at Bates Wells Braithwaite has compiled these notes for accountants considering a UK volunteer assignment. For more information please read the ICAEW's Volunteer Helpsheet
If you have any questions about any aspect of this programme please contact us on